Paul McCartney gives fans another Wings rarity as free download

One Hand Clapping brochure sales brochure made for international TV distribution

Paul McCartney is today giving away another Wings rarity less than a week after gifting fans a unique extended version of 1975 single Letting Go.

This time fans can download a previously unreleased Wings track called Love My Baby which was recorded as part of the film One Hand Clapping in late Summer 1974. As pointed out in our report on McCartney’s Archive Collection releases to date, audio and video from One Hand Clapping has featured on a few of the reissues, most notably Band on the Run.

However, Love My Baby has never been issued before and does not feature on either of the new reissues, Venus and Mars and Wings at the Speed of Sound.

You can download Love My Baby by visiting Paul McCartney’s website.

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I wonder if the lack of full CDs of outtakes is because they are holding back tracks for later releases. E.g. The Studio Outtakes and Demo releases that are apparently planned to conclude the Archive Collection series?

Mike the Fish

Thanks for that, Nick! Best one so far for me.


A “new” version of Rockshow is now there, too. I wondered from the title if it’s a recent re-recording, since the “old” version in on the bonus V&M disc. From the sound of his voice and the instrumentation, though, it sounds like a Wings rehearsal with elements of that end of song rap that ended up on the CV.

adam shaw

Yes Macca does move in mysterious ways , this should have been on a cd .
Hes mixed the extra tracks around from the previous re issues so this must fit on somewhere , I dont know how Hey Diddle got onto the new Venus and Mars as its from the Ram sessions .

Ben Williams

It’s nice to get these for free, very nice. Thanks to McCartney there.

Shame they’re rarities as soon as they come out, like the RAM preorder tracks – would have made some nice filler on the Speed Of Sound bonus disc though.. Like the previous article on Wings mentions, the 2 discs could actually fit on 1 disc… And at the price of the super deluxe version, any extra track is extra value. Even if it is just McCartney reading the phone book :-p

Keep the freebies comin’ paulmccartney.com

Hans Jörg

Is this done to compensate the ridiculous wings speed of … reissue? Luckily I’m not buying any of these. A friend of mine has them all in super deluxe editions and will also buy the follow ups. So I will get him these downloads to add then to his collection .

Richard Rootes

They’re probably just meant to whet your appetite – being in mp3 format and all

Who knows – Macca moves in mysterious ways……


This is a strange trend. I’m happy about it if these otherwise wouldn’t have come out, but why not include them on the releases themselves, which had plenty of extra room…


I feel the same Paul Sinclair