Ozzy Osbourne / See You On The Other Side / 24LP signed vinyl box

24-coloured vinyl LPs • Ozzy-signed certificate

Sony’s Legacy Recordings will issue a mammoth Ozzy Osbourne vinyl box called See You On The Other Side in November.

The box delivers 16 solo albums across 24 vinyl records (there’s six doubles and one triple) with each pressed on 150g multi-coloured ‘splatter’ vinyl. Many of the albums are previously unavailable, or long out of print, on vinyl.

See You On The Other Side also includes a newly compiled non-album track collection called Flippin’ The B-Side and the label point out that 1991’s No More Tears was remastered from the flat analog master, so this will offer uncompressed audio and is now actually a 2LP set. The box also includes a flexi-disc featuring never-before-released demo of  ‘See You On The Other Side.’

The box comes with TEN newly-designed 24″ x 36″ posters (one for each album issued between 1981 and 2010) plus twelve “augmented reality (AR) experiences” which are supposed to have ‘triggers’ that, lead to rare live performances and exclusive video content (more details apparently in the coming weeks).

Most importantly, considering this is far from a cheap box set, each collection comes with an individually numbered vellum certificate of authenticity hand-signed by OZZY.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ozzy likes his own box set! “This one’s the most elaborate collection so far,” he says. “It’s very well thought-out and well put together. It’s got everything in there that you possibly could want and some surprises along the way. The sound of a vinyl record is different, and I do believe that vinyl sounds better.”

See You On The Other Side is only available from the official Ozzy store and is released on 29 November 2019. Note: if you are in America, then there’s a different store for you.

Albums Included:

Blizzard Of Ozz (1 LP)
Mr. Crowley live (1 LP) *
Diary Of A Madman (1 LP)
Bark At The Moon (1 LP) *
The Ultimate Sin (1 LP) *
Tribute (2 LP) *
No Rest For The Wicked (1 LP) *
Just Say Ozzy (1L P) *
No More Tears (for the first time as a 2 LP set) **
Live & Loud (3 LP) *
Ozzmosis (2 LP) *
Down To Earth (1 LP) *
Flippin’ The B Side (newly compiled collection of non-LP tracks) **
Live At Budokan (2 LP) **
Black Rain (2 LP) *
Scream (2 LP) *

* Currently unavailable on Vinyl
** Previously unreleased on Vinyl

Flippin’ The B Side track listing

Side A

“You Looking At Me Looking At You
Originally from the “Crazy Train” UK 7” single, released 1980

“One Up The B Side”
Originally from “Bark At The Moon” 7” single, released 1983

Originally from “Bark At The Moon,” 7” single, released 1983

Originally a hidden track from the “No Rest For The Wicked” US CD and cassette release, released 1988

“The Liar”
Originally from the “Miracle Man” UK 12” single, released 1988

“Don’t Blame Me”
Originally from the “Mama I’m Coming Home” UK 7” single, released 1991

Side B

“Party With The Animals”
Originally from the “Mama I’m Coming Home” US CD single, released 1992

“Living With The Enemy”
Originally from the “Perry Mason” UK CD single, released 1995

“Voodoo Dancer”
Originally from the “I Just Want You” UK CD single, released 1996

“Back On Earth”
Originally from “The Ozzman Cometh” compilation, released 1997

“No Place For Angels”
Originally from the “Gets Me Through” CD single, released 2001

“Walk On Water”
Originally released on “Prince Of Darkness,” released 2005

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did this ever come out?

Michel Banen

Yes ! It’s out !

Tom M

Something occurs to me now. Which version of “Blizzard of Ozz” will be included? The original or the reissue with the Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake tracks removed and re-recorded?

David Perry

For most recent editions the Daisley + Kerslake tracks are back in.
I’d expect this version.


i have it and… it’s the original version!


$922 Cdn after exchange rate and shipping.
Gulp. But I’m still pumped! My only dislike is, like many reissues today, albums are being spread over 2 or 3 LPs when they don’t need to be. Don’t like 3 songs a side. Prefer 5 or 6 per side.

