Out This Week / on 24 June 2016

Neil Young / Earth (live album)

New live album from Neil Young. This was recorded on his 2015 tour with ‘The Promise of the Real’. The 2CD version is out this week, but you’ll need to wait until August for the 3LP, which is remarkable cheap on Amazon Germany (for Neil Young vinyl!)  Read more

Pet Shop Boys / Twenty Something (CD single)

Second single from the Pet Shop Boys‘ SUPER album, which it’s fair to say has received mixed reviews from fans. Nice to see the PSBs carrying out the CD single tradition though and this features two new songs. Read more

The Bangles / Ladies and Gentlemen… the Bangles!

The digital-only release from 2014 gets new (much better) artwork and is issued physically this week by Omnivore Recordings. This 16-track CD compiles all of The Bangles early recordings before they were signed to Columbia in 1984 and includes their first independent single, Getting Out Of Hand, four unreleased demos and other similar rarities

The Monkees / Instant Replay (deluxe edition)

This ’50th anniversary’ (the band, not the album) edition of The Monkees‘ 1969 album Instant Replay is a one-CD expanded edition which contains the same bonus tracks as Rhino’s 1995 reissue. It has been remastered though and features new 2016 liner notes from Micky Dolenz and Bobby Hart.

Marvin Gaye / What’s Going On (10″ vinyl single)

The title track of Marvin Gaye‘s timeless album is issued on this special 10-inch single along with B-side God Is Love. Both are the original single versions. Additionally, this contains some modern reworkings which could amount to sacrilege. Read more

Bad Company / Live 1977 (2LP vinyl)

April’s two-CD Bad Company 1977 • 1979 live release is this week issued on double vinyl LP, although the four sides of vinyl contain only the 1977 live performance. Read more

The Traveling Wilburys Collection (3LP box set)

This Traveling Wilburys‘ Collection on vinyl contains some tracks such as extended remixes not on the CD box set. Don’t know about you, but I’ve always found that incredibly annoying. Anyway, this hasn’t been corrected by new catalogue owners Concord Bicycle Music Company, but they are reissuing it this week.

Anthony Phillips / 1984 (deluxe edition)

This new three-disc deluxe edition Anthony Phillips‘ 1981 album features a new stereo mix and a 5.1 surround sound mix (via NSTC/region free DVD), along with a CD of alternate mixes and out-takes.

Various Artists / Twelve Inch Eighties: Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (3CD)

A pair of new 1980s remix compilations are out this week as Demon’s imprint Crimson contain their Twelve Inch Eighties series. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You is a 3CD set which is low on surprises but perfectly fine, as long as you haven’t got a shelf full of similar remix sets, of which there have been many. The companion to this called Twelve Inch Eighties: Let’s Groove is also released this week and focuses more on R&B/Soul. Both are fantastically cheap in the UK.

Motörhead / Clean Your Clock  (blu-ray)

Blu-ray edition of one of Lemmy’s last Motörhead live concerts is issued this week . Read more

ELO / Discovery (vinyl)

With ELO‘s ‘best of’ riding high at number four in the UK charts (due to UK tour), I guess it’s not a bad time for Sony to reissue the band’s eighth album on vinyl. Discovery was their first UK number one and features Don’t Bring Me Down.

Erasure / Cowboy

The Erasure vinyl reissues contain. Cowboy was their eighth album and was originally issued in 1997. Loveboat from 2000 is also being reissued on the same format.

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Shocking price for the PSB single. No thanks……………..

Chris Squires

Paul, any news on whether anything has been done to “Discovery” or will it just be a new pressing of the old master?

Either way it is probably my favourite ELO album and the first one I bought with my own pocket money in 1979.


I’d rather have had a deluxe edition of PSB’s Super with the exclusive tracks on than them being spread across various over-priced CD singles. The singles could then be just for mixes (which I wouldn’t bother with).

I mean, that’s what deluxe editions are for isn’t it? For tracks that would have been b-sides in the old days.

martin farnworth

i’d agree that although the last time they did a deluxe/2 cd was for the rather pointless instrumental bonus disc of elysium. at least they avoid alienating the fans by releasing deluxe editions 6 months after the original albums. i like to think psb have some say over that. the only time that happened was with the bilingual deluxe edition.


I was excited about The Bangles CD…until I saw the price. 20GBP!!! For only 1 disc, with 16 tracks that were recorded over 30 years ago! I hate to be a whinging Debbie Downer and post negative comments/complaints, but really! ‘Getting Out Of Hand’ indeed…

Perhaps Amazon are just ensuring they don’t accidentally price-f’ck themselves again a la Queen ‘Live At The Odeon’…


It’s only £9.99 on hmv.com. They know how to seriously piss people off amazon with their stupid prices don’t they.


Thanks for the info.

HMV is much more reasonable, but I live in Australia. I’ve checked out the Aussie retailer websites (even the ones who just have eBay stores, rather than full-blown websites) and their prices are $AUD25-30 – better than Amazon, but still a bit more than I’m hoping for.

In a moment of sheer desperation, I even checked out WOWHD! They have it for a smidge under $20 (with free postage), but it’s WOWHD and the reviews speak for themselves: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.ie.wowhd.com

But I could be worrying over nothing – it’s only a pre-order so the other prices may drop after release. I’ll look again in a week or so.


Down to £12.77 – now that’s more like it! Aussie retailer prices haven’t changed though…..


There are definitely some gems newly released 12″es on the Rhythm Is Gonna Get You 3cd. The Alexander O’Neal Hitmix is a great release. It was not on the Tabu reissues and as far as I know only available on a CD Single. T heDarryl Hall Dreamtime (e\Extended Remix Version) is also rare and so is The Spandau Ballet “Fight For Ourselves” Extended Version. It also has a bunch of other rare versions on there. A no-brainer for anyone who likes 80’s extended versions. Probably one of the best Extended 80’s releases apart from the So80’s series. Not sure about the sources, some may be from vinyl, don’t know, but personally I don’t care about that. It’s great to have these extended versions released.


That Alexander O’Neal Hitmix is on the reissue of Hearsay – All Mixed Up. How did you miss that ?


The Bangles collection should be out on vinyl in November 2016, according to an interview with S Hoffs last week…
So download was in 2014, CD in Jun 2016, LP in Nov 2016.



@£7 for three tracks (radio edit doesn’t interest me) – No thanks. Adds insult to injury that there’s another track on the download. Sub-par album from The Boys so any enthusiasm I felt as a result of Pop Kids diminished markedly after hearing the full album. These days I expect an album for £7-£10 so they’ll have to make do without my cash this time round.


I ordered the PSB CD single and I might get the Bangles CD as well. Nice to see the later Erasure albums getting a vinyl release but I have all their albums on CD and must draw the line somewhere. I would however love the deluxe versions of their albums to continue on CD – these I would buy! Strange to release just the first few albums and then stop.