Out This Week / on 15 September 2017

Prince / 4EVER (4LP vinyl box)

Will little to no fanfare, Warners issue their 2016 Prince compilation 4EVER as a 4LP vinyl box set. Read more

The Doors / The Singles / 2CD+blu-ray

The Doors / The Singles (CD+blu-ray and 7″ vinyl box set)

The Singles, is a new compilation that collects all 20 U.S. singles released by The Doors, and their corresponding B-sides. A good value 2CD+blu-ray package adds quad mixes, and a seven-inch vinyl box set is also available. Read more

China Crisis / Flaunt The Imperfection 2CD deluxe edition

China Crisis / Deluxe reissues (2CD)

After a few delays, Caroline International finally issue three China Crisis albums as two-CD deluxe editions. They are Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms (1982), Working With Fire and Steel (1983) and Flaunt The Imperfection (1985). Read more

Steve Miller Band / Ultimate Hits

Steve Miller Band / Ultimate Hits (2CD or 4LP)

A new deal with Capitol Records means a new Steve Miller compilation. Ultimate Hits will interest fans in its 4LP and 2CD variants since there’s quite a few previously unreleased studio and live tracks (and a demo). Read more

Carole King / Tapestry: Live at Hyde Park

Carole King performed her classic Tapestry album in full in summer 2016 in Hyde Park. This is a CD+Blu-ray or CD+DVD memento. Read more

Various Artists / Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave (3CD set)

The legendary UK broadcaster curates this triple-disc set that largely avoids the usual ‘classic anthems’ and opts for a quirkier selection of  punk/new wave singles from 1977-1982. Read more

Madonna  / Rebel Heart Tour (multiple formats)

Eagle Rock release Madonna‘s Rebel Heart Tour. If you want all the audio, you’ll need to opt for the 2CD set. The Blu-ray+CD combo only offers one CD of highlights. Read more

Gary Numan / Savage (Songs From A Broken World) (new album)

After 2013’s acclaimed Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) comes Gary Numan‘s PledgeMusic-funded apocalyptic follow-up, Savage (Songs From A Broken World). Deluxe CD includes enhanced packaging and a bonus track.

Ringo Starr / Give More Love (new album)

Give More Love, Ringo‘s 19th solo album features the usual array of guest musicians, including his old mucker Paul McCartney and Joe Walsh and Steve Lukather. Read more

Jean Michel Jarre / Original Album Classics (5CD box)

Superb value Jean Michel Jarre five-CD set includes the albums Les Chants Magnétiques (1981), Zoolook (1984), Rendez-vous (1986), Revolutions (1988) and En Attendant Cousteau (1990). Best price is in Germany.

Linda Ronstadt / Simple Dreams (40th anniversary edition)

Rhino reissue Linda Ronstadt‘s 1977 album. This is a relatively simple one-disc remaster with just three live bonus tracks (taken from an HBO special).

Beyoncé/ Lemonade (box set and vinyl LP)

The inclusion of Beyoncé on SDE divided readers, but her flashy and expensive Lemonade box set (now sold out) seemed worth a mention. Standard yellow vinyl LP out this week too, after being pushed back from the original end-of-July release date. Read more

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Ricky Ross’s new album is out today as well. I’m listening to it now via Spotify and I’m looking forward to the vinyl single that was shipped together with my cd copy from his webstore.


Just picked up my copy of Flaunt the imperfection and can confirm that King in a Catholic style listed as edit is in fact listed as the extended version on the cd.


Anyone know if the Curve reissues are released this week?

Graham Turner

Pics of the Prince packaging have appeared online. The set does, indeed, appear to be a lift-off lid box – along with a booklet containing unreleased shots from the Herb Ritts session that was used for the ‘Hits’ covers/booklet back in the 90s. I hadn’t seen those mentioned before – they do look rather nice.
comment image


My Flaunt The Imperfection has been dispatched from Amazon today don’t know what’s up with the other two.


Bizarrely the other two came today even though Flaunt was sent out on Tuesday and i haven’t received that yet. I’ve not listened to them yet but i can confirm the extended versions are on Difficult Shapes of African And White and No More Blue Horizons still puzzled by the absence of the studio version of Be Suspicious though. They are digipacks btw not jewel cases.


Dr. John – The Atco Albums, is out on Friday!


Not sure if it counts as this week, but Jack Johnson released his new album, “All the Light Above it Too,” on the 8th for anyone who’s interested.


