Out This Week / on 28 April 2017

Gorillaz / Humanz (new album)

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett return as Gorillazwith Humanz, their first studio album in six years. Read more

John Martyn / Head and Heart: The Acoustic John Martyn

John Martyn / Head and Heart (2CD) 

Universal’s new John Martyn two-CD set includes ‘key album tracks’, live performances, and rarities, including some unreleased demo recordings. Read more

Patti Smith / Horses 2CD Legacy reissue in vinyl replica packaging

Patti Smith / Horses (2CD vinyl replica)

Patti Smith‘s seminal Horses is reissued by Sony Legacy (along with some other non-Smith titles) as a 2CD Legacy Edition in ‘vinyl replica’ style packaging. Read more

Depeche Mode / Where's The Revolution 2 x 12-inch

Depeche Mode / Where’s The Revolution (vinyl)

If you checked out SDE’s Depeche Mode deal alert last month you may well have snagged this nine-track double vinyl for less then £7. It’s £18 now… Read more

Bert Jansch / On The Edge Of A Dream box set

Folk guitar legend Bert Jansch‘s three, final ‘noughties’ albums featured the likes of Bernard Butler, Johnny Marr, Hope Sandoval and Beth Orton. This era is impeccably curated in On The Edge Of A Dream, Earth Recordings’ beautifully presented four-CD and four-LP vinyl box sets that also includes a disc of demos, outtakes and unreleased material.

Alan Price / The Alan Price Set: Twice The Price (3CD)

Comprehensive Alan Price three-CD collection that brings together the ‘Complete Decca Recordings’. Read more

Mark Lanegan Band  / Gargoyle (new album)

Tenth studio album for Mark Lanegan and his first since 2014’s Phantom Radio.

Thurston Moore / Rock n Roll Consciousness (new album)

This 5-track album from Sonic Youth‘s Thurston Moore is produced by Paul Epworth. Despite its brevity you can buy a 2LP deluxe vinyl edition!

Vangelis / Antartica (remaster)

The new Vangelis remasters, previously only available in the recent Delectus box set are now available on CD separately.

Julia Fordham / Falling Forward (2CD)

This new double-disc deluxe edition of Julia Fordham‘s 1994 album features 16 bonus tracks, including B-sides, remixes and alternates.

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“Falling Forward” reissue by Julia Fordham – I have the three previous Cherry Red 2xCD reissues but I won’t be getting this one. For a fan who has the singles, the bonus tracks don’t offer anything I don’t already have. Although remastered and expanded, this is apparently just like the previous issues and offers absolutely no difference in sound quality (not that there’s anything wrong with the original 1994 album). I’m not looking forward to credits section either, which will probably be messy and faulty as on the previous Cherry Red reissues.

This does deliver what it says though: “all of the single versions, b-sides, remixes, and alternate versions that were released during the promotion of the original album” – but why not include something extra like the Japan-only ‘Unplugged’ version of “I Can’t Help Myself” or the two non-album tracks released in the wake of the album: “Someone To Watch Over Me” (from “Mr. Holland’s Opus” OST, 1995) or “December 24th” (from “Winter, Fire & Snow” compilation, 1995)..?


I just found out some important info. Judging by the recently added rear-case images on Amazon, the new Vangelis-remastered CD’s for See You Later and Private Collection DO NOT have the bonus tracks that were found on the box set; so be sure to cancel your orders if you’re expecting those as I was. What a massive let-down this whole thing is. 13 albums remastered, 5 of which are remastered well. The rest suffer from editing, over-done reverb, audio drop-outs etc. I was originally very excited about being able to pick and choose the well-done remasters rather than have to buy a box set with so much substandard material. Now I am reevaluating the pros and cons of each and if I will buy anything at all. Way to disappoint the fans!


Anyone interesred, the Thurston album is fantastic! A real gut feeling of the good old days!

Boaz Halachmi

Paul… if you still looking for the Mecca RSD cassette, Sweden got some:


Does anybody know whether the packaging of these new individual Vangelis remastered CD’s respects the packaging (white digipacks) of the previous remasters (Heaven& Hell, Spiral, Albedo 0.39, Direct,…) released back in 2014-ish…
Thanks !

don cooper

That is the actual Antarctica cover up above.


Thanks, Don! :)


For those into the Bobby Orlando sound from the early eighties there are two interesting releases this week:

* Divine – 2CD Jungle Jezebel (Deluxe Edition)
14 tracks on CD 1: the usual 6 album tracks and 8 bonus tracks
10 tracks on CD 2 (The Remixes): 2 regular tracks and 8 remixes by Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin, Aquarius, Hyper Go Go and others

* Bobby Orlando – CD Freedom In An Unfree World (Expanded Edition)
Contains the usual 8 album tracks as well as 5 bonus tracks (12″ versions of songs).

