Paul Weller / More Modern Classics


Paul Weller will release a new compilation, More Modern Classics, in June.

The new collection spans the 1999 – 2014 era with tracks taken from the albums Heliocentric (2000), Illumination (2002), Studio 150 (2004), As Is Now (2005), 22 Dreams (2008), Wake Up The Nation (2010) and  Sonik Kicks (2012). It also features a new single Brand New Toy.

More Modern Classics will be available in three physical formats (each containing sleeve notes written by Mr Weller himself) including a three-CD deluxe with 36-page hardcover book, which expands the studio selection to two discs and adds a third CD of radio sessions.

More Modern Classics is released on 2 June 2014.

3CD Deluxe book edition

2LP Vinyl Edition

Single CD edition

Track listing

Disc 1

  • 1. He’s The Keeper
  • 2. Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea
  • 3. It’s Written In The Stars
  • 4. Wishing On A Star
  • 5. From The Floorboards Up
  • 6. Come On / Let’s Go
  • 7. Wild Blue Yonder
  • 8. Have You Made Up Your Mind
  • 9. Echoes Round the Sun
  • 10. All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)
  • 11. Push It Along
  • 12. 22 Dreams
  • 13. No Tears To Cry
  • 14. Wake Up The Nation
  • 15. Fast Car / Slow Traffic
  • 16. Starlite
  • 17. That Dangerous Age
  • 18. When Your Garden’s Overgrown
  • 19. The Attic
  • 20. Flame-Out!
  • 21. Brand New Toy

Disc 2 (Deluxe Edition only)

  • 1. Frightened
  • 2. With Time And Temperance
  • 3. A Bullet For Everyone
  • 4. One X One
  • 5. Don’t Make Promises
  • 6. One Way Road
  • 7. Birds
  • 8. Blink And You’ll Miss it
  • 9. Roll Along Summer
  • 10. The Pebble And The Boy
  • 11. Empty Ring
  • 12. Why Walk When You Can Run
  • 13. Night Lights
  • 14. 7 & 3 Is The Striker’s Name
  • 15. Trees
  • 16. Up The Dosage
  • 17. Green
  • 18. Paperchase
  • 19. Be Happy Children
  • 20. The Olde Original

Disc 3(Deluxe Edition only)

  • 1. All I Wanna Do (The Sun Session)
  • 2. From The Floorboards Up (XFM Session)
  • 3. The Attic (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
  • 4. Around The Lake (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
  • 5. Andromeda (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
  • 6. That Dangerous Age (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
  • 7. When Your Gardens (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
  • 8. Wake Up The Nation (Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music Session)
  • 9. Savages (Capital Gold Session)
  • 10. Time Of The Season (BBC Radio 2 Session)
  • 11. Aim High (Black Barn Session)
  • 12. Daydream (Loving Spoonful Cover)(XFM Session)

*disc 3 track list may be subject to change.

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Mr Clean

And of course there’s the special editions and deluxe versions once again, asking the fans to fork out cash for music they’ve already got. In this case Mr Weller is greedy for some sucker to pay 25 euro for some exclusive radio sessions cd, which he’ll release in yet another box set in two years time. Very tired too of that artsy glossy faux authentique packaging that’s become so cliché over the years – a very thin veneer for greed. More Tesco’s than a class act. Typically Weller – only the modfather is as greedy among current artists who still record music. I’ve long stopped buying his collectables because I loathe the neoliberal attitude of it all. Red Wedge? That’s a long time ago mate.

David HULL

Yep, More Modern Classics Ill take the Deluxe including the DVD edition and back to Heliocentric apart from the fact it,s a must for your collection it,s worth the listen just for the classic at the end the haunting LOVELESS. ps Paul if you read this I have a smashing Steve Marriott live CD for you only three copies ever made ones yours in exchange for the afore mentioned Deluxe Classics.


Personally speaking – I’m really glad that Mr. Weller is still able to experiment and move forward (or sideways if you prefer) rather than treading over old ground.
There’s even fans out there that want him to write Jam-style songs but his attitude is ‘been there, done that’ and quite rightly so I think.
People want Bowie to recreate ‘Scarey Monsters/Hunky Dory/Low/Your choice here’ but the fact that you don’t quite know what to expect is part of what makes it great anticipating a new Bowie album. With his Last three albums Weller has (for me at least) created that same sense of anticipation. So more power to him…
And yes indeed Heliocentric was definitely his nadir for me – I can’t get through the whole album.


Since this set is likely to be as squashed, distorted, and/or brittle-sounding as the last three or four albums, I’ll pass.


Last 3 albums (the Black Barn Trilogy-22dreams, Wake Up The Nation and Sonik Kicks) are amazing. Nice to see the stand alone singles (Starlite, Flame Out and Brand New Toy) on here too. In fact, nice that someone still brings out non album singles! Good compilation, Sea Spray seems the main omission to me.

Paul Kent

Couldn’t DISagree more, ha ha! I think he’s putting out some of his best work in his later years. I reckon he was treading water around Heliocentric and Illumination, definitely Studio 150. A lot of that period was Weller-by-numbers. Wake Up The Nation is by far his best album since Stanley Road, imo. Still, won’t be getting this as I’ve got the albums and don’t need a load of radio sessions that I’ll probably only listen to once!

Rob Deighton

Not really i would call this selection ‘More Modern Classics’ as to me Weller has lost his way since ‘As Is Now’. Really wish he would create an album in similar vein to ‘Wild Wood’ or ‘Stanley Road’ instead of ‘noodling’ with special effects like what he has done on the last few albums.

Martin Bushell

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve really struggled with 22 Dreams and onward.

Lord Croker

With the increase in vinyl sales, it would be nice if they re-issued the original ‘Modern Classics’ on vinyl around the same time.