Wish No More Tears was 1LP
And that Live & Loud was 2LP

Unless there are some bonus tracks involved, that’s overkill with spreading the songs over too many LPs

Anyway. It’s coming to Winnipeg. Now to pay for it! Hmmmm. Haha.

Thomas Oppedal

Is it only ‘No More..’ that is remastered? What about the rest, will they sound like the originals or are they using other sources?


I ordered it from the US the other day and got an email today to say my order had been cancelled – getting flashbacks to the Kiss experience a few years back –

Diego Armoa

Same here. Ordered cancelled not one but two times. Shame.




how many copies will be sold?

Kevin Schraer

All of them

Michel Banen

The edition is said to be 4500 worldwide.

Michel Banen

4500. It seems to be close to sold out now.

Michel Kempes

Yes expensive… But hiw about the triple Abby Road for 70 euro…? This is 24 lps… 16 albums… So 9 x 25.(single LP) 6 x 35 (double lp) and 1 x 45 (triple LP)…. All coloured… So the prices i used are acceptabele…. So let me see that 225 +210 +45 =480 euro…. Then 10 posters, flexi disc AND signed by Ozzy himself…. Welll…… I have preordered…. Remember the Ten Years War box…? It’s now doubled in privé If you want that….. Still NO Bargain, but If you look at it as i… ORDER


No one picked up on the fact that these will be 150g instead of 180g. I do love that it will be splatter vinyl. Just shows a little thinking was put into this.


Eddie Dawson

I happen to be The Largest RANDY RHOADS Collector !!! Always Loved OZZY !! Seems like re-issues are Just an Ex$pen$ive ploy to rake in more money from Fans ( Majority can NOT Afford to spend these amounts !!! )
I will have to be happy with my Originals
( most still SEALED !! )


STILL SEALED? you don’t like OƵƵY enough o listen to his music?


Hi Paul,
Any idea what the augmented reality triggers are? This is mentioned on the order page flyer.
Will you need the special computer headset?
There must be something they are not telling us. Maybe a usb stick with all the music plus these triggers?
Or maybe they were going to include this and at the last minute moved it to the cutting room floor and forgot to delete it from the flyer.



It is mentioned more details to come.


The cover record player starts to move and the arm tracks across the record and SYOTOS starts to play.
It also works by using a picture of the cover from a computer screen, just download the Arilyn App and give it a go :-)
A picture of the Cert of Ozzthenticity also works too, which you can find online.
I haven’t tried all to posters yet but a little TV set pops up and starts playing Ozzy Videos, really cool

Michel Banen

It works via a free app and is actually incredibly fun and cool !!!


What the Hell is a flexi disc & can it be played on a regular turntable or is it just filler ?


You can play it on a regular turntable, you just need a record underneath, also from what I remember you need a coin or something on the label part while the Flexi disc is spinning as it’s only made of thin plastic and doesn’t grip to the record when spinning round, so yeah in reality just filler : )


I used to stick a pencil thru the hole so it would spin but I think this would cause a slight Wabble(Jah)!

shane madgett

I see what you did there


Paul any idea on how many it says limited edition ?

gary oliver

is this another ” chocolate box ” style package, encouraging people to store the vinyl horizontally?

Philip Rhoads

Well, the price of postage is reasonable anyway…


No CD box only vinyl ???

Kathy Johnson

I believe this is by far the best Ozzy song ever it is ultimately my favorite this just shows me I got good taste in music I can pick them

Paul E.

A missed opportunity for the first headless dove shaped USB drive with all albums presented in hi res. Or maybe not- what do I know about marketing.

Hugh Hall


*plus £13.00 P&P.

Alex David Falcone

In the US, it’s $500, which is only £410. Find a friend in the US, or wait for it to show up on anazon and get it from the US site.


That cover design, my god.

Wayne C

I agree , surely they could have come up with something better than that!. I have a couple of Sabbath sets and both covers of these are superb. And the price!, I Can’t wait till I see it in Paul’s discount page then perhaps I will get past the cover issue and buy it?.

