Out This Week / on 26 August 2016

Robert Palmer / Collected 3CD compilation

Robert Palmer / Collected (3CD)

Excellent three-disc Robert Palmer set that just about ticks all the boxes by including the Island Years, EMI era and a disc of rarities. Read more

Joe Cocker / The Album Recordings 1984-2007 (14CD box set)

14-disc examination of Joe Cocker‘s recording career between 1984 and 2007. Features a newly compiled CD of ‘Related Recordings’ that includes rarities. Well done, if you got *that* price on the deal alert. Read more

Dusty Springfield / Reputation: Expanded Collector’s Edition (3CD)

Dusty Springfield‘s Pet Shop Boys-assisted 1990 album is expanded to two CDs and adds a DVD with promo videos for good measure. Read more

Blur / Leisure 25th anniversary coloured vinyl

Blur / Leisure coloured vinyl reissue

Blur‘s debut is 25 years old this year. Not a classic by any means, but Parlophone celebrate all the same, by way of this blue vinyl reissue. Read more

De La Soul / and the Anonymous Nobody (new album)

De La Soul return with and the Anonymous Nobody their ninth full-length album, which features guest appearances by Snoop Dogg, Damon Albarn and David Byrne. Read more

Level 42 / Collected 3CD set

Level 42 / Collected (3CD) 

This pretty comprehensive collection of Level 42 seven-inch remixes / edits also features a bonus disc of 12-inch versions. Now well-priced in the UK, in particular. Read more



The Beach Boys / Becoming The Beach Boys (2CD)

Between Sep 1961 and March 1962 – prior to signing with Capitol Records, The Beach Boys committed nine songs to tape under the direction of (and at the home of) Hite and Dorinda Morgan. This Ominivore two-disc release includes “every complete take, false start, master take, and every second of studio banter during these historic recordings”.


Scott Walker / 5 Classic Albums (5CD)

Improbable value from this set which includes Scott 1, Scott 2, Scott 3, Scott 4 and Til’ The Band Comes In. If you haven’t yet explored the Walker Brother’s solo career, there’s really no excuse at this price!


The Monkees 50

If last week’s Forever best of doesn’t dig deep enough into their archive for you, Rhino now offer this new Monkees three-CD set with, you guessed it, 50 tracks to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary. Read more

Big Country / 5 Classic Albums (5CD)

Another quintet of long-players, this time Big Country. The albums in question are: The CrossingSteeltownThe SeerPeace In Our Time and No Place Like Home. Entry fee? A tenner.

Cicero / The Complete Works (2CD)

David Cicero‘s 1992 album was originally issued on the Pet Shop Boys‘ label Spaghetti Recordings and even features a couple of tracks produced by Neil and Chris. This Cherry Pop reissue contains an enormous amount of remixes. Read more


Steven Wilson / Drive Home CD+DVD

There’s much to enjoy with Steven Wilson‘s 2013 EP, especially when combined with a DVD that features the sublime video/animation work of Jess Cope. Read more

Blue Öyster Cult / Secret Treaties (SACD)

Blue Öyster Cult‘s highly rated 1974 album is reissued as a multi-channel and stereo SACD by audiophile specialists Audio Fidelity.

Amii Stewart / The Hits:Remixed

Amii Stewart / the Hits: Remixed

American disco diva Amii Stewart‘s 1985 album The Hits is this week reissued with bonus tracks. Read more

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Damm why don’t i listen to my own advice because reading reviews so far for Reputation people are saying it’s not remastered and the sound is like low quality mp3s.


musicmagpie have a code right now for 20% off. I got Reputation for £14.38.


So how does this compare to the two variant compilations (each on two c.d.s) entitled “Gold”? Apparently one of those had versions that were not available on any other Robert Palmer compilations. THOUGH the track listing on which ever one that was did not indicate any of this. I find that so sad that so many compilations do not describe in detail what their contents are.


Gold is just a reissue of Addictions Volumes 1 +2 minus the Power Station track Some Like It hot.


Good interview on You and Yours! Althougn I do share much of the presenter’s cynicism, hers was somewhat extreme and I did like her questioning “Really?” about the 60 CD Elvis box set. I’m guessing that you have 407 box sets / deluxe editions


” I do share much of the presenter’s cynicism ” No way! We would never have guessed that RJ from your posts :)

I think Paul handled the questions well, and defended himself from the idea that he (like all of us) are somewhat imbalanced in our thoughs and deeds with regards to SDE collecting. Which is a polite way of saying he did not come off like a obsessive crank…

And three plugs for the website including the .com ending which she included in a show of thoroughness! What a result for SDE site promotion!

Chris Squires

And there lies the art of PR, finding a Train Spotter or a Pomeranian Breeder or any other “Hobbyist” who doesn’t come across as swivel eyed.

