Out This Week / on 11 Sep 2015

Duran Duran / Paper Gods

Duran Duran‘s 14th studio album is released through Warners later this week. The cover doesn’t get any better.  Read more


Robert Palmer / Original Album Series (5CD)

There’s been little fanfare for this Robert Palmer Original Album Series, but this is a fine collection which includes all of his EMI-era albums (as diverse as ever) as well as The Power Station album. No bonus tracks. If you require those then opt for the Edsel ‘two-fers’ issued in 2013. Palmer is arguably the most under-appreciated pop/rock star Britain has ever produced – he needs the ‘John Martyn’ box set treatment.

Steven Wilson / Transience 2LP

A personally curated ‘best of’,Steven Wilson‘s Transience is presented on double vinyl with some unique edits/versions plus side four of the vinyl is a stylish etched disc. Read more

Nick Kamen 2CD deluxe

This Nick Kamen reissue came in for quite a bit of abuse when I posted news of the release. Not sure why – Each Time You Break My Heart is classic Madonna/Bray and fans of Messrs Pettibone, Baker and Jellybean have much to enjoy. Read more

Marvin Gaye / Volume One 1961-1965 (7CD box)

This is a CD version of the vinyl box set issued in the springMarvin Gaye‘s first seven studio albums boxed.

Anthony Phillips / Private Parts & Pieces I-IV (5CD box)

Slightly delayed, but now out this week. The first four volumes of Anthony PhillipsPrivate Parts… albums are collected here with bonus tracks and an extra CD of previously unreleased material. Read more

Rod Stewart / 5CD box set

Another Universal Music CD box originally issued on vinyl. This Rod Stewart set contains a fabulous collection of music: An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down, Gasoline Alley, Every Picture Tells a Story, Never a Dull Moment and Smiler. If you’re going to buy this, the German price is great.

Paul Young / No Parlez (reissue)

There’s much debate about what the ‘correct’ version of Paul Young‘s No Parlez actually is. The 2008 remaster rather bodged the track listing, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the very original CD issue which contained the extended mixes. *That* version is reissued this week at a budget price (not remastered).

The Stranglers/ Original Albums Series (5CD)

Five Stranglers albums – namely Black & White (1978), The Raven (1979), Live (X Cert) (1979), The Gospel According To The Meninblack (1981) and La Folie (1981) – for £13. What’s not to like?

Sinead O’Connor / I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got

Vinyl reissue of Sinead O’Connor‘s 1990 album – presumably hanging on the 25th anniversary – which features her memorable interpretation of the Prince-penned Nothing Compares 2 U, which topped the charts everywhere. This uses the 2009 remastering.

John Mellencamp / 1982-1989 (5CD)

Last year’s massive John Mellencamp 1978-2012 collection was WAY overpriced and a Big Mac sits in a sturdy box that the 19CDs of that set. This new 1982-1989 five-CD set contains some great music – The Lonesome Jubilee, Big Daddy etc. – but you are paying double the price of the Warner/Parlophone Original Albums Series (Robert Palmer, Stranglers) and I’m not convinced the packaging will make up for it.

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There is a glitch on Nick Kamen CD1-14 (skipped a beat @ 4:58)! Cherry Red is offering a replacement (too bad it is still an early fade of the mix than on vinyl). You can write them (infonet@cherryred.co.uk) an email with your postal address & where you have bought your copy of Nick from. I found that CD2-05 is having some cracking sound @ 3:54-3:55 & around 4:00, which is not on the Album Version! They said no vinyl was used as source. Only master wave-files from Warner. There was a note about this track from Warner with the files. So no replacement for CD2! But the track on “Loving You” CD doesn’t have this.

Mark Zutkoff

I believe the Prince song that Sinead so memorably performed was entitled “Nothing Compares 2 U”, no?

Martin Ingram

The Stranglers Old Testament box set is cheaper and has all of that Original Album Series content plus quite a bit more. ;-)

Martin Ingram

Ah oops, except the live album.

Keith Howie

I think the Rod content is the same as this, at a much cheaper price (unless the new one is remastered), and with more tracks:


Paul, sorry to bother you, but is there a chance to find out if Rod’s and Robert’s cds included in these boxsets are remastered?
Thank you.


The Power Station is remastered the rest aren’t.


the abuse over the nick kamen reissue was something else.
I think it had more to do with people’s perception at *what*
they think the site is about. whereas the site description clearly says
‘the box set and reissue music blog for collectors and fans
who love holding the music in their hands’


Totally disagree with that statement as their has been all different types of music covered on this site. I would say the bickering about the Nick Kamen reissue was more to do with the fact that somebody who was a one hit wonder should be getting a deluxe version of an album that never sold that well either originally ahead of plenty of stuff that’s been crying out to be reissued for years.


I’d say “never sold that well” in UK. But there are a lot of other countries where he was not a one hit wonder !
Listen to the album before judging it in such harsh way.


I hadn’t seen the Robert Palmer set mentioned anywhere, either…it’s one of a few issued this week in the range…Teddy Pendergrass and Dave Edmunds are the others, along with The Stranglers. Once/if they drop to 9.99, I’d definitely be tempted by the Pendergrass one.

Nigel Pond

I picked up the Dave Edmunds set at Sainsburys for £9. I was quite surprised they had it in there on the day of release. They also had the Robert Palmer and Stranglers sets too. They may well have had the Teddy Pendergrass set, but I wasn’t looking for that one.

The Dave Edmunds CDs appear to be non-remastered. They sound remarkably similar to the US CDs I bought back in the late 1980s.

On a different issue …

HMV have many of the Led Zeppelin 2CDs at £8.99. I guess they’ll all end up at that price point at some time? The Pink Floyd CDs are down to £7.99 at the moment too.


Thanks for the heads-up, Nigel! I’ll check out Sainsbury’s before anywhere else then.