Out This Week / on 10 June 2016

Paul McCartney / Pure McCartney

With only the one greatest hits compilation in the last 29 years, Paul McCartney‘s Pure McCartney is certainly overdue. Leaving off Flowers In The Dirt tracks still rankles, but two-CD will satisfy most, while 4CD deluxe package lacks rarities.  Read more

Phil Collins / ...But Seriously deluxe edition

Phil Collins / …But Seriously and The Essential Going Back

And we’re done… Less than six months after the first two, Phil Collins completes his reissue campaign with …But Seriously and, bizarrely, a cut-down ‘Essential’ version of Going BackRead more

Van Morrison  / …It’s Too Late To Stop Now Vols II, III, IV & DVD

Sony issue a four disc expanded version of Van Morrison’s 1974 live album which includes three full performances (remixed from the original multi-tracks) plus on the DVD, professionally filmed live footage from the Rainbow Theatre. The actual album is reissued too. Read more

The Beach Boys / Pet Sounds (50th anniversary)

The Beach BoysPet Sounds is 50 and this new five-disc deluxe includes a blu-ray audio with surround sound and four CDs of content including unreleased live material. Read more

Air / Twentyears box set

Air / Twentyears

The ‘French Band’ Air celebrate 20 years with… twentyears. Five-disc box version features ‘random’ coloured double vinyl and three CDs.  Read more

The Cars / The Elektra Years 1978-1987  (6LP coloured vinyl box)

The vinyl version of The Cars The Elektra Years box is finally out this week. This appeals because each album is pressed on coloured vinyl. Read more

The Killers / Hot Fuss vinyl reissue

The Killers / Hot Fuss (vinyl reissue)

High prices on the used market means this vinyl reissue of The Killers Hot Fuss is welcome. The noughties classic includes the singles Somebody Told Me, Mr Brightside and All These Things That I’ve DoneRead more

Ultravox! / The Island Years  (4CD box)

John Foxx era Ultravox! boxed in The Island Years, a four CD set which features the first three albums, plus a bonus disc of rarities. Read more

Garbage / Strange Little Birds

Garbage return with their sixth studio album Strange Little Birds. The 2LP vinyl edition looks great. Read more


U2‘s 30-song performance at Paris in 2015 is celebrated with iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE, which is available on blu-ray, DVD or this lavish (and indulgent) super deluxe box. Read more

Blank & Jones / so80s 10 (3CD)

Eighties remix compilations are more common than ever, but the cheap, slightly faceless corporate sets knocked out by major labels, struggle to compete with these normally excellent, personally curated sets from Blank & Jones. In short, they go the extra mile. so80s vol 10 appears 18 months after the last volume. Read more

The Stone Roses / Very Best Of (vinyl)

The Stone Roses are ‘back’ with the slightly underwhelming One For All but if you want to check out the classics on vinyl, this Very Best Of is being reissued this week.

Various artists / C87 three-CD box set

Various Artists / C87 (3CD)

Cherry Red follow up their C86 1980s indie compilation, which was based on an actual release, with this three-CD set which ‘imagines’ their was a follow-up. 70 indie-pop tracks originally released between the summers of 1986 and 1987. Read more

ELO / The Studio Albums 1973 – 1977 (2CD)

Five CD box set that contains “newly re-mastered” (pinch of salt required) versions of the ELO albums On The Third Day, Eldorado, Face The Music, A New World Record & Out Of The Blue.

John Coltrane / Mono vinyl box

John Coltrane/ Mono  (6LP or 6CD box)

Mono recordings of John Coltrane albums recorded for Atlantic in the late ’50s and early 1960s are reissued for the first time in over 50 years on John Coltrane Mono. The vinyl set comes with a replica seven-inch of My Favourite Things. Read more

John Mellencamp / The Vinyl Collection

John Mellencamp / The Vinyl Collection 1982-1989  (vinyl box)

New John Mellencamp vinyl box which contains the albums American Fool, Uh-Huh, Scarecrow, The Lonesome Jubilee, and Big Daddy, all “cut from the original analog master tapes on 180 gram vinyl.” Read more

Kris Kristofferson / The Complete Monument & Columbia Albums Collection (16CD box)

Massive 16-disc Kris Kristofferson collection brings together 11 studio albums, recorded in the years spanning 1970 through to 1981, and an impressive five CDs of rarities. Read more

Motörhead  / Clean Your Clock

One of Motörhead‘s final live performances capture and celebrated on Clean Your Clock. Deluxe version includes gatefold coloured vinyl with ‘pop-up’ art.  Read more

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CJ Feeney

Listening to vol 2- 4 of Van Morrison this morning, but Rough Trade have not sent the original I ordered at the same time. No e-mail about shipments either.