I liken the Elvis question to being a car owner, you don’t use all of the horse power, you never could in the UK. I have never bought a car on the premise that it’ll reach only 70mph and no more. There are plenty of features on just about every toy I own that I will never use, I am still to use the heated steering wheel on my car and I paid £200 for that feature… you never know.

I am weak….might as well have something to show for the 55 hour week I put in.


The Scott Walker 5 CD collection is extraordinarily good value and you do, in effect, get the Sings Jacques Brel compilation too.

Paul E.

Alright now Paul…back to Karen’s question: How many box sets in your collection? I just received my 3rd Leslie Dame CDV-1500 storage unit (they hold 1500 discs each – the new one is only two-thirds full so I have a few month’s to grow into it). My box sets are adorned along the top of each [The Clash’s “Sound System” is a personal favorite]. If a physical count isn’t in the cards- how about sharing some storage tips, pictures, etc. It’s not easy to see your set up in the unboxing videos so thanks in advance!

Chris Squires

Nice interview Paul, summed me up perfectly, right down to the room re-organization. Now if you can get back on to the airwaves and talk about what we want to be released next that would be great. I am sure Kate listens to Radio 4….

Joe Wiz

What masters are used for the Scott Walker boxset? The same as the 2013 now deleted release?


Secret Treaties on CD in quadrophonic? Wow, this ought to be a big story — or at least in a nice deluxe box and on DVD rather than SACD. It just shows how this wonderful band has slipped off the radar, sigh. Wonder if it’s the original 1974 quad vinyl mix or a new one. Either way, I’m in.


MiG, so should the 40th anniversary of Agents of Fortune which the band are currently playing in full at selected venues. Makes me laugh at all the moaning people do about SDE content etc, at least they get something. An SDE of AOF would been a dream to me….


Funny, I was dreaming of “Cultosaurus Erectus” in 5.1 — ha! Like that’s going to happen! But that’s an album born for surround sound. I’ve got the feeling the remasters with bonus tracks scraped bottom, and that’s it for BOC. What’s still possible? An anthology box with a few more rarities and some live material? But yeah…AOF would be a good start…


MiG to be fair, the albums collection box was probably more that I could have hoped for in reality, with the remaining Columbia remasters and the disc of rarities etc. That was then rapidly followed by the Culture Factory issues which I bought and they sound great to my ears (Spectres being the standout) and now this version of Secret Treaties. I agree about Cultosaurus Erectus, I can imagine it in surround sound, I mean Black Blade is almost SS now in stereo!


My thoughts exactly. What a production! And I reckon “Monsters” would buff up well too, not to mention that slur of noises before “Unknown Tongue”…no no no, that’s one amazing album from start to finish. Probably my favorite BOC, followed by “Spectres”. But I’ll take what I can get. All right then: one more grab at the SDE please lads, with all the trimmings. We’ve earned it.


Audio Fidelity has been releasing original quad mixes from the ’70s.


Hi Paul. Just heard you being interviewed on BBC Radio 4. You handled it very welll.


What was the interview for and on which programme? Would like to listen to listen back on iPlayer.


Come on Pauk, how many box sets do you have???????.

Great idea for a competition, guess how many box sets Paul has, anyone.

I’ll start 1,500

Where do the children sleep now? Hope you have them a bigger bedroom.


I’m going to pass buying those Dusty Springfield and Robert Palmer releases as they are far too expensive plus going by past experiences mostly with Cherry Red i fear Reputation will be littered with errors or vinyl rips.


The sad thing about the Big Country 5 Classic Albums box is that it doesn’t include the absolutely brilliant “Wonderland” EP. A slab of aural delight. Only fully available on the February 2002 reissue of The Crossing. Looking at the Big Country site, this was not version included.


I’m not trying to be funny but why would they include an EP in a 5 album box set ? Take this for what it is cheap tat in cardboard sleeves with no booklets and no remastering involved hence the budget price. Considering their back catalogue has been remastered and expanded in the last 5 years or so i honestly can’t see who this is going to appeal to.


Totally agree mate


that be me. I always meant to get into them – and was all set to start with the re-issues. but I’m getting this first. I like having each album in easy to access sleeves, not have to mess around with digi packs etc.


BOC’s Secret Treaties is one of my favourite albums from my all time favourite band. Does anyone know if this is a hybrid? I do not have a SACD player but I notice that Steve Hoffman has been involved in the mastering and would be keen to hear it.


If you expand the image you can see on the disk that it says “Hybrid MULTICHANNEL SACD”, so you should be OK. You could also check it out on Audio Fidelity’s own website http://www.audiofidelity.net


TonyC, missed that, thanks. Now I really am looking forward to Friday!