Out This Week / on 5 May 2017

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / Lovely Creatures (Best Of)

Excellent packaging and excellent value for all editions of this new Nick Cave anthology, although pick of the releases in the 3CD+DVD super deluxe. Read more

Midnight Oil / Full Tank box set

Midnight Oil / Full and Overflow Tank sets

Initially, this new Midnight Oil mega-sets looked like they could only be ordered from Australia, but they have become more widely available since they were announced in February and both the ‘Full Tank’ and ‘Overflow Tank’ variants can be picked up for around £150. Read more

Blondie / Pollinator (new album) 

Blondie‘s 11th studio album is available in a wide array of physical formats, including a seven-inch box set which is a not unreasonable £26 on Amazon GermanyRead more

The Creation / Creation Theory (4CD+DVD)

Creation Theory brings together all the slightly disparate elements of sixties underachievers The Creation‘s ‘career’, including must-have early singles and recordings for Shel Talmy and less essential ’87 reunion sessions and 1996 album for Creation Records. The DVD in this set is a big draw with a new interview with guitarist Eddie Phillips and various live performances, including appearances on the legendary German 60s TV show Beat Beat BeatRead more

Free / 5 Classic Albums

Free / 5 Classic Albums

If you can put up with budget packaging, you can’t really go wrong with this collection of five Free albums for little over a tenner.

Leftfield / Leftism (reissue)

Leftfield‘s 1995 debut, Leftism, is reissued as a two-CD deluxe and a three-LP vinyl edition for it’s 22nd (?) anniversary. Read more

Marvin Gaye / Collected (vinyl)

Music On Vinyl issue four of Universal’s ‘Collected’ compilations on coloured and black vinyl. Artists include Marvin Gaye, Thin Lizzy and UB40Read more

The Turtles / deluxe reissues (2CD)

Last year’s US Turtles deluxe editions are now available via Edsel in the UK/Europe with wallet-friendly pricing. Early albums have mono and stereo across two discs with later ones including bonus tracks.

Alex Harvey / 5 Classic Albums

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band / 5 Classic Albums

Another 5 Classic Albums set, this time featuring five long-players from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

Shocking Blue  / The Blue Box (13CD)

This collection of Dutch rock band Shocking Blue album releases from the sixties and seventies, features nine studio albums, a live album, a compilation album and a bonus CD.

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Anyone know if the problem with Poor Boy was ever addressed by the label for the Shocking Blue box?

Ciaran Beattie

The “Free” Collection doesn’t have the bonus tracks but it sounds O.K. to me.
Great value too, if only all box sets were priced the same.
I can live without packaging as the music is what matters.

Chris Squires

My Nick Cave stuff has arrived, yay, looks beautiful and triple vinyl for £19.99 delivered….stupid!


I just got the remaster of Private Collection by Jon & Vangelis that was released separately from the box set and i’m raging as they haven’t even put the bonus track on it Song Is.

Gary C

Slowdive have been constants at Primavera Sound in Barcelona and I will definitely check them out again this year as they are brilliant live


Glad to see several mention the new Slowdive!! The new tracks are amazing and the new album looks to be a stunner on silver vinyl…Hope mine arrives this weekend. Seeing them in Carrboro NC May 10 and Atlanta May 11! So nice to have them back and thriving!!

Roel Glas

@ Chris Squires. Chris, where did you buy the “Collected” coloured vinyl from? I pre-ordered mine through Amazon Germany & they have pushed back Marvin Gaye to 5 May & Thin Lizzy to early June!! Cheers.

Chris Squires

Good morning Roel, I ordered the set from “The Sound of Vinyl” at the very end of March and they were delivered last week….

They are beautiful items and reminded me of how Simply Vinyl would package their records in thick plastic covers with a sealing sticker.


Paul, any idea if the Free and Alex Harvey sets feature remastered albums?

Leslie Hanagan

Hi Paul,
Did you find out if the Alex Harvey classic albums set features the latest remastered versions?


Typo. It’s not “The Sensational Alex Harvey Bang” [would be an interesting alternative name!] but “The Sensational Alex Harvey Band” [“d” instead of “g” in band].

David Brown

Does anyone have a track listing for the Free Classic album boxset- I’m wondering if any bonus tracks are included- thanks!


Hi Paul,
that’s not true, at least not for the 5-disc-sets released in Germany as “Original Album Classics” (Sony) or “Original Album Series” (Warner), which sometimes include the last re-mastered versions of the albums, and if these had bonus tracks then the OAC/OAS-versions normally have them as well. A quick check on Amazon.de showed for example 5-disc collections by Johnny Winter, Kansas, Rory Gallagher or Lou Reed (Sony) and i assure you that there are numerous others.

T. Webber

Sorry. RSD is over – I have no more money.


I had no idea Shocking Blue had such a vast catalogue – I only know them for ‘Venus’ and ‘Venus (1990 remix)’

Simon F

They also did Love Buzz as covered by Nirvana, and errr… that’s it!

The Free set looks nice. Missed out on the vinyl LP box set last year (I ain’t paying silly money for that now), so think I will get that, along with the Traffic set which came out back in January. Just wait until it’s dropped to a tenner! OK the first album, Tons Of Sobs is missing but I do already have that so no probs.

Just cancelled my Beatles Pepper SDE box order as I have finally accepted that there is no bloody storage space for it no matter how much I shift other stuff around. Grrrrrrr!!!! Roll on the third and final Bowie box however and that will be definitely the final box set in my collection.


Slowdive also have their new album out this week – their first in 22 years.

Self-titled, available in the usual bundles, from their own site.


I’m very excited for this! Seeing them in Montreal on saturday

Dr Volume

There is also a limited Silver vinyl edition of the Slowdive album available from Piccadilly, Rough Trade and a few other Indie stores. And a cassette.

Chris Squires

And so starts a very expensive month……

My coloured “Collected” set turned up on Friday and beautiful they are…. The Thin Lizzy one is my favourite so far.

Nick Cave seems to have been on pre-order for ages….. so looking forward to getting to grips with that triple LP.

Dylan Jones

Does anyone have the tracklisting for Overflow Tank. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. Many thanks.