Paul McCartney to reissue his debut solo album for Record Store Day

Half-speed mastered vinyl celebrates 50th anniversary

McCartney, Paul McCartney‘s solo debut album from 1970 will be reissued as a half-speed mastered vinyl pressing for this year’s Record Store Day.

The album features the songs ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ and ‘Every Night’ and was famously released a few weeks before The BeatlesLet It Be.

Alongside 1980’s McCartney II, the album was expanded and reissued in 2011 as part of McCartney’s ongoing Archive Collection campaign, although bonus material was rather thin on the ground, with only a couple of genuine outtakes added, amongst the extras. Six and a half years later, in November 2017 the album was one of eight Paul McCartney long-players reissued as a limited edition coloured vinyl pressing, with McCartney pressed on red vinyl.

Despite the 50th anniversary, it is still vaguely surprising that this album is being made available again, especially since Flaming Pie from 1997 is widely expected to be reissued in July and a RSD release related to that album would have made more sense.

This does also open up the possibility of MPL and the record label raiding Paul’s archive for more half-speed mastered vinyl, although one hopes that doesn’t happen and they just get on and complete the reissue campaign by tackling albums like 1978’s London Town, 1979’s Back to the Egg and 1986’s Press To Play.

This limited edition of McCartney was pressed from a master cut by Miles Showell at half speed using the original 1970 master tapes at Abbey Road Studios. It was made as a vinyl specific transfer in high resolution and without digital peak limiting, for the best possible reproduction.

McCartney will be available at participating independent records shops on 18 April 2020. More Record Store Day-related news on SDE tomorrow.

Side one:
The Lovely Linda
That Would Be Something
Valentine Day
Every Night
Hot as Sun/Glasses
Man We Was Lonely

Side two:
Oo You
Momma Miss America
Teddy Boy
Singalong Junk
Maybe I’m Amazed



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I have the 1970 vinyl. And the new red vinyl. And the Archive set. And the original CD. If they’d have done a designer splatter for RSD like the Klein’s are doing with The Stones Let It Bleed, I’d have bitten. But gonna pass on this.
I’m still waiting for a coloured vinyl Red Rose Speedway.

hendry doran

So now that RSD has been cancelled we are going to have to wait a little longer for this reissue


The original motivation for Record Store Day was to get people back into record shops after the downloading wars changed the way people listened to music. It was initiated in this country by the likes of rough trade and other independents. I went to the first two down in brick lane and the atmosphere was brilliant there wasn’t any queueing and it felt like a celebration of music rather than a major label cash cow which it now has become.

It’s a shame.


Does anyone know which label this will feature – I would welcome a replica version on Apple Records label with the Press Release.


I doubt very much it will be on Apple as Macca now owns the rights to all his solo work, and as for the press release, in this PC correct world we live in , I’ve got more chance of becoming the Pope then that seeing the light of day.

Ben Williams

The press release was released with 2011 deluxe.


Maybe I’m not amazed :-/

Having already bought the 40th Anniversary Archive 2 LP vinyl record set and the SDE “McCartney” box set few years ago, this RSD half-speed edition of the original single album is just superfluous and a bit boring. Enough already!! Sir Paul McCartney, it’s time to move on to remastered deluxe editions of “London Town” and “Back to the Egg.”


The first year where there’s nothing of interest in the RSD list for me. Was quite excited about the Skatt Bros 12″, hoping the Disconet mix might get an official re-release, but nope, so I’ll have to keep looking for a reasonably priced original…see that flying pig??!

Kevin Brown

As someone has already mentioned we NOW get Roxy Music’s 1st album on Vinyl only………with the Steven Wilson Stereo Mix. This is totally taking the P*** out of the fans who have already spent around £120 on this 1st album Box set WITHOUT the Steven Wilson STEREO Mix included which is what Fans were expecting in this box set to start with. I love early Roxy Music albums……………BUT will not be getting this on RSD Vinyl only and as there are only 4000 copies no prizes for guessing how much the asking price for those things will be once the ebay sharks start listing them..Hopefully it will come out on cd one day


There are different categories of RSD release (eg some are exclusive to RSD and won’t get a wider release but some are RSD first meaning the version for RSD is unique (numbered or coloured ir different sleeve etc) but there will be a wider release post-RSD.

The U.K. site doesn’t make this plain But the US one does.

The Roxy Music Steve Wilson vinyl is an RSD First one so even if the 4K sell out another version will follow on general release.

Here is the link to the information on the US version of RSD:


For more than 40 years of Beatles fans, I say: someone stop him, that’s enough.