The Troubadour disc sounds great -audience is well mixed, as they said, to suggest the intimacy of the venue.


The Phil Collins reissue series has been one of the strangest reissue campaigns and “The Essential Going Back” is proof of that. However, I think the remaster of No Jacket Required sounds terrific. I hope the rumoured singles collection/compilation comes true, to group up the movie songs and remixes.

Paul Kent

@ Nicholas – The drop outs are on the tapes unfortunately. Lynne has stated that some of the edits now sound far some satisfactory, citing Sweet Talkin’ Woman as a glaring case in point – I think he said that that particular song was more sticky tape than reel. Just to add, I admire the imaginative use of the phrase “newly remastered” – if 2001 means “new”!

Nicholas Love

@John oh so these are not new 2016 remasters but use the masters from 2001-2006? That’s disappointing although to be honest most of the previous batch had excellent sound, I was just hoping for a fix for Out of the Blue.

Nicholas Love

Sorry I meant Paul Kent not John.

Paul Kent

I can only assume so, Nicholas, given the price. I think there would be more fanfare if they were cleaned up again. However, it’s possible they may get another outing, given Lynne’s current renaissance. I’m just hoping we get the original double album version of Secret Messages one day… well, more of a dream than a hope, to be honest!

Nicholas Love

I sure hope so, I’ll probably pick it up anyways and update this thread with my findings, although I’m no audiophile (I actually liked the Genesis 2007 remixes, which, if this was the Steve Hoffman forum, would probably earn me a lifetime ban) but I should be able to hear if there’s any improvement on tape quality for Out of the Blue. If Bob Ezrin can change the words that Kiss sang on their 2012 remaster then surely modern technology can repair 8 seconds of a missing channel on Night in the City.


Has anyone else’s back catalogue been mined and churned over more than ELO’s?
I counted 20 greatest hits/best of/collections/flashbacks listed on Amazon before even i got bored… well, it passed 5 mins.

Paul Murphy

Try being a Sex Pistols’ fan! Same Product… Carri On…

Randy Metro

T.Rex/Tyrannosaurus Rex. Poor Marc – 12 studio albums spun into hundreds of compilations and re-issues. I have one Xerox box full plus a second one started.

CJ Feeney

The Beach Boys of course. And they are putting out a new vinyl edition of Endless Summer – their first greatest hits album of pre Pet Sounds hits.


ABBA – so many compilations, all with the same damn tracks.

Nicholas Love

Does anyone know if the new ELO masters fixed any of the dropouts in the Out of the Blue remaster? The 2006 version sounded amazing (very 3 dimensional and dynamic) but several songs had glaring drop outs. I assume they are in the tapes so I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done but it’d sure be great to have one without those. Those original 80’s release was nearly as bad.


I just bought Going Back CD+DVD from ebay for a couple of pounds just to fill up that box as this new reissue must be one of the idiotic releases i have ever came across.

Nicholas Love

I am going to deal with that gaping hole in my box set because I refuse to buy a 6 year old album that has been remastered and expanded to include less tracks. Asinine.

Auntie Sabrina

Rhino release a budget £4.99 three CD boxset of 12″ Pop mixes which include Phill Collins’ “Sussudio” and Dollar’s “Hand Held In Black And White”.


Mike the Fish

Hand Held 12″ snuck out unlabelled on a regular 80s comp a few years back. There appear to be a couple of errors on the this new comp too: One Small Day is the remix extra – the largely instrumental version rather than the standard 12″ mix, and Opportunities appears to be the slightly longer version that appeared on Further Listening.