Out This Week / on 11 August 2017

Steve Howe / Anthology 2 – Groups & Collaborations

This second volume of Steve Howe‘s Anthology series is a three-CD set that focuses on key contributions to groups like Yes and Asia, while also rounding up his numerous collaborations with musicians like Paul Sutin and Oliver Wakeman.

Richard Thompson / Acoustic Classicss II 

Richard Thompson follows up his 2014 release with a selection of more acoustic renderings of classic songs from his catalogue.

The Tubes / The A&M Albums (box set)

Caroline International release this five-CD, 59 track round up of The Tubes’ time with A&M Records between 1975-79. Includes a few bonus tracks.

New Radicals /Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too ( 2LP vinyl)

The first ever vinyl release of the New Radicals‘ 1998 album Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too. Features the hit single You Get What You Give.

Paul Draper / Spooky Action

Paul Draper – frontman of late ’90s British band Mansun – returned as a solo artist last year (issuing a few EPs) and his debut album Spooky Action is released this week.

Blackmore’s Night / To The Moon And Back – 20 Years and Beyond (2CD)

20 years after their debut Ritchie Blackmore and wife Candice Night issue a two-CD Blackmore’s Night set. The first disc is a 13-track ‘best of’ (including a nine-minute live version of Home Again). The second disc includes five never before released new versions, two further bonus tracks, five instrumentals and the current single by Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Land Of Hope And Glory!

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That really shouldn’t be possible, Steven! One would expect a professional company to produce a few more in order to be safe. Did you try to contact Paul himself already? Sometimes artists have an extra box to distribute to whomever they want.


Just had Pledge Music email saying they can’t fulfill my Paul Draper 3cd edition of Spooky Action as it was oversold, refund only offered, now sold out everywhere else. They are so unreliable, anyone else had this?


Paul Draper’s album is great!
However, I noticed that all Mansun albums except for the Legacy compilation have disappeared from Spotify. Could that mean that they will soon be reissued?


It seems to me that both the Steve Howe and the Blackmore’s Night editions have a well-balanced list of songs which should make them interesting for the more casual listener but also for the diehards who will already have most if not all of their previous releases.


I will buy anything Richard Thompson puts out. I can’t think of a guitarist, living or dead, whose playing I wish mine could resemble more than his.

I wonder if the Tubes albums in that set will be full releases with liner notes etc., or just simple disc-in-cardboard-sleeve things like so many of these multi-album sets seem to be these days.


I think they’re just disc-in-cardboard, but – according to the Amazon ‘blurb’ – there’ll also be a booklet with notes and photos. For the price they’re asking (£24) I expect some decent packaging. I think I’ll wait for a price-drop.

Bob McCartney

New Radicals was a great record. I would love to see Gregg Alexander put out something new.


He did record new music a couple of years ago for the soundtrack to a film called Begin Again under the name The Cessyl Orchestra!

Metal Mickey

Gregg Alexander was even nominated for an Oscar for the song “Lost Stars” from the film “Begin Again”…


I have had the Tubes box on pre-order for some time. Simply can’t wait. Hopefully they’ve remastered the debut.

Neil McL

Honestly the New Radicals. There has never been a bigger misnomer now or then. What they did was not new and certainly not radical!


Best comment in ages Neil McL!!!


Bought that New Radicals album in a little CD store under the Holiday Inn in Whistler, BC. Bought a few CDs that day because all the adverts on the radio stations were doing my nut in. I can’t remember the other CDs now, but that one sticks out because it was so good and ended up on heavy rotation in the car.

Joseph Bartram

I have ordered the three disc set for Paul draper 30 quid!

Toni Hernandez

19 years waiting for the vinyl version of the only New Radicals album. Finally!!!


I love this album too! I bought it the day it came out and have lost count how many times I’ve played it! I still listen to it, about once a month nowadays! I will definitely be buying this vinyl!!

Larry Davis

The biggest reason I held onto the New Radicals record was because I had been following Gregg Alexander’s career (and his partner and former child actress Danielle Brisebois…All In The Family and more) since the beginning of the 90s…and the New Radicals record was their joint project after they both left Epic Records…it is a great record, no question…


Also coming next month from cherry red is a remastered & expanded version of Beyond Utopia from Bodast feat. Steve Howe. This was recorded in 1969 but did not get a release at the time. Also includes 3 bonus tracks from when the group were known as Canto.

As well as this is John Hackett’s new solo album we are not alone- 2 cd deluxe edition will be available

Philip Cohen

Stick with the previous CD release of the “Bodast” recordings(“Spectral Nether Street” on the RPM label), because the forthcoming “Esoteric” label edition has 3 songs less than the RPM version. Why would anyone buy the “Esoteric” disc?


There’s actually an SDE for paul draper http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/pauldraper

If you liked Mansun, you will love this too. Sound as great or even better from what I pre-heard on spotify.


Also out on Friday is the 4LP+3″CD limited “Recombo DNA” box set by Devo.
It’s available in 3 different coloured vinyl options (Emergency Codes, Molecular Mutation or Petri Dish).

Amazon do have it listed but don’t seem to give you a choice.

Norman’s Records have all 3 options and have a vinyl price match and offer few e shipping over £50 (in U.K.) so it should be as good a deal as Amazon plus you’ll have confidence in getting the version you want rather than pot luck.


You can use Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) from amazon.de to choose your preferred version, just put the code in the search box of amazon uk or other amazon site.
Double check when you have it in the basket for correct code.

B0731G7D8F Petri-Dish White and Blue
B0731G3CBN Molecular Mutation Yellow splatter
B0731J61Z5 Emergency Codes 4 colour