Out This Week / on 21 October 2016

Various Artists / Lazarus Original Cast Recording

Never has an ‘original cast recording’ for a musical been so anticipated. This album contains David Bowie‘s last three recordings from the Blackstar sessions as well as Michael C Hall and the New York Cast performing songs from throughout David’s career. Read more

Prince Sign O' The Times / vinyl reissue

Prince / Sign O’ The Times (vinyl reissue)

The vinyl reissues continue with probably Prince‘s masterpiece. Sprawling, but full of superb songs, expect the packaging for the 1987 double album to be an exact replica of the original, with inserts and stickers. Read more

Big Star / Complete Third box set

Big Star / Complete Third (3CD)

Big Star‘s ‘Third’ 1974 album (also know as Sister Lovers) wasn’t actually issued until 1978. Omnivore have created this 69-track three-disc expanded edition which contains “every demo, rough mix, outtake, alt take and final master from the Third sessions known to exist”. Phew! Read more

Leonard Cohen / You Want It Darker (new album)

You Want It Darker? Leonard Cohen is happy to oblige with his 14th studio album. Out on Friday on CD and vinyl LP. Read more

Pretenders / new album alone

Pretenders / Alone  (new album)

Probably a Chrissie Hynde album in all but name, but nevertheless, the Pretenders return with their tenth studio album Alone. Read more

The Wonder Of You: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Elvis Presley / The Wonder Of You

The million selling (and that’s just in the UK) If I Can Dream album – which saw Elvis‘ vocal performances set to lush Orchestral backing – is followed up with The Wonder Of You. Available on CD, 2LP vinyl and box set. Read more

Gillan / The Vinyl Collection (1979-1982)

The Vinyl Collection is an eight-LP Gillan box set that includes all the band’s studio albums plus For Gillan Fans Only which features B-sides, studio out-takes, specially recorded material. Amazon exclusive includes bonus 7-inch single. Read more

The Divine Miss M / 2CD deluxe edition

Bette Midler / The Divine Miss M (2CD deluxe)

Bette Midler‘s 1972 debut was a massive hit in America spawning four top 40 hit singles, including Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. This 2CD deluxe delivers remastered audio and a bonus disc of single mixes, early versions and demos. Read more

Various Artists / The Motown 7s: Rare and Unreleased Vol 3

Third in the series of Motown limited edition seven-inch box sets featuring rare and unreleased recordings by artists such as The Marvelettes and Gladys Knight & The PipsRead more


UK / Ultimate Collectors’ Edition box set

It’s nigh on six months late, but this extensive box set featuring British prog rock group UK contains 16-discs and is compiled and curated by original band member Eddie Jobson. Read more

Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis / Let It Be You (CD)

Not sure Joan As Police Woman (aka Joan Wasser) is every going to better her amazing 2006 debut Real Life, but her fifth album Let It Be You – a collaboration with fellow Brooklynite Benjamin Lazar Davis –  is out this week. The vinyl (which comes with a CD) is delayed until 28 October.

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Andrew Mogford

No stickers in Sign O The Times. In fact it’s the most disappointing release in the series yet. Not even a gatefold.

The sound quality is up there with the others – i.e. Excellent but it’s just a standard sleeve with the two records (not even 180g) in plain white paper cutout sleeves with replicas of the original sleeves included if you want to use them – rather like th Queen box did.

Andrew Mogford

I didn’t know that but I was guessing that the packaging of all of these were faithful to the original releases so assumed it wasn’t.

For me, in terms of packaging Under the Cherry Moon and Around The World in a day have been the highlights in terms of packaging. But ALL the releases have sounded great which is obviously the most important thing and at a good price too.

Thats all the ones I wanted out now (handy as I just lost my job) so time to try and find employment in time for the deluxe editions……..


Excuse me Apple (iTunes Store) I just want to buy the last 3 tracks of David Bowie – Lazarus and today i’m noticing i need to buy the entire albums to have only those 3 songs?…. no deal then.


@Barrie Sillars: That’s great about the Steve Hillage box, though it’s currently only available through Burning Shed. I wonder if it will eventually be available through Amazon worldwide. It’s a beautiful-looking set!


Here in Melb., I got nothing with my 1987 Sign of the Times either except that sticker on the front. Took until now to find out I’d been swindled. Curses.

Barrie Sillars

One big box set out this week and not mentioned here is the 22 disc set from Steve Hillage, Searching for the Spark. It is expensive at around £200, but there are lots of unreleased stuff, a huge 188 page hardback book, 60 page scrap book, two lyric books, posters and a badge. For me, this is a must have box set.

Simon F

Well said Barrie. Wish SDE would feature this box. Been watching the video of Steve and Miquette looking through it all. They are well impressed, and so was I. Roll on Friday!!!


RE: “Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis / Let It Be You (3LP box)”

Paul, are you really sure it’s a 3LPbox? Amazon.de says “two discs”, the 2nd probably being the CD version.

Ian B

‘Sign ‘O the Times’? Inserts? Stickers? I bought mine brand new from Littlewoods record department in 1987. I didn’t get any inserts or stickers. What a swizz. Ah well, probably too late to bring it to anyone’s attention now.


My Sign ‘O’ The Times has just been delivered. Big sticker on front and original inner sleeves are there, but alas no postcard.


Same here, Ian B….got mine from Our Prince, still shrinkwrapped. Aside from the turquoise heart “hype” sticker on the front of the shrinkwrap, there wasn’t anything else with my copy either.


King Crimson’s “On (and Off) The Road 1981 – 1984” shows a Friday delivery date (in the U.S.). Really looking forward to that one this week.

I’m also among the many whose patience has been put to the “ultimate” test with the U.K. box set. Early reviews have been good. But when you’ll get your box is anyone’s guess.


Who the hell designed that awful Pretenders cover? That makes the cover Duran Duran used for their latest Album look like high class art.


Hey, let’s not forget that “Lowbrow” art has “Highbrow” appeal on the inside.
Kinda like a custard-filled donut.


Still looks much better than the most recent Elton John cover.

Barrie Sillars

I am one of the early zfunders, who helped finance the UK box, but have not received it yet. Shipping has been on going since 23rd September, but only a few seem to have received it yet. If the likes of amazon have it by the 21st October, I will not be pleased.


From what I read, part of the U.K. box delay is that it’s now up to 18 or 19 discs. It’s on his website.

Ian B

Yeah, it’s three BDs of Eddie tuning up, recorded at a soundcheck in Osaka in 1979. Cheers for that, Eddie.


It’s a pity the Big Star release is so prohibitively priced for a three disc affair…

Mike Zlotnicki

$38.97 which includes First Class shipping – Bull Moose !!!

Simon Thornhill

Awesome update as ever Paul
I’ve been delighted with the Prince vinyl reissues the standard has been great

Do we know anything yet about thee Antichrist Superstar Boxset? According to Mr Manson it’s due out Oct 20th But I can’t find anything deffinative.

paul kelly

also out this week is don,t take away the music-the remix project by tavares only 9 pounds from amazon uk


Loving your optimisim with the UK box!!!