Out This Week / on 9 December 2016

Erasure / From Moscow to Mars (30th anniversary box set)

After various delays, Erasure‘s 13-disc career-spanning box set is released this week. The band’s website has sold out, but these are still available via PledgeMusic.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers / vinyl box sets

Two massive vinyl box sets required to document Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers‘ impressive 40 year career. Read more

Frank Zappa / In It For The Money (vinyl reissue)

Frank Zappa‘s satirical 1968 long-player is one of five of his albums reissued on vinyl this week. For this particular release, the restored original 1968 mix is pressed on 180-gram vinyl from an “approved digital master”.

The Decemberists / The Crane Wife (5LP vinyl box set)

Enormous 10th anniversary reissue for The Decemberists 2006 major-label debut. This includes the original album across two LPs, with three more LPs of B-sides, bonus tracks, unreleased outtakes, alternative versions and Colin Meloy’s solo acoustic demos. Also comes with a blu-ray of the band’s 2006 concert at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club. If you’re in Europe, JPC.de have a good price for this box.

Neil Young / Peace Trail (new album) 

Neil Young‘s 38th studio album is a largely acoustic affair. Vinyl isn’t out until next year. Let’s hope he’s put more effort into the music than the front cover. Read more

Leonard Cohen / You Want It Darker

Due to a finite amount of pressing plants, it’s not unfamiliar these days for the vinyl version of an album to follow a few weeks or even months after the CD version. Unfortunately for Sony, Leonard Cohen died in between these two events with regards to You Want It DarkerRead more

Various Artists / Action Time Vision (4CD box set)

Forty years on, Cherry Red documents the independent punk scene in the UK with this impressive looking four-CD box set. Read more

PiL / Metal Box and Album 

After various delays the two Public Image Limited deluxe and super deluxe editions are released this week. Read more

Rick Wakeman / No Earthly Connection deluxe reissue

Rick Wakeman / No Earthly Connection (reissue)

Rick Wakeman‘s 1976 album is remastered and expanded to include a bonus disc of ‘Live at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1976’. The vinyl version replicates the original. Read more

The Band / The Last Waltz (40th Anniversary)

The 6LP vinyl edition of The Last Waltz reissue came out a month ago, but this week sees the release of the 4CD+blu-ray format in most territories. Read more

Wilson Phillips (2CD deluxe reissue)

Wilson Phillips massive selling 1990 debut album is expanded and remastered in this two-CD deluxe edition. Read more

Black / Any Colour You Like (2CD deluxe)

This Deluxe Edition of Black‘s 2011 fan-chosen compilation adds a disc of ten of Colin’s Vearncombe’s favourite recordings at the time. The package includes a 64-page booklet with lyrics for each song and many previously unpublished photographs. 

The Alan Parsons Project / Tales of Mystery and Imagination (blu-ray audio)

The blu-ray audio of the 40th anniversary edition of the 1976 Alan Parsons Project album is now widely available as a standalone product. Read more

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[…] of this collection (from original idea, to now shipping them!) I still somehow forgot to include in Monday‘s ‘Out This Week’ post. Oh […]

Julian Hancock

Has anyone actually managed to buy, as in actually receive, one of the Petty sets. Volume 2 in particular seems remarkably elusive.


At least the PIL CD boxes have definitely come out this time as I got mine. Packagings really nicely done in the typical Universal DVD size style. Haven’t played yet, but suspect as CDJapan lists for the SHMs that the main albums use the 2009 MB master and the 2011 Album master, but not bothered as I have bought mainly for the extras / packaging anyways.

Guy Phipps

Received my Erasure box. Before I can even play any of the 13 discs, I realize that a tracklisting is not included. I’ve had to search for the final one online so I can annotate the discs. Just a little bit inconvenient.

Guy Phipps



Erasure Box is very dissapointed …


Really looking forward to receiving the PiL sets – initially a bit disappointed by the delay, but with hindsight the wait has heightened the anticipation and am pretty excited now …. looking forward to sitting down and taking in the outtakes and live sets from the period of each album. Plus, the signed card will add an additional frisson ….


hi! will erasure boxset be sold by amazon too?


hi there, does the erasure boxset to be sold in retail stores or via pledge music only?

Paul Murphy

Alex – re your Neil Young post about ‘Laziest album cover ever’ – nay, surely that accolade goes to ‘The Lazys’, the debut album by The Lazys.
[Turner Art Prize tonight, Neil’s cover may well outshine the winner of that if past history is anything to go by].


About Decemberists LP Box in another place saw a special edition but in this case with coloured vinyl, can’t tell which was right now.

And Caroline have planned for this week as well a limited editions of 1.000 unities of the Killing Joke albums (for what i know at least studio ones) in picture disc treatment, no idea if will have download code or not…

Charles K.

Really looking forward to the Action Time Vision box arriving!

don cooper

Just keep repeating ” ONE!-TWO!-THREE!-FOUR!”, Charles. You’ll get there.


This is probably the biggest week for spending on music this year and for many a year.

First off, Tom Petty, after saying I was only bothered about Vol 2, I pulled the trigger on Vol 1 at Am. France, £140 inc post, not too bad a price. Now if only I could get a better price for Vol. 2, £213 Am. UK. The thing is this is expensive in the USA and Canada. Some outlets over there are doing Vol. 2 a lot cheaper but as usual post and import charges are prohibitive. I hope those Brexit Clowns will be happy when we start having to pay import charges from the EEC.

Then it`s The Last Waltz CD/Bluray box, I would have cancelled this but I have sold my original box set which was beautiful. The new box had better be good. Then it`s good `ole Neil. You`re right about the cover but as Shakey says “it`s sound that matters”, ahem, says the man who recorded an album in an old phone booth. I`m expecting the Vol 8.5-12 vinyl box from Am. France this week also.

And now that Decemberists `The Crtane Wife` box appears from f&@king nowhere and I want that also, just checked I have just about enough.

I might as well get the late, great Colin Vearncombe`s CD set. I do know it contains quality music from the talented but unsung marvelous man that Colin was.


Paul, any info on whether or not there will be a CD version for The Crane Wife?


I still hope for Black’s WEA material to be given a CD release. A very underrated artist, who will be missed.


I can thoroughly recommend Black’s album ‘Any colour you like’. CD1 has been out for some time and adding a second disc to this set is a special treat. You will be rewarded richly if you try out the man’s great music. Quite possibly one of the best releases of this year.


Couldn’t agree more and I’ve not even heard it yet!
But everything he’s done is worthy of investigation
Supremely talented guy taken much too early