Elizabeth Ursula Hirst

I’d like this, but with another mega-Floyd set on the way and no doubt the next chapter of Bowie coming in the not too distant future, I’m going to have to pass on this. If they re-release the albums on vinyl I will pick some of my favourites up then.


Should come with a turntable like the cover art for much…. Ouch


“1991’s No More Tears was remastered from the flat analog master, so this will offer uncompressed audio …”

What has “remastered from the flat analog master” to do with “uncompressed audio”?


Don’t bother with this get the pink Floyd new box set



Yeah, I’ll get right on that.


Actually, not bad value considering the amount of vinyl here. It has a lot of music rather than gimmicky paraphernalia, like the Guns ‘n’ Roses and Pink Floyd box sets.


Would be interested for £300

I can patiently wait a few months !

Tom A.

It’s now June 2020, and while the box set is still available on Ozzy’s site, it’s still the same price ($500 in the U.S.). I don’t know how many of the 4,500 sets are still available, but I won’t be surprised if it sells out within the next year (without being discounted). After that, I expect it’ll sell for at least $1,000 on ebay once the few current listings for about $800-$900 sell.


Not a big Ozzy fan but this looks nice, expensive but a lot of bang for your buck.


Ha ha ha love these – I would want Ozzy to oersonally deliver this to my home for this – Gotta love em


Why on earth bother with a flexidisc?

Tom M

Certificate of Ozzthenticity…hilarious!


“It’s got everything in there that you possibly could want”—assuming you don’t want the 1982 double live album Speak of the Devil (AKA Talk of the Devil in the UK). It was a top 20 album in the US and went platinum, and also did well in the UK and other countries. Can’t imagine why anybody would want that one!



Jamie Crampton

Can only assume they thought including another live album was taking the proverbial ;)

Morris Deutsch

It’s all Sabbath songs, could that be why it’s not included in the solo box set?

Gareth Jones

Give it a few months and you’ll soon see the price come down, sitting beside Guns N’ Roses in the box set bargain bin.

Scott P

I scooped up the GnR box when the price got slashed, then saw it at Sunrise Records in the mall for the original $1300 CAD. Pre-ordered this Ozzy one just in case…. But you sound like one of those guys that can’t afford anything good so the only way to fend off those feelings of inadequacy and yearning is to rationalize it in your head by bashing the products! Should have tried harder in life, my friend.

Michel Banen

Actually no. It’s close to being sold out of the 4500 copies. So many albums and it has a certificate handsigned by Ozzy. At the € 1495 Backstage “Meet and greet” you get the chance to ask Ozzy a question, you get a photo with him but “due to time restrictions” an autograph is not included…. Forget the photo, give me all his albums on cool splatter colored vinyl AND a handsigned certificate for less than half the price of a 3 minute meet & greet…..

Tom A.

Michael, how do you know that it’s close to selling out? I see that box sets are still for sale on the U.S. site (as of now, mid-June 2020, it’s a 2-3 week delay before shipping), but have no idea how many are left. (But I wouldn’t be surprised if it is close to selling out.)

Fabrice Dray

It does have everything if you forget Speak of the Devil…funny how this guy always wants to change his story, he doesn’t like that album therefore it doesn’t exist…

Morris Deutsch

Fabrice Day, this is his solo catalog. Speak of the Devil had all Black Sabbath songs. I would have loved it to have been included in this, as well, but I understand the reasoning why it isn’t. Just curioius, how do you know Ozzy doesn’t like that album?


Probably like Queen did… ;-)


Half a grand. Where do they get these prices from


It’s a bit excessive! You could buy a box set of 5 CDs and 6 Blu-Ray discs (with 5 duplicate DVDs) for (slightly) less than that!


Not to mention a couple of 7″ as well!


Hi Paul,

do you know how many of these will be pressed?

Best regards



I’ve already checked this they’re taking orders when the orders stop then they print the record Hope that helps

Michel Banen