Oh, come on. RSD20‘s date is nearly exactly 50 years after the release of the McCartney album (it was released on 17th April 1970), so it was clear that they will do something like this. If you don‘t like it don‘t buy. It‘s as simple as that.
There will be the Flaming Pie Archive Collection in June or July, the Let It Be reissue and hopefully a Plastic Ono Band SDE. Not a bad „Beatles year“ at all…

Donald Biscuits

The problem is that for a completeist ‘not buy’ is a zero option. So you ending buying something you do not agree with.

bruce kelso

yes Cristiano ,enough is enough

Mike Mulholland

I agree. He seems to be money hungry. Look at how much he tours for God’s sake. I didn’t buy any archive editions. I simply couldn’t afford them. I was buying the colored vinyl releases. I really did want them. But there’s no rhyme or reason to their release schedule. Now we have the dawn of the half-speed masters. I do have some interest in them, but like you are saying…when is enough enough?


This release is a lazy cash grab after the 2011 remaster (which sounded wonderful) and the red and black vinyl copies which came out a few years ago. They could have done something cool like a 7″ or an EP of alternate versions/the extra bits from the deluxe edition etc – anything that felt a little different and still represented the 50th anniversary. Just one more misstep from the McCartney camp when it comes to physical product

Tony walton

Record store day 2020…I am gonna buy the 2 bowies….the 2 kraftwerk and Neil young….that’s all that interests me from the list…..


The two Kraftwerk barely lasted 24 hours before being pulled. Officially licenced by the record label no doubt but thfh didnt think to ask die robots.

I’m interested in the Sandie Shaw LP as it’s a favourite, Magic Numbers, Hot Rats & maybe Drella but I have played the CD in years . All depends on prices


Beware though… Those two Kraftwerk albums are almost certainly of ‘dodgy origin’…


The Kraftwerk reissues aren’t on the RSD UK website anymore. My guess is that they were not official.


Sadly they should rename Record Store Day Wealthy Record Collector’s Day as the retail£price of literally every product being offered is very £high and not remotely affordable for anybody on average wages.I often have quite a shock browsing looking through the stock being offered on this day as even basic stuff like a 7in re-issued single is often retailing at a very high £15. This definitely aint a bargain that would inspire one to £spend!

Colin Fletcher

Strangely enough the cherries front cover is actually the back cover, or at least that was the original plan. The real front cover with Paul and child actually has the McCartney title, but this has always been accepted as the back cover.

It would have been interesting, though no doubt confusing, if the RSD release used this instead.

Colin Fletcher

Not true. The cherries photo is the back cover, as confirmed by Paul himself in the Deluxe edition book pages 48 and 54.


Another RSD no buy for me. Never mind, I can start saving for the rumoured uber deluxe of Flaming Pie which is bigger that the 5CD/DVD option. It will no doubt be limited to a couple of thousand, like the Wings 71-73 box and will need to be ordered as soon as it is announced to bag one, but I am only interested if it has extra CD audio. I don’t want a Pie shaped suitcase full of tat.


It’s going to have an OBI strip!

bruce kelso

this album has always sounded like demos to me. . the only full realized track is the over played may be im amazed, this would of been a very popular boot back in 1970 but along with the debacle that was let it be it surely shows the decline of what was a major band who set trends and then burned out. if any other artist would of presented this to any record label im sure it would of been rejected. let it be indeed.

John McCann

Is the cover abbey road,and hes saying life is not a bowl of cherries?

cosmo castanza

The only Macca releases I am awaiting with child like excitement are deluxe editions of London Town and Back To The Egg.

Paul gardner

4 brilliant songs on the mccartney album.. Every night, junk, Teddy boy and of course maybe I’m amazed.. So won’t be forking out for something I’ve already got..


Overall a pretty disappointing list of releases for RSD.

The Church gold vinyl sounds nice, but my original copy is perfectly playable. I already have vinyl copies of the two Kraftwerk LPs. Only the Pale Fountains LP would be worth getting as I only bought the CD on original release.

Apart from that all a bit…meh…another 85 Bowie releases. Getting a bit tedious now.

Kevin Wollenweber

Forgive my addled brain, but what does “half-speed master” mean? I’ve bought CD’s of albums “recorded from the half-speed master”, like XTC’s SKYLARKING, and I really didn’t find anything sonically different. This is like the Rolling Stones’ ABCO albums being released on SACD. I wonder how many folks actually bought a player that can play the SACD layer, so you’re essentially buying stuff because it nicely replicates the cover. Hey, to each their own, and I think that folks should have their vinyl edition if they want it, but like others on this list of readers, I’m looking for that expanded LONDON TOWN or BACK TO THE EGG or FLAMING PIE or PRESSED TO PLAY or even a reissue within one of those boxes of that animated movie that he’d done, although I forget its title at this time…and, yes, wouldn’t it be terrific to get a deluxe super edition on John Lennon’s PLASTIC ONO BAND, perhaps with the complete LIVE PEACE IN TORONTO thrown in there just to have the completeness of it, and are there still whispers of Ringo Starr’s Apple albums being issued in their own box set similar to the two George Harrison boxes? Please, we need good news on stuff that we don’t already have. I don’t buy bootlegs because they are usually of poor quality and I have faith in the artist that they will want to give the fans something to perk up their ears…but, as we know, sometimes, the artist isn’t in control of his or der music, and that is why we are constantly seemingly wanting for more.

