Out This Week / on 19 February 2016

Fun Lovin’ Criminals / Come Find Yourself (3CD)

You’ll have to wait another month for the big Collector’s Edition which adds two vinyl records and a DVD to the standard deluxe of Come Find Yourself, but the 3CD version of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals debut is more wallet-friendly and is out on Friday. Read more

Dusty Springfield / 5 Classic Albums

Universal package together five Dusty Springfield albums (A Girl Called Dusty, Ev’rything’s Coming Up Dusty, Dusty… Definitely, Dusty in Memphis and A Brand New Me) in this good value package.

Rubettes / The Albums 1974-1977 (4CD)

Best known for their number one hit Sugar Baby Love, the English band’s first five albums from the mid seventies are remastered and collected in this new box set. Some of these records are issued on CD here for the first time and all the discs include bonus tracks.

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto / The Revenant (2LP vinyl)

After the success at last night’s BAFTAs, the 2LP vinyl soundtrack to Aejandro G Inarritu’s The Revenant is issued on Friday.

Sleeper / Inbetweener – The Best of Sleeper (2CD)

Named after their best remembered hit (although not their biggest) Inbetweener – The Best of Sleeper is a two-CD exploration of the band’s brief time in the spotlight during the UK’s Britpop era. Features all the singles, fan favourites, and a few live tracks for less than £6!

Duran Duran / A Diamond in the Mind 

If you passed on this the first time, Duran Duran‘s 2012 DVD of their concert in Manchester in late 2011 on the All You Need Is Now tour is being reissued as a budget release. You can read the SDE review of the original here.

Jason Donovan / Ten Good Reasons Expanded Reissue

There are no good reasons to buy this new expanded reissue of Jason Donovan‘s 1989 debut if you own the previous deluxe. Read more

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Thanks for the explanation! :)


It would be nice if the original mono album was made available so we could at least hear one version of the album as originally intended even if the stereo version is lost. I’ve put together a version in my iTunes with mono mixes from US releases and various compilations that I’m happy with but I have no idea if it’s authentic or not.


Oh thanks Shane. That’s great in one way in that I haven’t bought the box to be disappointed but it’s a shame that the original isn’t available.

I’m no expert but anyway… The original LP was released in mono and stereo versions. I read somewhere that an early CD issue of the album was a needle drop of the stereo LP (supposedly because the stereo masters were lost) but I’ve never seen a copy. When Dusty’s albums were re-mastered and re-released in the late 90s a stereo version of A Girl Called Dusty was created with new stereo mixes of some tracks, mono versions of others and stereo mixes using alternate takes for Anyone Who Had a Heart and You Don’t Own Me. I’ve always assumed it’s because they had multi tracks of those 6 songs and the 2 alternate takes that they opted to go for stereo where they could and mono where they couldn’t. Anyway, this is the only version currently available in the UK.


@EW99 it is “and don’t tell me what do, oh-oh-oh” on the box. Just got it today.
But could you please explain the chronology of this album and its versions? It’s fascinating and I don’t have sufficient knowledge.


Dusty set now down to £9:99 at Amazon.


Ok they are indeed very very different (I just checked on the 17 times I have the song in my iTunes library (based on my own CD rips)). So i will have no trouble telling you once I get the box. :)


Thanks Shane. Well the main thing will be that the old version will almost certainly be mono as I don’t believe there’s a stereo mix available. Otherwise the first easy thing to look out for would be in You Don’t Own Me; at 1:45 she sings either “and don’t tell me what do, yeah-eah-eah” on the original but “and don’t tell me what do, oh-oh-oh” on the new version.


That Duran concert DVD is great, although not quite as good as the 2005 reunion tour DVD, as that has a better setlist and Andy T is playing guitar of course. My favourite DD concert film release though is of the special gig they did with David Lynch as part of the AYNIN promotion, which has now been released in some countries and is a fantastic watch what with all Mr Lynch’s weirdness going on onscreen. Well worth importing and cheap as chips too. Quality is same as other DD releases.


EW99 I will order it now. I can check for you when I get it, however you need to tell me how to recognize them easily, as I have not played her albums too often (don’t want to wear out Dusty!).


The Revenant on vinyl is already in stock at Amazon Germany for €25.99, by far the lowest price.


I don’t suppose anyone knows if the first album in the Dusty collection is the original version or the 1997 release with alternate vocals/stereo remixes? None of the online stores are saying.


Hi Paul,

do you have any information about the new Wedding Album Vinyl
release by Duran Duran?

Mike the Fish

I’ll take that as a no.


This one!

There were links on amazon and jpc, but they are gone now!