Out This Week / on 23 June 2017

Prince/ Purple Rain (multi-format reissue)

Over three years ago, Warner Bros. Records announced a deal with Prince that would “see the release of long-awaited, previously unheard material”. Finally, this week, with the Purple Rain reissue, we see the first fruits of this agreement, although the artist is now dead and one wonders if the trumpeted “exclusive global licensing partnership that covers every album released from 1978 into the nineties” is still valid, given the situation with Prince’s estate. Read more

Radiohead / OK Computer OKNOTOK 3LP vinyl edition

Radiohead / OK Computer (20th anniversary reissue)

One of the best albums of the ’90s is reissued. The only problem here is that EMI created a very good 2CD+DVD box of Radiohead‘s third album back in 2009, so despite the inclusion of three unreleased tracks and a new remaster, fans might struggle to see the point. The new box set edition is desirable, but not good value. Plus, what could be the most interesting aspect – session archives and demo tapesis offered only a pointless cassette tape and as a download (Flowers in the Dirt-style).  Read more

Natalie Merchant / The Natalie Merchant Collection (10CD box)

Nonesuch Records issue this new 10CD box set that includes Natalie Merchant‘s eight studio albums and two bonus discs with new material and rarities. Read more

Neil Young  / Decade (2CD reissue)

Brilliant career retrospective that’s now 40 years old! This Neil Young set was reissued on vinyl for Record Store Day and now gets a 2CD release. Details are scant, but hopefully this is at least remastered!

Pointer Sisters / Automatic: The Best Of (2CD)

New double-disc ‘best of’ from Music Deluxe. 36 tracks from the Pointer Sisters with plenty of single mixes and a few 12-inch versions thrown in for good measure.

Saint Etienne / Good Humor

Saint Etienne‘s 1998 album was produced by Cardigans producer Tore Johansson. This two-CD deluxe is now available again and the extra CD is effectively an expanded version of the very original ‘Fairfax High’ US-bonus disc. The Continental compilation is also issued this week.

Bad English reissue

As the 1980s became the 1990s, the John Waite fronted rock band Bad English had a short, two-album career. The first, self-titled album found great success in America with a number of hit singles including the number one When I See You Smile. This ‘Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition’ is an expanded CD that offers remixes of Price of Love and Forget Me Not, plus a booklet that includes a 4,000 word essay.

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From that lot I`ve ordered the Natalie Merchant box, I`ve sold the 4 albums I had of NM to a mate to reduce the cost in what has been an expensive month. This has caused me to look think hard whether or not I need whatever album I`m thinking of buying. I will continue to buy new music but only on CD, no more room for vinyl, except for stuff by Dylan,Tom Petty, The Waterboys, Neil Young & The Beatles.

So this week;
Prince, the man was a Genius with a capitol `G`, probably the most gifted black man along with Arthur Lee. Do I need a multi-disc set of `Purple Rain` (The Waterboys used to do a great version of that song live)? I was tempted, very tempted, but no. I`m happy with the album I already have.
Cheap Trick, no, I love the band, have all the albums but I`ve reached a cut-off point.
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Murder Of The Universe, this is essential. Released this week their second album released this year! They`ve already recorded the 3rd and plan to release a total of FIVE albums this year!

Auntie Sabrina

Great UK price for the super deluxe of The Pointer Sisters Breakout – £9,95 plus £1.35 shipping direct from Cherry Red Records:-




Are you planning on a review of the recent “Is This the Life You Really Want?” from Roger Waters? I know it’s not from this week’s new releases, but I’d be interested in reading/hearing your thoughts.

michael khalsa

Thanks Paul ordered the pointer sisters. I’ve heard a few tracks of theirs I love the 12″ of automatic being a favorite hopefully it’s a good compilation. Also sincerely hope the prince reissues keep on coming. Been looking at the shm CDs of his but prices are pretty expensive unfortunately.


“Forget Me Not” was one of the best tracks on the Bad English debut (with “Ghost In Your Heart”) but I’ll wait until I see whether it’s an extended remix that adds anything, or just a single mix that…what…shortens it by fifteen seconds and adds more high-hat? Too little is said to describe “remixes.”

I guess Journey didn’t translate in the Queen’s English, but over here Bad English was considered a Supergroup due to the guitarist and keyboardist from Journey, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain.

Thanks to Andrew and Ryk for mentioning the new albums by Styx and Cheap Trick, like Journey all indispensable American bands of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. I knew about the new Styx album but I didn’t know about the Cheap Trick, and I didn’t know about this Bad English reissue.

