Paul Simon / Graceland 25th Anniversary Box Set photo & update

Paul Simon / Graceland 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition Box Set Photo

Here’s a first look at the contents of the Paul Simon Graceland Collectors Box Set. The discs from left to right are

  • Remastered album CD
  • Bonus tracks CD
  • Under African Skies DVD
  • Graceland: The African Concert DVD

The replica of Simon’s handwritten lyric pad sits to the left of the 80-page book with the poster and wallet(?) to hold the contents. The main slipcase is on the left above the opened book.

All the various formats are explained here along with track listings, although recently it has emerged that amazon.com are offering an exclusive version of this collector’s box which appears to substitute The African Concert DVD for an additional CD of live bonus tracks. Therefore the exclusive box remains four discs: 3CD+DVD. The live tracks on the exclusive bonus disc were recorded in San Sebastian, Spain from the Graceland/Rhythm of the Saints Tour of 1989.

  • 1.Gumboots/Whispering Bells
  • 2.Crazy Love 1 and 2
  • 3.I Know What I Know
  • 4.Homeless
  • 5.Graceland
The reissue is out on 4 June (5 June in the US).

 Pre-order links:

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I’m not sure how many people realize this album was a bomb when it came out. The original video for “Al” was a weird sort of live performance video. I was managing a record store at the time and we actually started getting “cut out” versions of the cassette in our budget bin for $3.99. Then they did a new video (the Chevy Chase one) and the everyone wanted the album. We even had issues getting product for a while.

When you think of Mtv you think of Duran Duran or bands like that but it saved Paul Simon’s career.