Out This Week / on 26 May 2017

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th anniversary six-disc super deluxe edition box set

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (super deluxe edition)

It doesn’t get much better than a six-disc super deluxe edition box set of The BeatlesSgt. Pepper. Lenticular cover, EMI-style tape box, newly remixed stereo, surround sound 5.1 mix, two discs of sessions, the original mono mix, archive documentary and a weighty hardcover book, with some fascinating notes and stunning images. Read more

Kraftwerk / 3-D The Catalogue

Kraftwerk deliver an audio/video document – available in a number of physical editions – that features all eight albums as performed live in the leading museums of the world in the last few years. The blu-ray deluxe is 3-D and Dolby Atmos compatible. Read more

Grateful Dead / Long Strange Trip

Long Strange Trip, the forthcoming documentary on the Grateful Dead has an interesting soundtrack which will mix studio and live recordings, with several unreleased performances. Amazon have an exclusive 3CD edition. Read more

Midnight Oil / Full Tank box set

Midnight Oil / Full Tank (deluxe box set)

Midnight Oil‘s Full and Overflow Tank sets were delayed but are now available this week. Both offer an enormous amount of content in creative packaging. Read more

Bad Company / Run With The Pack & Burnin’ Sky

Rhino continue their Bad Company archival reissues with newly remastered deluxe editions of 1976’s Run With The Pack and its follow up, 1977’s Burnin’ Sky. These are available as two-CD and 2LP vinyl editions. Read more

Suzanne Vega / 5 Classic Albums

Five of Suzanne Vega‘s six A&M albums are collected in this great value set. Don’t expect bonus tracks or posh packaging, but albums one, two and four are rock solid classics and you can’t go wrong for a total price of around £11.  Read more

The Rolling Stones / Olé Olé Olé

Paul Dugdale’s feature-length documentary follows The Rolling Stones on their 2016 tour through Latin America and as they try to stage their first ever concert in Havana, Cuba. Read more

Fleetwood Mac / Vinyl reissues

The 2017 remaster of Fleetwood Mac‘s Tango in the Night and last year’s Mirage remaster are issued as standalone vinyl pressings. Read more

The Charlatans / Different Days (new album)

The Charlatans‘ 13th studio album is out this week and like Blondie’s recent offering is available in (too?) many editions. Read more

Lulu / Lulu + Heaven and Earth and The Stars (2-for-1)

Lulu‘s 1973 self-titled album included covers of The Young Rascal’s Groovin’ and Aretha Franklin’s Do Right Woman, Do Right Man but it’s the 1976 follow-up Heaven and Earth and the Stars that is of most interest, since it contains The Man Who Sold The World (a #3 hit single in 1974) and Watch That Man – both produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson. Those tracks, along with the inclusion of Bond theme The Man With The Golden Gun, make this an album worth owning. The brevity of the albums allow both to fit onto one CD.

Status Quo / Never Too Late (3CD deluxe)

This three-CD deluxe edition of Status Quo‘s 1981 album has been remastered by Andy Pearce and offers bonus archive recordings and 19 tracks live from St Austell in 1981. Blue For You and Just Supposin are also being reissued this week.

John Williams / Raiders of the Lost Ark (2LP vinyl)

Concord Music are issuing this expanded version of John Williams classic score to Raiders of the Lost Ark on double gatefold vinyl. Contains 30 minutes of extended cues not featured on the original album.  Read more

Big Star / Complete Third: Volume 3: Final Masters (2LP vinyl)

They’re dragging it out a bit, but finally Warners finish porting the content of the Big Star Complete Third CD release onto vinyl. This third and final volume is a two-LP set but features an etching on side four.

Various Artists / Indie Anthems (2LP vinyl)

Oasis and Blur may be notable by their absence, but this vinyl-only indie set delivers a solid 20-track selection from the likes of Suede, Radiohead, Primal Scream, Elastica, Pixies and more. Read more

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Straight from the horses mouth as they say We’re delighted to be working with Howard and we’ll be annnouncing details of a ‘Best Of’ very soon. There will be a lot more to come from Howard in the coming months so we’ll keep you posted.


Hopefully they will be free of those track marker issues that plagued both the Specially Selected 12″ Remixes included in the The 12″ Album / Action Replay boxset and Human’s Lib.


Wasn’t sure where to put this but Cherry Red are reissuing Howard Jones back catalogue very soon.


A note about the Midnight Oil sets. The replica LP cover slips cases are oddly shoddy. Not the same template as other Sony/Legacy sets like the Springsteen or Cohen or Simon and Garfunkel, which are all sturdy and well done. These are cut/glued weird (a couple rather off-kilter), made of thinner cardstock and open at the top instead of the side. No gatefolds either. A bit disappointing. No comment on the content since I haven’t had time to delve in yet.