Larry Davis

I mentioned the cheap trick in response to the 16th releases…as a hardcore trick fan and as much as i dug the last album, I hear this new one is even better…haven’t gotten it yet due to not getting to hit the stores this past weekend from family activity…but I will soon…

Larry Davis

And as for Bad English…to me, they were just a retooled Babys with some Journey flavouring…the album was decent but not exactly a classic in any way…not enough powerpop in it for me…John Waite though has always been a good underrated singer…


Also released recently (on the 16th) is a new album by Cheap Trick called “We’re All Alright!”. Any Cheap Trick fan should love this one. Also, the deluxe edition has a very Beatles-esque cover of the Move song “Blackberry Way” which is interesting.

Paul Chapman

that’s an absolute steal for Pointer Sisters

Jason Schafer

Sorry, any singles compilation of Pointer Sisters material without Yes We Can Can is highly suspect.

Larry Davis

The early Pointer Sisters stuff was on the defunkt Blue Thumb label…not sure who owns those masters BUT I don’t think there has ever been a cross-label Pointer Sisters collection released…just a Sony/RCA/Planet one…if there was, I’d buy it in a heartbeat…in the meantime though, this IS a steal…


This one is 20 years old but you might be able to find a copy somewhere:


But I should point out that there is an audio glitch on one of the tracks (I can’t remember which one) – it’s a sort of buzzing sound/interference you used to get when an ‘old-timey’ mobile phone rang.


Did anyone realise a new Styx concept album was released last Friday. I’m a big fan and didn’t have a clue. Just happened to see it in hmv!

Auntie Sabrina

Kauwgompie, it!s a bargain as you will not pay any VAT…


Thanks for reminding me Auntie Sabrina. Yes, when ordering from outside Europe, there is no VAT. Makes it even more of a bargain. Crazy price!


Here is tracklisting Pointer Sisters Automatic 2cd:
Disc: 1
1. Fire
2. Nothin’ But A Heartache
3. Lay It On The Line
4. Come And Get Your Love
5. Happiness
6. Where Did The Time Go
7. Movin’ On
8. He’s So Shy
9. Slow Hand
10. Someday We’ll Be Together (UK Single Edit)
11. What A Surprise
12. Should I Do It
13. American Music
14. I’m So Excited
15. I Feel For You
16. Heart To Heart
17. If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady
18. Nightline

Disc: 2
1. I Need You (Single Mix)
2. Happy
3. Automatic
4. Jump (For My Love) (Single Remix)
5. Neutron Dance (Single Version)
6. Baby Come and Get It
7. Dare Me (Hot New Remix)
8. Freedom (Single Version)
9. Twist My Arm (Single Version)
10. Back In My Arms
11. Goldmine
12. All I Know Is The Way I Feel (Single Mix)
13. Mercury Rising (Single Remix)
14. He Turned Me Out (Extended Radio Version)
15. I’m In Love (Single Edit)
16. Power Of Persuasion
17. Jump (For My Love) (12″ Long Version)
18. Automatic (12″” Special Remix)


How they could miss out the wonderful’Save This Night For Love’ [1980 single] is beyond me….

michael khalsa

Ordered it. How are the songs that they have included? Thanks


The Pointer Sisters 2cd with a bunch of remixes on it, is $17 on Amazon USA and only 5.99 Pounds on Amazon UK. That is ridiculously cheap.

Andrew M

what are people going to listen to first with Purple Rain? For me – going straight to Father’s Song, then Computer Blue (the full length version) and then going to listen to the two extra discs before watching the concert.

My partner will be so pissed off. She hates Prince and hates Purple Rain! :)


The unreleased tracks (a couple have been on Spotify for the past few weeks), the remastered album followed by the DVD and finally the edits disc.

Andrew M

Wow. Father’s song is on Apple Music! :) thanks for the head’s up!

Auntie Sabrina

Music Club also release 2CD ‘Best ofs’ from Odyssey and The Three Degrees. Like the Pointer Sisters set you mention, all include a few 12″ versions all for a bargain £5.99.


The anticipation for the Purple Rain SDE is almost killing me!

CJ Feeney

Te Natalie Merchant Box is currently around £40 at UK sites. Sounds good value, but I’ve yet to see any details on the packaging, which suggests it’s not going to be great.


I think you mean the 23rd June Paul :)

Chris L

And don’t forget that four Celtic Frost remastered/expanded editions are released this week.