Paul McCartney / Say Say Say Limited Record Store Day 12-inch


Concord Music are to issue a limited edition 12-inch vinyl single of Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson‘s 1983 hit single Say Say Say for Black Friday Record Store Day.

The A-side will feature the 2015 remix which debuted on this year’s Pipes of Peace deluxe edition, while the B-side will feature a remastered version of the original seven-minute Jellybean instrumental which was on the B-side of the original 12-inch, but notable by its absence on the Pipes reissue (as was Jellybean’s A-side 12-inch remix). Both of the Jellybean original remixes remain unreleased on CD.

This new single will be pressed on transparent vinyl (nice!) and will be a limited edition of 3500. It is released on November 27 for Black Friday Record Store Day, but since that doesn’t really exist outside of the US/Canada there is some availability online in Europe at present (see links below).



A-side: Say Say Say (2015 Remix)

B-side: Say Say Say (Instrumental)

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[…] The long-player also features Girlfriend –  written for Jackson by Paul McCartney. Not one to let a good song go, Macca recorded a version too, for Wings’ London Town album. Michael would grow from grateful recipient to songwriting partner when he worked with McCartney a few years later on a number of tracks, notably Say Say Say. […]


Got a message from Amazon France today that they can’t send the disc my way yet. Any other people facing this? I’m afraid of missing out.

[…] picture disc of George Michael‘s Freedom! ’90 at number two and Macca‘s Say Say Say 12-inch close behind at number […]

[…] of the seven-minute Jellybean instrumental remix was exclusive to the Record Store Day/Black Friday 12-inch vinyl record – for about five minutes – but now an MP3 version is available at no […]

Andrew Brooks

It is available in the UK as part of 12 days of Christmas in independent record shops, very limited though. It is on vinyl not CD

Andrew Mogford

Mine has now from Amazon Italy. Turns out the site link above was to a third party seller. I won’t be happy if it does turn out to be a CD :(

Marvin Kehoe

sorry that should read remastered Jellybean 12″ Mix

Marvin Kehoe

Thanks for the heads up Paul.

I’ve only ordered this to hear the remaster of the Instrumental.

Now we know why this was cynically left off the Pipes re-issue.. what price tag are they next asking us to pay for the remastered 12″ Remix ?


The original 12inch version/mix was better and so was its sleeve so I will be sticking to that.

I will not be buying this pointless updated edition.


I can strongly recommend “I Love Disco Black & White 80’s (blanco y negro)” as Riri and Rough-Diamond mention.
I think “Say Say Say” (Jellybean Mix) is only ever released on CD by this compilation. It’s also include other rare mixes e.g. Whitney Houston “How Will I Know” (Remix) (which is not the same as the common Dance Mix by Jellybean)


The PM 12″ is being released in the UK on 28th November 2015 as part of Universal’s “12 Days Of Christmas” promotion which is their version of RSD Black Friday in the UK – 1 special release per day for 12 days starting on Black Friday 27th November.

Andrew Mogford

Another item ordered thanks to this site. My partner hates you Paul :)


The Amazon FRANCE entry is very strange: it is sold by Amazon, and it is written “CD”, but as Paul said, it probably is the 12”.
YET, when you choose “Vinyl” in the “Other versions” field, you get directed to a second-hand copy of the original 1983 12”, from a third-party seller !


The original 12″ mix is available in the 3cd “black & white” (2013) made in Spain

Florian M. Kranz

Gather round: The Mack & Jack wonder potion.

Adam shaw

Local record stores will have copies too . Ive pre ordered at my local stire who will stock a lot of other limited editions aswell


And on the next RSD it will come out again on pink vinyl and the jellybean will last 7:01. Oh well, maybe john was right after all….

Dr Avalanche

The Netherlands is having a RSD Black Friday as well this year.
Here is the release-list (and that includes Say Say Say):



What is the other?I never knew/heard about it.Checked,but I can find only the standard “Jellybean” version on the original 12″. And don’t know Macca did make a video of the 2015 remix and a radio edit of the same song.


Thanks Paul.Kind as always.I knew about the 5:42 minutes version,didn’t know the 7:00 minutes instrumental was a “Jellybean” mix too.About the radio version I think you’re right,it’s on the “tube” [as the versions mentioned above are],but Wikipedia says it also available on digital store,though I didn’t checked out to confirm that.

Mark Carroll

McCartney should have gone to jail for this…


I hate when bands/artists do that. I look forward to these deluxe releases because it has everything released around that particular album. But when they leave songs off, it annoys me. Why do they do that? The label owns it, put it on the deluxe version! (Rant over) :)


The links to Amazon Italy and Spain resp. say it’s a CD!


The MJVIBE web site says it will be released on CD Single http://www.mjvibe.com/say-say-say-to-be-released-in-november/.

Also, it was announced in Jackson-Source.com http://www.mjvibe.com/say-say-say-to-be-released-in-november/



Paul, probably you’re right. However, there is an item listed on eBay as CD Single from a seller in France. So, I hope to find this CD Single.


Very very annoying the Jellybean remixes remain unavailable on CD.

Ben in Colorado

I stand by my comment, repeated on many PM posts, that these box sets are way too thin in materials for what Macca surely has in the vaults.