Both these CD’s are released by Cherry Red (full track listing available on their website)

Cherry Red will also release 2CD “O” Records Classics – Volume One: Passion in early June; CD 1 will contain 13 tracks and the second CD 14 tracks.

This release will contain tracks like “Eye On You” by Hippies With Haircuts, “Keep It Coming” by The Boyd Brothers, “Aggression” by Charlene Davis; songs which weren’t part of the 1989/1996 CD releases “The Best Of “O” Records 1 & 2″ / The Definitive “O” Records 12″ Collection.

Charles Hodgson

Shocking Blue “The Blue Box” 13CD out Friday 28 April also.
“Can you feel my love buzz”!

Bob McCartney

I heard Mark Lenagan may have cracked a smile for this release. Either way, looking forward to hearing new material from him.

Justin Isbell

Thanks for the heads-up Richie re: the Hudson Ford box set. Now ordered on Amazon. I bought Worlds Collide on LP many years ago (bargain bin) and while I managed to rip a copy I don’t have it on CD. Now I will :-)

Chris Squires

Glad to see Falling Forward getting a decent treatment. Julia Fordham is a terrific singer whom I have adored since 1989. She got a tad Jazzy later on in her career, but her first five albums up to 1997s East West are perfect sultry Pop. With Porcelain being an absolute classic (if you like this sort of thing).

Oh and Ollie. Top joke. You don’t get many Vangelis / Bicycle jokes on here…..

don cooper

Yep,CQ,I very much like her sort of thing.
Voice of an angel…

Ollie Carlisle

I love the image of Vangelis cycling aimlessly around town.

“Are you lost Vangelis?”

“No, it’s OK. I’ll find my way home!”

Eat Me

Those Jansch vinyl sets are top-notch. I should really put them higher n my wishlist now that both volumes are out.

Oh, and Gorillaz is great rock-pop (just ignore the cartoon gimmick). More fans than Blur ever did and Noel Gallagher and Albarn sing on the final song.

Dean T

Thanks Paul, did not know about Thurstons new album. Just ordered.


I’ve got the new John Mellencamp and Big Big Train discs on preorder for this Friday. Looking forward to both.


You Sir/Madam/Ms have extraordinary musical taste.


Thurston Thurston Thurston!!!!


Who is it on the bike: Thurston or Vangelis?

Gary C

If you ever go to the Acropolis museum in Athens, you can see his amazing house from the first floor entrance; Vangelis, not Moore


I wish I be there… :(


Looking forward to the Thurston Moore album. As a Sonic Youth fan since Daydream Nation, I have been well pleased with his solo efforts and the last few ‘rock’ albums have been exceptional IMHO. Steve Shelley is on it as well so its like half an SY album.
Gutted they broke up, but at least I got to see them one final time on one of their last dates.


I’m going to have to read some knowledgeable Vangelis reviews before I get any of the remasters – the first set was not particularly well received because he made changes/edits to the original recording. I have the Patti Smith release in its previous digipack format, so this isn’t worth getting, but if you don’t have it, it’s great.

As for Thurston Moore – it’s not the number of tracks, it’s the total running time, and the quality that matters.


Dean, there is a fantastic in-depth review of the audio content of these new remasters on the “Elsewhere” Vangelis site. Review for the audio notes which discs have had reverb added and which have not; any audio problems or edits. Look in the News section; it was posted around February 3. The review was done from promo CDrs that were sent out, but the audio likely did not change before final press.

Bottom line is that some are really worth getting and others are a hard pass. I honestly am pretty surprised that so many end up being sub-standard. *sigh* I am looking forward to purchasing and listening to some of the better remasters, though.


I miss Sonic Youth.


Oh did I mention the `Album Of The Week` – Big Big Train: `Grimspound`, great band and if you love melodic prog with brains get this. Even if you don`t get it.

Yeah, I`ve pre-ordered from Burning Shed, double LP and separate CD. Now where`s that IKEA shelving unit?


Bert Jansch (LP), John Martyn (CD), Mark Lanegan Band (CD) & new John Mellencamp (CD) out this week and zooming into richie towers.

I might go for the Vangelis CD, I`ve also noticed that some of the Greek Maestro`s other works are cheap at the tax dodgers. I will have to check the cash flow for May, there`s so many things on pre-order, Sgt. Pepper Box, LP, double CD, Paul Weller Box and 3CD, 2 Grateful Dead Boxs & `Long Strange Trip Soundtrack`, Nick Cave Deluxe Box and 3LP, 2 Hawkwind CDs, Hudson Ford Box, Jethro`s `Songs From The Wood`. It`s a fuckin` good job Mrs richie dosen`t look at this place.


The Thirston Moore album has two tracks at more than 10 minutes and another just under so its’s roughly (single) LP length. The deluxe vinyl has an etching on one side.


5 track album?!?!…isn’t that an E.P?

Cecil Meulenberg

The Vangelis single remastered edition are worth it.