Out This Week / on 15 July 2016

Peter Gabriel / 45RPM vinyl reissues

The second and presumably final batch of Peter Gabriel half-speed mastered vinyl reissues are out this week. So, Us and Up are the three albums. Read more

Manic Street Preachers / Everything Must Go (‘Baby Blue’ vinyl LP)

HMV may have had the UK exclusive (which sold out in a day) but you can easily buy this blue vinyl copy of the Manic Street Preachers Everything Must Go from a retailer in Germany who ships worldwide. Released at the end of this week. Read more

XTC / Skylarking and English Settlement (deluxe vinyl)

Andy Partridge issues two XTC albums on double 200g, 45RPM vinyl with luxury packaging, on his APE label. Read more

Nina Simone / The Phillips Years (7LP vinyl) 

Seven LP Nina Simone vinyl box that features ‘Nina Simone In Concert’ (’64), ‘Broadway-Blues-Ballads’ (’64), ‘I Put A Spell On You’ (’65), ‘Pastel Blues’ (’65), ‘Let It All Out’ (’66), ‘Wild Is The Wind’ (’66) and ‘High Priestess Of Soul’ (’67). Comes with download code for MP3s. CD version also available.

Björk / Vulnicura Live / 2LP vinyl

Björk / Vulnicura Live

A ‘Luxury Edition’ box set is coming in September, but for now Björk‘s Vulnicura Live is available on 2LP and CD.  Read more

Belly / Star (2LP vinyl)

Belly‘s 1993 debut, which features Feed The Tree, is reissued by 4AD on double vinyl. Read more

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Well I’m very disappointed with the 6th side of the Gabriel reissue of ‘Us’, very noisy and distorted, just sounds like a clicking noise


I wish vinyl had stayed where it belonged in the past. What a dire week for new releases.

Chris Squires


Why deny those that like it what they want? No one is forcing people to buy anything.
To me the variety of release formats is a good thing, physical release doesn’t get much better than a 12″ box or album, artwork and books / booklets.

I just don’t get why someone who plainly doesn’t like vinyl, doesn’t buy vinyl would want it gone so that no one else can enjoy it either. I don’t like Raisins, maybe they should be banned.

I really don’t mean to sound snarky, but it is a bit rich to come to a website dedicated to physical music and moan about Vinyl, don’t like it don’t buy it.

There is a part of me that thinks Vinyl is also helping to keep physical music alive, it’s resurgence, for whatever reason is maybe forcing companies to think along physical lines more than they might if we were just heading down the digital highway. Vinyl might be helping CDs and boxsets in general. Companies need profit to pay wages, they are not charities.

Derek Langsford

I am not begrudging people who want vinyl the ability to buy vinyl, rather the lack of attention being paid to the hi-resolution digital physical product market. I would like to think that people who want to see movies in Blu-ray quality would be interested in hearing music in Blu-ray quality. So all those albums being reissued on vinyl could also be issued on Blu-ray to capture two markets. Blu-ray music emerged before the resurgence of vinyl but has been pushed into the back seat, and some might say the trunk/boot. I want that to change.

Mic Smith

The Gabriel vinyls have been despatched by Real World so those in the UK that ordered early via the artist’s own website should have their copies tomorrow. 2 days ahead of release date. Cheaper than Amazon and faster too.


There’s been enough coverage of the Manic’s EMG recently to warrant a seperate site dedicated to it! btw, that’s an observation, not a criticism.


I have to agree with Derek Langsford. This vinyl resurgence is not about giving us the highest quality sound, it is, for now, a trendy and profitable medium for the music distributors. The music buying consumers are getting albums for $20-50 that with rare exception are cut from digital sources and will likely not sound as good as a $15-20 blu-ray or hi-res download. Moreover the cost of analog playback equipment to produce the quality of a $1200 blu-ray player is easily $5-10,000. I’ve been buying music since the ’70s and enjoy listening to quality recordings. This is really a backward step that will probably be the death knell of both high sound quality and physical format music. Once the vinyl trend runs its course they will have lots of presses to junk and, because of their failure to promote hi-res digital media, will be caught without product to sell. The music buyers will be left with MP3s, which are the least profitable for the music distributors and worst sounding for the consumers. The failure to develop an infrastructure and desire for a hi-res digital music is foolish. A shortsighted grab for quick profits and no plan for the future rarely produces a sustainable business.


For the live Bjork release, are these the same recordings as the ltd Rough Trade release that came out a while ago?


The “Belly” link leads to Björk…


15 July 2015?
Are we going back to a time when we were more European? ;)


don’t be too hard on him Paul.
was probably a bit tired from working in t’shop ;)

Derek Langsford

With most of the items being vinyl I am thinking more like 1985 than 2015.

Getting tired of all the vinyl coming out without any companion Blu-ray releases. Why can’t the labels give those of us with no desire to go back to space-hogging, analogue recordings a hi-fidelity, physical format to purchase? If music storage by labels is now in 96/24 which not release it in digital 96/24?