Paul Simon / Graceland / 25th Anniversary Box Set coming in May

Paul Simon / Graceland / 25th Anniversary Box Set coming in MayPaul Simon’s classic Graceland album is to be celebrated in May 2012, with an anniversary reissue, 25 years after the album was first released.

No details are forthcoming on track listings at this stage, but we are promised ‘bonus tracks’ on both a 2-disc edition, as well as a deluxe collector’s box set.

In addition to bonus audio, a new documentary film Paul Simon: Under African Skies (directed by Joe Berlinger) is said to feature on both editions of the reissue in ‘director’s cut’ form.

This suggests a CD+DVD format for the 2-disc edition, which would not leave much room for significant bonus audio material. Homeless (Demo), Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes (unreleased version) and All Around The World Or The Myth Of Fingerprints are the three bonus tracks that have been in and out of print over the years. Fans will be expecting something more than a repetition of these on the 2-disc set.

But the real question is whether Paul Simon will open up the archives for complete discs of demos, alternates and live material for inclusion in the deluxe collector’s box. If Sony / Legacy are looking to charge the now familiar super deluxe edition price point of approximately £75 / $120 then one would hope that might be the case.

More details on this forthcoming reissue when we get them, but why not leave a comment and give us your thoughts on what you’d like to see in this deluxe collector’s box set?

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What about including a 5.1 mix. Phil Ramone has been working on it, according to this article, http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/apr05/articles/ramone.htm. It does not say if it was finished though.


PBS Graceland tour DVD?
Generally the Simon reissues have been disappointing due to the lack of additional tracks..bought them but hey should have been much more interesting.
A documentary is of very limited value, one play and it gathers dust.
Let’s hope CBS marks a significant change in making his material available. Boy in the Bubble was available as a promo cd single

Older Brother Sam

I’d like to see/hear a Pet Sounds type release, with some individual tracks broken out, like some of the bass tracks, and certainly the Ladysmith vocal tracks.


I mean, all the videos from the “Graceland” era,


Other than the bonus tracks you mentioned, there’s also a 12″ remix of “The Boy in the Bubble” that might be a great inclusion to that deluxe edition.

And, all the music videos and other video material should be included on the video portion of that edition… Including an early video of “You Can Call Me Al” that Mr. Simon hated and refused to release (which led to another video for the song w/ Chevy Chase). That would be an interesting inclusion.

And we can’t forget about that upcoming documentary “Under African Skies”…