Out This Week / on 8 April 2016

Associates / The Very Best Of (2CD)

A month ahead of the album reissues, BMG’s ‘Metro Select’ imprint put out this Associates best of, which contains some unreleased rarities for fans. Read more

Andy Partridge / The Fuzzy Warbles (3CD sets)

Previously available as eight full-priced discs with the 9th disc (Hinges) only available as part of a limited edition box set, XTC‘s Andy Partridge’s excellent demos/rarities series, Fuzzy Warbles, is now being released in a VERY affordable collection of 3CD sets.

Cluster / 1971-1981 (9CD box set)

A limited edition (1500 only) box set featuring German electronic pioneers Cluster‘s eight albums plus a previously unreleased album of two live recordings from the years 1972 and 1977. All the music is remastered.

Thompson Twins / Hold Me Now (2CD)

Probably nothing to see for fans, but this Thompson Twins compilation contains all the hits with some bonus twelve-inch extended remixes. Read more

Placebo / Meds (vinyl LP)

This remastered vinyl LP reissue of Placebo‘s fifth studio album, 2006’s Meds is available in limited edition pink vinyl, and includes the singles Because I Want You, Song To Say Goodbye, Infra-Red and Meds.

Erasure / further vinyl reissues

More Erasure vinyl reissues released this week as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations. Namely Wild!, Chorus and I Say, I Say, I Say.

John Carpenter / Dark Star (vinyl LP)

Very limited vinyl pressing of the original motion picture soundtrack of 1974’s Dark Star. John Carpenter not only wrote and directed the science fiction comedy, but he composed the score too. This comes with a bonus red vinyl seven-inch  consisting of incidental music, sound effects, John Carpenter’s synth experimentations, dialogue excerpts, and vintage interferences extracted directly from the film roll.

Scott Walker / Sings Jacques Brel (vinyl LP)

Music on Vinyl reissue of the 1981 album that compiles Jacques Brel compositions recorded by Scott Walker, including Amsterdam and My Death.

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Looking forward to the Cluster Box Set. Epochal!
As for Andy Partridge’s ‘Fuzzy Warbles’ – I do like to listen to XTC and had bought the first ‘Fuzzy Warbles’ cd but for my taste most of the material on that cd should have stayed on the demo tape. No – of course I’m glad for everybody who is a hardcore fan that Andy Partridge opened up his vault and made this material available :-)
And thumbs up – Mr. Partridge seems to take care in well crafted reissues.
But this collection is rather music for the hardcore fan, not for the casual XTC listener like me.


I thought the Placebo reissues sounded hideous.


The KOTWF super deluxe is reviewed in the latest Mojo. To be honest, the review doesn’t give a lot away about the content. There appears to be a vinyl, cd, DVD and book but at £112 preorder at Amazon, I’m not convinced it’ll be value for money.


Thanks for the heads-up.

You have highlighted exactly my problem – I love KotWF but £112 seems incredibly steep. I would like to know ore about the content before deciding for sure…

Guido Hoffmann

The Placebo Reissues On Vinyl are among the major disappointments of the last months. Very poor sounding.

Mrs. Molko

Got the first two and they sound pretty nice, quite an improvement over the sound of the original CDs. A shame that they didn’t pull out proper deluxe reissues instead of just vinyl LPs.


Not too bothered about the Placebo reissues if I’m honest, but each to their own. I’m glad it’s brought you some joy for a year or more.

As for the reissued vinyl sounding better/worse, perhaps it’s just a placebo effect of buying deluxe editions.

Mrs. Molko

And honestly Placebo are not an obscure underground band, they have a 20-year major label career, with Virgin/EMI back in the ’90s and now with Universal, so it’s pretty easy to notice they’ve embarked in a reissue campaign, especially if you are a music journo running a reissue/deluxe edition blog. Just saying.


Maybe this is an (in)appropriate time to ask if you know anything about the forthcoming (supposedly) Kings of the Wild Frontier deluxe reissue?

Mrs. Molko

Or (you write about) what your friends at labels want… ;)


Damn right!!


Maybe Paul just doesn’t like Placebo :-)

I have to say if I was running a music blog I am pretty damn sure I wouldn’t write about artists that I was not interested in.

I love SDE but I will be the first to admit that 50% of what is covered is of no interest to me whatsoever – doesn’t stop me coming back regularly. The 50% that is of interest makes it well worthwhile…

Just my 2p worth…

Mrs. Molko

I’ve been pointing out many times last year, when Paul didn’t mention the Placebo debut in the RSD list, but all my comments were moderated/deleted, don’t know why. Glad that finally Paul aknowledged Placebo reissues, after one year.

Mrs. Molko

Ah! You finally noticed that Placebo are reissuing their back catalogue on remastered vinyl LPs, it took you one year, since they started on RSD 2015 with their debut album, but you got it eventually. Also available are:

Placebo: ltd red vinyl for RSD 2015 and standard black vinyl released july 2015
Without You I’m Nothing: ltd yellow vinyl and standard black vinyl released september 2015
Black Market Music: ltd bronze vinyl and standard black vinyl released november 2015
Sleeping with Ghosts: ltd blue vinyl and standard balck vinyl released february 2016


That’s a little harsh, given that Paul’s essentially running the site on his own. I’m sure he’d have featured it had he been pointed to it… :)


Well, someone’s exceeded the recommended daily dose of smugness! Anything else we might have missed? Care to share your pearls of wisdom or are you saving them up for maximum effect?

Thanks for the news Paul, much appreciated as always.

tim brooks

All available seperately – last volume is only £10.99 at Amazon UK so Amazon DE clearly priced it incorrectly Uwe http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fuzzy-Warbles-Collection–Vols-Hinges/dp/B01BYH8KP4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1459768645&sr=8-1&keywords=Vol.7-8%3AFuzzy+Warbles+%26+Hinges

These are great but sadly don’t have the track by track commentary of the originals!

DJ Salinger

That’s a pity, Andy’s original sleevenotes were a treat. Still, all that trademark wit and insight can now be enjoyed in his new book ‘Complicated Game’, co-written with Todd Bernhardt. Buy with confidence, good people (and secretly keep on hoping that one day there’ll be a new XTC album…).


…Vol. 7 and 8 (incl. “Hinges”) are also available seperately, but for a somewhat hefty EUR 40,35 at Amazon Germany…



The Fuzzy Warbles 3 disc sets are £10 each direct from APE. If you buy all three at once, the UK shipping is just £2.95 – a total cost of £32.95, better than Amazon.