Paul McCartney / RAM 5-disc Deluxe Reissue / Track listings and details

Paul McCartney / Ram / 5-Disc Deluxe Reissue Track listing and detailsPaul McCartney‘s 1971 album Ram will be released as a FIVE disc deluxe edition superdeluxeedition.com has learned. It is due for release on 22 May 2012 in the US with the UK release likely to be the day before.

The deluxe edition will continue the tradition of the 128-page linen-bound book and all audio content is newly remastered.

The second bonus CD will contain 8 numbers, including period outtakes, non-album tracks and b-sides, amongst them fan favourite A Love For You (only officially available – probably in a different mix – on The In-Laws soundtrack from 2003).

A third CD will see the first commercial issue of the mono mix of Ram – previously only a promo-only item at the time of release. Like The Beatles mono albums, this is a unique mix with subtle differences to what can be heard on the standard stereo mix.

The fourth CD will be the Thrillington album. An instrumental/orchestral version of the Ram album recorded in 1971 and produced by McCartney, but not released until 1977 (under the pseudonym of Percy “Thrills” Thrillington). It was reissued on CD in the mid-nineties but again under the same pseudonym. This Ram reissue will mark the first occasion that Thrillington has  been officially released under the McCartney name.

A fifth disc is a DVD. The content looks rather slight (as per the McCartney deluxe edition video content) but will include home movie footage set to various Ram tracks.

This will be the biggest Deluxe Edition yet since the McCartney Archive Collection kicked off in October 2010. McCartney II was the previous best with 4 discs.

All audio will be available as hi-res limited and unlimited downloads.

Nothing has yet been officially confirmed, but an announcement is expected very soon. Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk do not currently reflect the full spec of these editions.

RAM Deluxe 4CD+DVD

CD1 Ram (remastered)

CD2 Bonus tracks (remastered):

  • 1. Another Day
  • 2. Oh Woman, Oh Why
  • 3. Little Woman Love
  • 4. A Love For You (Jon Kelly remix)
  • 5. Hey Diddle (Dixon Van Winkle mix)
  • 6. Great Cock And Seagull Race (Dixon Van Winkle mix)
  • 7. Rode All Night
  • 8. Sunshine Sometime (earliest mix)

CD3 Ram mono (remastered)

CD4 Thrillington (remastered)


Ramming; Heart Of The Country; 3 Legs; Hey Diddle; Eat At Home On Tour; a selection of Now Hear This jingles

Download – Hi Res audio (both limited and unlimited)

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I think some people are disappointed because while the fringe may be excited about the mono mix and the Thrillington discs, the average person doesn’t care and doesn’t want to shell out this kind of cash for those discs rather than full discs of rarities / unreleased songs. As afr as “Love For You” is concerned, it has to be the single best unreleased McCartney gem and I say “unlreleased” because what he released on the “In Laws” soundtrack ruined the song and I personally am making pretend that didn’t happen – Ha! But seriously, let’s all hope that the version that would have been on Cold Cuts is the version that is included here.

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Am happy it is finally coming out, although I must admit that I do not know the album at all (though I might have heard it once or twice, I just cant remember what was on it).
So I basically get 4 audio discs full with new music :D
And it will probably look great next to the other three deluxe editions <3

Simon Pickford

Love this album… Can’t wait to hear the mono mix.


While a remastering has been needed since forever, there’s really no excuse for under-loading an entire CD with just a paltry 8 songs. Either max it out and put the remaining “Archive Collection” songs out later. And speaking of not using all the available space on a disc, why isn’t there a 5.1 mix here? Again, nice idea, box set and all, but if you’re going to charge well over $100 for the deluxe there’s really no excuse for half-assing it and not including more rarities and a multi-channel mix. At least Pink Floyd got it right–and with some cool swag, at that.

[…] and Linda McCartney‘s RAM Reissue has been officially confirmed, and the Deluxe set is – as predicted earlier this week by superdeluxeedition.com – a 4CD/DVD […]


What a stinker, to say the most.

Martin Maxman

Why are people posting negative comments? The Paul McCartney Archive Collection Version of “Ram” will FINALLY be released!
I understand that not many outtakes will be added to “Disc 2” of the reissue releases for the 2 disc and 5 disc sets, but I’ve heard that Anthology-like releases of Paul’s unreleased material from 1969 – present will be released in the coming future according to that one said list of the “Paul McCartney Archive Collection” plans, of demoes, live tracks, outtakes, so don’t expect THAT much bonus material being released, maybe Paul or the Hear Music team want to save certain material for latter reissues so people buy them but with fine mixing and mastering, I feel satisfied anyway looking at this.
I’m REALLY excited about this being released, though I question why they won’t release reissues of “Venus and Mars” and “Wings Over America” now to make up for the wait or hurry up the release date.
I’m really happy the mono mix is included as well as the “3 Legs” Video promo. I’m also glad they listened and gave us “Little Woman Love” on that reissue as well as releasing “Rode All Night”, though I hope it ISN’T edited.

The only negative things I’ll say is that I hope the price isn’t very high for the 4 Disc/1 DVD set of the reissue of “Ram”, seeing that more is included and whether this version of “A Love For You” is a fairly completed, dubbed and mixed version but has 2003 recorded overdubs, I don’t think the “In-Laws” Mix of “A Love For You” may ruin the release, but I’d rather have something from 1970/1971 in a reissue of 1970/1971 tracks, than have something from 2003.

Still I can’t wait for “Ram” to be reissued with the rare mono mix, rare videos and hopefully having “Rode All Night” released unedited and ditto for “Great Cock And Seagull Race”.
I don’t mind criticism, but can someone explain why this is a “stinker” and why this is “disappointing” please, you don’t have to, but I’m sure more material will come in later years, but Paul really needs to get on track with these reissues!
Oh, and who’s Dixon Van Winkle?

Tim Jackson

This is my favorite album of all time from any artist and I can’t wait for this latest incarnation of the work. It shows Paul in most of his many sides and voices, how can you not love a track like MONKBERRY MOON DELIGHT??

Claudio Dirani

Disappointing, to say at least.


why disappointed it is absolutely awesome everything I want and more can’t wait.