Ok Paul, am more excited about your comments about the forthcoming 10cc box set, I was so utterly disappointed by the “Tenology” set 5 years ago..I know there is very little in the vaults as they seemingly didn’t keep stuff, so very intrigued by what could be on it…keep checking Amazon twice a day for information..please don’t keep me in suspense too long!!! :D

Andrew M

So what records. That takes it into the realm of “might just be able to slip it by the missus if I make sure it arrives on a day she’s at work” territory :D

Do they charge on order or dispatch?


… and no The Beatles unboxing video, Paul? :(


Awesome! I was worried that instagram was all you have for us. ;)







Hi Paul,

Box dimensions?



Working Class Hero

Don’t know if its any good as iv’e never used the site before but its £84.99 + shipping at https://www.whatrecords.co.uk/items/76635.htm

Just trying to be helpful

Chris Squires

What Records are great, I have used them for almost 4 years now without a hitch (Blue Platinum – Oldfield was my first from them) . Outside my local Bricks and Mortar (RPM records – Swindon) they are my go-to people. Postage never more than £8 even if you buy a mountain.

Use with confidence….

CJ Feeney

Yep, never had any issues with What Records. Good prices and good packaging for shipping .

don cooper

I can second that…

John Barleycorn

Is there an embargo on your Sgt Pepper unboxing, Paul? You did say you had an advance copy of it…

I am interested how the 144 page book looks and the quality of it not just in terms of content but finish and paper quality. Anything you can say about this?

Auntie Sabrina

Oops, that’s Bowie not Bi…

Auntie Sabrina

Besides Biwie is also on Sky this weekend, and Radio 2 have a documentery about Sgt Peppers too…


Yet another expensive week, what with the Pepper SDE and also ELPs Works 1 & 2 and Love Beach CD remasters which are also out Friday. It’s only May and I am on my fourth SDE box set already and I thought it was going to be a cheap year:) Quite relieved the Neil Young Official release boxes have gone back to September.


Big wallet draining week for me, not the biggest I`ve had music wise but big enough. However big means good in musical terms and music being the third love of my life that also means VERY GOOD!

Sgt Pepper Box & 2LP, a birthday prezzie from Mrs Truthsayer. I`m getting the 2CD myself. Why?…because! Kraftwerk CD box & single Bluray, Grateful Dead 3CD & Stones Bluray. I may get that Suzanne Vega 5 Classic Albums if I can sell the original CDs, simply to save room on the shelves.

David S

“if I can sell the original CDs”

give them to a charity shop Truthsayer.

Chris Squires

Paul, can you do some digging? There was supposed to be an MOV 2LP clear Vinyl release of “10cc – Collected” which I have heard has been shelved for “contractual issues”, it was on MOV website one day and gone the very next. But then almost immediately a 10cc box set “Before, during and after” comes into view. Can you dig out a tracklist for the new box set as no one seems to have it yet and if possible find out if “Collected” was shelved because of this new box taking priority or were there any real issues with mixing 10cc and Godley and Creme within the same Vinyl package. I imagine “Before during and after” would have the same issues… I am disappointed that 10cc – collected has been shelved, the Palmer / UB40 / Jackson / Lizzy ones are really well made….


This is a 4 disk set and also a 2 CD set called “During After: The Best Of 10cc”



don cooper

Live disk? (That is not the endlessly reissued and repackaged ‘Alive in Japan.’)
The alternate ( ft. 10cc) Blue Guitar from last Septembers Justin Hayward compilation would be a nice-quirky addition,even.
I have been scanning Hoffman for news on this, so come on and pip em’ Paul! ;-)

Andrew M

I’m pretty sick of The Beatles and Paul McCartney overcharging so ridiculously for their product. I so want the pepper box set! I’ve heard the new stereo mixes that have been released on apple music and I am DESPERATE to hear the 5.1 mix.


I have preordered :

2 x OK Computer Triple vinyls (one for my brother in law for his birthday)
1 x OK Computer CD
1 x Purple Rain picture disc vinyl
1 x Purple rain super deluxe edition CD and DVD package

And ALL of that comes to less than the price of one Pepper box set.

I just cannot justify the Pepper set so have had to cancel my preorder. And that hurts. I am NOT looking forward to reading this site this week after the email last night :)

And I have no expectation of this ever dropping in price ever.

Hopefully, it’s not too limited and one day in the future I’ll be able to justify it…….

But I’m not happy about it…..


Sgt Pepper Box – £110

4 x CD: £13 each £52
1 x DVD: £14
1 x Bluray: £15
1 x Coffee Table book: £22
Box, poster other ephemera £7
£110? Not that bad a price when you look at it, yes other box sets may be cheaper but can they compare? If you acted early you could have got the box much cheaper, got mine for £85 from Amazon Italy. I reckon only the Jethro Tull, Yes & XTC reissues are true bargains.


Would take the CDs and BR. Dump the rest….




Hi Andrew!
I would cancel all the other stuff instead…..
and then buy it by and by…..;-)