G. De Wilde

Please let this ‘Record Store Day’ nonsense cease. The lameness of some of this year’s contributions (including this McCartney LP) may suggest that this customer-unfriendly, money-grabbing novelty is perhaps running our of steamm and becoming entirely superfluous? One can but hope …


Back To The Egg!! Give it some love next Sir Paul!!

Rick from Connecticut

Just as he did fifty years ago, Paul’s making sure his solo album gets released before Let It Be hits the streets…


Record Store Day is alright for those that can get to them, unlike me and many others, so nothing for everyone to celebrate or get excited about. The only good thing, we will not get ripped off for overpriced records.

Gareth Jones

I’m lucky living in Bristol because we have at least two record shops taking part in RSD (Rough Trade and Friendly Records). But it amazes me how many places no longer have independent record shops left. And I don’t just mean tiny little towns. Take a city like Plymouth, for example. They only have a HMV. The nearest places to Plymouth that are taking part will be Tavistock (12 miles away from Plymouth) and Totnes (20 miles away from Plymouth). However, even by queuing up at silly o’clock, I’ve often missed out on certain releases I really wanted, and I had to either lose out or buy on eBay at an inflated price. So there’s no guarantees you’d get it, even if you had an independent shop where you live!

Davey Sussex

You can usually pick stuff up from the shops via on-line means a week after RSD day. I’ve never been able to get to shop for the actual event but have still managed to get most of what I’ve needed.

Don Balfour Australia

I would actually like to see John Lennon plastic Ono band album in a Super Deluxe box set, like what they did for imagine. Why is Paul re releasing the same things over and over again. Could someone please tell Paul McCartney and his management team to get their finger out and start releasing things that we are all asking for. What about
**London town,**
what about **back to the egg**,
what about **broadstreet**,
what about **press to play**.
We are all looking for the archive collection on this list.
I would love to see a George Harrison archive collection.
One of my favourite albums is **All Things Must Pass**.
Why can’t we get a box set of all the unreleased stuff on that album. We know that there is probably about 6 CDs worth of our takes.
Am I the only one that feels like we are being taken advantage of by our wonderful fab four??
Anyway rant over thanks everybody hopefully someone might get this message to the boys management team.

John McCann

Would you really want 6cds worth of out takes,?you must really like that album, Phill collins is still searching for the tracks he played on as a very young man.


Possible Plastic Ono Band release coming, as Record Store Day features a new mix of Instant Karma in original packaging.


There’s a 2020 Remix of Instant Karma coming out on 7” for RSD. This suggests a Plastic Ono Band box may be on the way.


Does this come with a suitcase?

Alan B

No doubt there will be a separate article on the 2020 RSD releases but I’ve had a quick look at the release list. Let’s just say there is no need for me to get out of bed at an unearthly to be stuck in a ridiculous queue.


What is digital peak limitimg? Is it commonly used in cds?

Steven Roberts

Anyone want to take a punt as to how much this will cost on the day?

My guess:-

RSD + Half-Speed Master + McCartney = £39.99

Might even stretch to £45 given some of Macca’s previous pricing shenanigans – yes, I’m looking at **you**, suitcase…..

Wayne Olsen

Now if he’d put out a Back to the Egg box set…that would be something!

Michael McA

FFS – where the hell is London Town …….. ?


Who in the hell in McCartney’s camp thinks we want Flaming Pie as the next Super deluxe.
It’s a good album but I’m guessing most of his fans like me are of a certain age where it feels like it only came out a few years ago.
I’m 55 and want to here a super spruced up mastering of Back to the Egg and London Town.
Way overdue.
Let’s start a petition !!!!


I want flaming pie as The next archive project; cant wait for it


Maybe with Back To The Egg in a village in Old Siam Sir…. ;-)


Walthamstowe mate

Steve W

I like the cover…. :)

Ben Williams

Bit of a wasted opportunity.. especially since it’s £17.99 for the 2011 remaster on vinyl at Amazon at the moment.
The Macca message boards all predicted this release so no surprise it is coming in April.

A 45 of Maybe I’m Amazed would be nice considering the studio version was never a single back in 1970. They could’ve done that backed with an alt take or rarity from the time.. oh well!

July release of Flaming Pie can’t come soon enough!

