Out This Week / on 23 December 2016

Bob Dylan / Live in Sydney 1966 (2LP)

As well as the London gig, Sony are issue Bob Dylan‘s first concert outside America on his 1966 tour as a separate vinyl release. I think this is primarily for the Australian market, so Live In Sydney 1966 (a “one-pressing only limited edition 2LP-set”) isn’t cheap as an ‘import’ elsewhere.

Johnny Hallyday / Hallyday 1985-2005  (20CD box set)

Hallyday is a 20CD collection of the French icon’s studio albums, with plenty of bonus material and luxury packaging.

Bob Dylan / Highway 61 Revisited (2LP vinyl)

Bob Dylan‘s 1966 album presented on double vinyl and in mono, by audiophile specialists Mobile Fidelity. This set is “strictly limited to 3,000 copies”.

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Regarding your comment about Bob in Sydney:

“I think this is primarily for the Australian market, so…isn’t cheap as an ‘import’ elsewhere.”

It won’t be cheap as an import because it’s not even cheap here in Oz!

$65AUD here!: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Whats-Hot/folk-rock/bob-dylan-live-in-sydney-1966-vinyl/327304/

$73AUD here!: http://www.sanity.com.au/products/2323339/Live_In_Sydney_1966


err… H61 is from 1965.
Pedants at Christmas – bah humbug!

Le Baron

Hi Paul,
I’d like to take the opportunity of this Japanese comment to ask you a favor for the beginning of next year: I’d really like to know statistics of SDE. I mean: How many posts did you published from the beginning ? How many Deal alerts? How many readers a month? From how many countries? And many more things members of this community would love to know, I’m sure…
I may not be able to read your blog before the end of this week, so I’d like to thank you again for your incredible work on this blog again this year!!
Happy Christmas time!
You’re a hero, man !!



Nowhere to post this so I’m going with the most recent thread. Just got my (signed) Sam Brown box set! (took longer because I live in Japan as I’m sure you’ll be very surprised to hear)
Was really impressed with the fact that you even included the sticker (no shrinkwrap since Sam had to sign the thing). I don’t need the sticker personally, but can understand that some do want everything, so full marks for attention to detail!! If only all dealers had a real love of music!

All this and I haven’t even listened to the thing yet!!! But, just to let you know, thanks.

And, in an effort to be vaguely relevant, Johny Hallyday and Carmel’s duet, J’Oublierai Ton Nom, is a really good tune (if you don’t mind a bit of bombast). It looks like there are several versions here, don’t know if any of them are the one with Carmel, though.

Merry Christmas to everyone (if only I didn’t have to work on that day, but that’s what you get for being in Japan!)