Out This Week / on 29 July 2016

Simple Minds / New Gold Dream six-disc super deluxe edition box set

Simple Minds / New Gold Dream (six-disc super deluxe edition)

Simple Minds‘ 1982 album gets ‘the full monty’ treatment with a box that delivers virtually everything you could want, including a 5.1 mix of New Gold Dream. Read more

Fleetwood Mac / Mirage (reissue) 

Fleetwood Mac‘s 1982 album is available in two-disc deluxe and five-disc super deluxe edition configurations… Lots of rare tracks including outtakes and rarities, early versions of several album tracks; outtakes for songs that didn’t make it to the album; UPDATE: Rhino have this morning confirmed that this is delayed until September (regardless of what HMV and Amazon say). Read more

Hole / Live Through This vinyl LP reissue

Hole / Live Through This (vinyl reissue) 

Hole‘s rather good 1994 album, Live Through This, is ‘reissued’ on vinyl, which is a bigger deal than it sounds since the album never actually came out on vinyl in the US or UK, although did get a very limited release in Germany at the time. Read more

Emerson Lake & Palmer / Reissues and Anthology

Emerson Lake & Palmer, Tarkus and Pictures At An Exhibition are all reissued as 2CD deluxe editions and vinyl reissues. The latter album is newly remastered and a brand new 3CD Anthology (pictured) is also released. Read more

R.E.M. / Eponymous, Dead Letter Office & Lifes Rich Pageant (vinyl reissue) 

Three R.E.M. vinyl reissues from the IRS Years. Dead Letter Office is an rarities compilation of very early material, while eponymous is their hits set from 1988. The only non-compilation is the grammatically challenged Lifes Rich Pageant which was their fourth studio album, originally released in 1986. Read more

New Order / People on the High Line (CD single)

When was the last time an artist like New Order released a new album and issued four physical singles? I can’t remember either, but very much enjoying it. Seven remixes on the People on the High Line CD single with other formats available! Read more

The Sisters of Mercy / Vision Thing vinyl box

The Sisters of Mercy / Vision Thing (vinyl box)

A third vinyl box set for The Sisters Of Mercys third album, Vision Thing, originally released in 1990. Same format as before, so along with the original album, it includes three 12-inch singles. Read more

Blood, Sweat & Tears/ Greatest Hits (Hybrid SACD) 

Blood, Sweat & Tears‘ 1972 album Greatest Hits contains  six Top 40 US hits and is presented here as a stereo hybrid SACD.

Bill Wyman / (Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star (2CD)

If the recent Edsel box sets were simply too much Bill Wyman for you to handle, then Demon’s Music Club Deluxe imprint have put together this good value double CD set collecting the best of the ex-Rolling Stone bass guitarist as a solo artist and with his ‘Rhythm Kings’.

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Derek Langsford

I hope Universal changed their minds about the DVD in the New Gold Dream set. After DVD-As for SiTR and OUaT, it would be disappointing to get only a DVD-V for NGD. Also hope they tweaked the 5.1 to fill the hole on the center channel from the 2005 DVD-A 5.1 mix of “Colours Fly & Catherine Wheel.” Track sticks out like a sore thumb.


No, they are the same tracks as before. They have not been fixed.



Ironically, the Manic Street Preachers album Forever Delayed came out on time.


I agree with Karen. My Lotusflow3r set was delayed so I eventually cancelled the amazon order. They are all over the place right now. The Friday deliveries are hit and miss. My RHCP album arrived on the Saturday, long after i’d already seen it on the shelf the day before in Asda.


Sad that Mirage has, and agree with Dave M not surprised. At least this time I got an email, late Monday evening saying the release date had changed. (Amazon I did note on your website it had changed before the email!)

I have noticed that release dates seem to be over the shot at the moment. Whether its Amazon not putting the correct date for releases or them not getting stock (Prince Lotusflow3r vinyl, did anyone get one from Amazon?!).

It seems this year more cancels and release put backs than 2015.

Simple Minds. My work colleague had this on pre-order since it was announced. He check his pre-order online with Amazon. Release date 29 July 2016, dispatch 10 August! He physically phoned them, and had them on loud speakerphone, we could hear. Amazon said the release for the late dispatch was because of the manufacturer. Another person in the office did a pre-order for the said boxset about June time. His order was going to be dispatched on 29 July. Only difference between the 2 orders price.

So this morning he said he changed his ordered to pay for postage. Now the pre-order has changed, he got an email saying he will receive the boxset on release day, and it is being dispatched tomorrow.