David Mc

The 2011 vinyl sounds amazing and it’s hard to imagine how this will add much to the listening experience. Releases like this are about a marginal benefit to fans. Give us something new (ish) please.

Brilliant album though.


Sadly the list this year is really very boring!

What has happened! Maybe some labels have pulled out due to the controversies mounting year after year!

Steven Roberts

I beg to differ – looking at the list this year there’s at least half a dozen items of interest (to me, at any rate). I’m just not saying what they are in case someone beats me to them on the day !!! :)


If you have a look around the internet, most of the RSD 2020 list has leaked, and there’s some goodies, especially the long awaited Steven Wilson Stereo Mix of Roxy Music’s debut on double LP!!


BRILLIANT! – I cannot understand why anyone wouldn’t welcome an improved version of this album. It doesn’t mean the Archive Collection is on hold or anything, so what’s the problem?


Like I said, an improved version (half-speed mastered) will never be rejected by fans. It will sell. To say it’s a waste of time and effort is to undermine about 80% of all reissues on the market (which are receiving their 3rd, 4th, even 5th reissue since the originals). And if we did that, we wouldn’t be visiting your wonderful website… Which would be a shame.

As for concentrating on albums that haven’t been reissued, LONDON TOWN, BACK TO THE EGG and PRESS TO PLAY were all reissued in the early 90s, so if they should concentrate on albums that haven’t been reissued at all, maybe they should leave those three? MPL are a big team. They can multi-task. If they waited another 2 years to do this, people would be saying they’re 2 years late… The WHOLE archives are coming. I don’t get why some fans worry otherwise.

Wes Headley

Using the original master tapes and no peak limiting for the vinyl cut does make a difference if you have a good enough analogue front end– and I do so I’ll definitely be picking up a copy of this release. I doubt this is what’s holding up the other releases you’re waiting for either way.

alan hansen

amen, ditto, and pass the guacamole!

Stan Butler

The Archive Collection always seems to be on hold.
It’s a decade old and we’re still waitng for the 70s/80’s albums to be reissued.
Since 2015 we’ve only had Flowers In The Dirt, Wild Life & Red Rose Speedway.


The RSD listings are now available. Looks like I’ll be having a lie in this year.


Sorry but I won’t buy this unless it’s on multicoloured mp3 in a suitcase.

Marc Kieser

I took a look at the complete (Dutch) list and there’s not much to my liking.
On the up: saves a lot of money. Already bought the coloured McCartney I, guess I’ll let this one slip, unless it is to be found in the sale somewhere.
The Lennon release is even more superfluous: a re-release op Instant Karma on 12″. Why?
Interesting maybe: Fleetwood Mac – Alternate Rumours. Ultravox – Sleepwalk. 2 Bowie releases

Steve C.

What ‘Alternate Rumours”? Did I miss something???

Larry Davis

Yep, there is an “Alternate Rumours”…but now 2020 instead of when the Super Deluxe was first released in 2017?? 2015?? Forgot the release year but strange. I saw the US list…not very good or exciting…maybe just that Cheap Trick live 1977 2LP & Def Leppard RRHOF EP, maybe the 3 Austin Powers soundtrack vinyls…in a way, I’m quite glad, with all the super deluxes out this month & this past February…ASH, Republica, M People, TFF, Sister Sledge, that bloody huge Donna Summer behemeth 33CD box…and booking the next Outlaw Cruise #6 in April…

Steven Campbell

Yes it’s the latest and probably last n the line of reissues of the “alternate” versions of these classic Fleetwood Mac albums. They are the “demo” versions of the tracks that made up Rumours in this case. In previous years on RSD day they’d done Tusk, Mirage and Tango In The Night. All the “alternate” versions are available in the box sets of these albums on CD but havent apart from on RSD day been issued on vinyl before. Only way to get them is to go to your record shop early to get one or potentially wait and try and get one on ebay for though some put them on at stupid prices what you will find is others will put them on at the price on the day or sometimes less.


A-side Sleepwalk [2020 Stereo Mix], B-side Waiting [2020 Stereo Mix]. the A-side is taken from the forthcoming Vienna 40th Anniversary Box Set for late Summer 2020.

Marc Kieser

Steve C.: Yes.
Skreamma: Might as well wait for that one…..good to know, thanks


Good to know there will be no limiting. Sonically, this will most likely the best version available if it’s just a flat transfer of the master. Fingers crossed a high-res digital download is made available too.

Mark H.

Almost certainly there will be some limiting and filtering, due to the limitations of vinyl – a vinyl transfer is never “flat” as a CD transfer can be. But no digital peak limiting means no compression (wider dynamic range), which is fine by me.




Yawn x2. We aren’t getting any younger MPL. Though why i keep waiting for any form of decent Press to Play reissue given the Flowers debacle, I don’t know!


What Flowers debacle?