Eagerly looking forward to the Madonna release, finally. It seems like it’s been ages in the making. I’m worried about the release though, as Eagle Vision seems to have been mucking up the pre-order listings. It wasn’t until last night that Amazon US had a listing for the stand-alone blu-ray, which I’ve been checking for daily as I want the 2CD complete concert and the blu-ray, and don’t want to duplicate the CD offerings (plus the blu-ray with the highlights disc comes in CD packaging, and I want it in a blu ray package…..because I’m freaking picky about how my shelves look). I’m worried this is an indicator that we’re going to be facing backorders and other issues, but I’m trying to stay optimistic. I guess I’ll find out when/if it shows up on Friday like it’s supposed to.

Then again, I’ve been having a number of difficulties with Amazon shipping over the last couple of months, even with my Prime membership. I can’t seem to get an explanation why things are not arriving on release day (sometimes haven’t even been shipped yet) or are taking up to a week to arrive in spite of the two-day shipping. I realize it some of it is carrier issues, but if you haven’t even shipped the product on the day it was supposed to arrive, that’s Amazon’s issue, not UPS or some other company.


Amazon have let me down a lot over the past few months. My Pet Shop Boys Further Listenings preorders didn’t arrive until a week after release, within that time I’d bought them from a HMV store and sent the Amazon order back.
I’ll definitely be going to HMV on Friday so I know what I’ll be buying is the stand alone Madonna blu ray and 2CD.


Photos on-line showing the Madonna release on all formats confirm that they have all been made, so hopefully there won’t be any problems on release date.

Ordering from Amazon US (which I rarely do) has become a bit of a nightmare. For example I ordered a CD from them that was shown to be in stock. Then it said it would take 1-2 extra days to ship. It has now been a week since the item was shown as in stock and it still has not shipped!


So glad I preordered the Prince vinyl weeks ago, that has increased in price quite drastically.
Madonna and Prince for me.


I hate it when labels play around with releases. Why bother with a highlights CD for Madonna [not that I’d buy her stuff?]
You had The Who’s Isle of Wight 2004 on BR/2CD and DVD/2CD and then the Tommy 2015 coming out on each format separately [i.e. pay more].


It’s called giving people options. In the case of Madonna’s Rebel Heart people can just buy the DVD/BR-only release if the highlights CD doesn’t interest them. For those who would like the whole show on both video and CD they could buy the BR or DVD and the double CD. Simple really.


The Beyonce album is great. Some of the best examples of modern production right there, and, more importantly, some great tunes.


Prince has jumped up in price on Amazon UK. Don’t we love the pre order price guarantee.

Nicholas Love

I don’t think Lemonade should divide readers at all. This is Paul’s blog and he should report whatever he sees fit and if you’re not interested (like me with Beyoncé) then simply don’t read the article.


Agreed 100%. I have no interest in Beyonce but one of the best things about this blog is that all kinds of releases are featured.

Of course there are always people that click on an article about an artist that they feel is “beneath them”, only to complain about the release being featured on the blog. I mostly just read posts about releases that interest me but every release should be welcomed on here IMO.


I don’t think it was the inclusion of Beyonce that divided readers, it was the £300 price tag. The Jimmy Page / Yardbirds super expensive box set mentioned here a couple of weeks ago also received a mixed response.


Madonna BR+CD, 2CD and Japanese BR for me, as well as the Prince vinyl. The price on that has gone up quite a lot, happy to get it for 36 pounds via pre-order!

Auntie Sabrina

Amazon UK and HMV currently have 15 September for the China Crisis releases. When originaly exclusively announced on SDE, Paul mentioned “Note: the track listings below are subject to any last minute changes/tweaks”.


Somebody asked Gary Daly about these reissues on pledgemusic way back at the beginning of August and the reply he got was no , theres no way of re compiling these deluxe versions…..and thats exactly what they are deluxe not definitive versions……it’s absolutely impossible to cover absolutely every version of every recorded song we’ve ever done…..eddie , gaz and myself are hugely pleased with these releases. Doing some research i have came across this site http://universalmusic.at/artist/china-crisis/ which gives you the track listings and the times of the tracks and it appears all those mixes we feared would be missing are indeed on these.


Why is there an image of the “Destination Docklands” on the front of the Jean-Michel Jarre Box? The back side of the box on Amazon.de has the right images? Somebody must have screwed up!


I noticed the release date for those China Crisis reissues have changed to the 22nd September on Amazon.de. I hope that’s not an ominous sign of things to come.

Paul E.

@Neil – I’m getting impatient with the delays on these China Crisis sets and hope they arrive soon. Wonder if they’ll show up before my English Beat (Dave Wakeling version) pre-order? At least Ranking Roger’s The Beat was on time [autograph and all].