What on earth Amazon are playing at I do not know. My sister had a dvd on pre-order which was released Monday. Amazon completely ignored her pre-order, not even preparing it for dispatch. She cancelled it, went with a marketplace seller, which happen to be cheaper and then sent it out that very day.

My personal dealings with Amazon, I found that I have cancelled quite a few pre-orders with them over the last several months (since they changed the release date to a Friday!). Many of them have not been dispatched until the following Tuesday and not turned up until the following Saturday. I find myself, going into HMV, found they have charged the same as Amazon, some cheaper. Going online on my mobile and cancelling the pre-order with Amazon.


I had a similar problem with the Lee Hazlewood Super Deluxe box set a couple of years ago. I pre-ordered it a few months in advance for the ridiculously low price of £101 but on the day I should have received it (the day it was released) Amazon changed the disptach date to something like 6 weeks thereafter. I phoned Amazon and was advised to cancel my order and order it from a Marketplace seller instead (about £50 more!). Somebody with the same problem started a discussion on the product page on Amazon and a few more people weighed in with the same complaint. It eventually arrived two days later.


Looking very forward to the Simple Minds box, which I ordered from amazon UK for substantial savings over amazon US.

I ordered the New Order single from amazon US because the price for the import was very good, but strangely the release date is listed as 16 September? :/

Chris L

Also, good luck finding a UK seller that has the ‘Decade Of Dio’ box set, that was supposedly released last week, in stock!


I remember last summer I ordered a copy of The Olde World by Micheal Head & The Strands from Amazon. The release date kept getting delayed and delayed and eventually the release was cancelled. I have since managed to buy a CD promo copy on Discogs for £45.

Paul H

Me too, it seemed an extravagance and I’m sad Michael Head won’t see the money, he needs it more than the vendor, but I needed The Olde World and I’m very glad I bought it even at that price.


My guess is Mirage is delayed due to production delays in manufacturing the vinyl. Many albums these days are coming out on vinyl months after the CD and download versions due to the backlogs at the pressing plants.


None of The Delays albums were ever delayed!

Michael Fortin

Thank you for confirming the release date for the ‘Mirage’ reissue. I noticed the date had changed on Amazon a few weeks ago. Also, the Ramones super deluxe has been delayed until September 9th. I believe it was originally due to come out this week as well.

Chris L

Why is it always the stuff that one is REALLY looking forward to that gets delayed?! F. Mac delayed by two months! It’d be nice if record companies actually gave a reason for these delays.


Chris L, a guy I know who runs a record shop says delays are usually because the record company extend the time and keep waiting to see what the preorder levels are like prior to actually printing the products and occasionally this leads to cancellation if they don’t stack up. I cannot see though with this, that the investment in the various versions would lead to that happening, but who knows? More likely it is a problem with packaging or disc pressing.


It would be nice if the record company actually informed online retailers that the release date has changed because everywhere i have looked it’s still saying the released date is the 29th.

elliott buckingham

warners keep shifting the dates for the prince reissues. around the world in a day has been put back twice so far


Fleetwood Mac “Mirage” has moved back to 23rd September (in all territories)


There have been some complaints lately about poor cover art. So let’s pity the ELP fan faced with THAT. Yikes.


Still not totally convinced that FMacs Mirage will be out on Friday in the UK… I hope I am wrong. Funny how the MP3 on listed on two of the physical formats is 23rd September.


According to Amazon.co.uk the physical versions of Mirage have been out back until 23rd September.

Pete {in Australia}

Fleetwood Mac – Mirage was supposed to be released last Friday, but on websites here and a couple overseas, it seems without any reason, the release date has been pushed back to 23rd September?????


Also on the 29 July, although not a release as such, BBC4 (UK) will be broadcasting the David Bowie Prom.

From the BBC Proms website: “A celebration and reinterpretation of the music of the late David Bowie with the Berlin-based musicians’ collective Stargaze and its artistic director André de Ridder. They are joined by guest singers and collaborators including Marc Almond, Laura Mvula, John Cale, Paul Buchanan, Conor O’Brien, Amanda Palmer and countertenor Phillippe Jaroussky, and with arrangements from Jherek Bischoff, David Lang, Anna Meredith, Greg Saunier, Josephine Stephenson and Michael Van der Aa. This rare collaboration promises to deliver a unique re-imagining of the Bowie catalogue with fresh interpretations of his classic works”

Auntie Sabrina

Amazon.co.uk have the release date for the Simple Minds blu-ray audio as 5th August…