Paul Weller / Saturns Pattern box

Paul Weller returns in May with Saturns Pattern, his 12th studio solo album.

The album is being reissued across a number of formats including CD, CD+DVD, vinyl and a deluxe box set. The box is a ‘gathering up’ exercise and consists of:

  • • heavyweight 9 track exclusive coloured vinyl LP, featuring alternate artwork
  • • 12 track deluxe CD album plus bonus DVD
  • • 20 page photo booklet
  • • 24” x 24” fold out poster

You can buy the standard CD+DVD deluxe separately, but if you’re likely to buy both the CD and vinyl separately you may as well get the box since it’s not much more money and you get the exclusive coloured vinyl in it. There is no indication of how many boxes are being produced.

The first single from Saturns Pattern will be the rocky White Sky and you can have a listen below. The album will be released on 11 May 2015.

Deluxe Box (deluxe CD+DVD, coloured vinyl, poster etc.)

CD+DVD deluxe

Vinyl LP (black)

Box set track listing

Disc: 1 (CD)
1. White Sky
2. Saturns Pattern
3. Going My Way
4. Long Time
5. Pick It Up
6. I’m Where I Should Be
7. Phoenix
8. In The Car…
9. These City Streets
10. (I’m a) Roadrunner*
11. Dusk Til Dawn*
12. White Sky (Prof. Kybert vs. The Moons Remix)*

*Deluxe bonus tracks

Disc: 2 (DVD)
1. Saturns Pattern (Behind the Album)
2. Saturns Pattern (track – by
3. White Sky (video)
4. Long Time (video)
5. Long Time (behind – the
6. Saturns Pattern photo – shoot (behind


side 1
1. White Sky
2. Saturns Pattern
3. Going My Way
4. Long Time

side 2
1. Pick It Up
2. I’m Where I Should Be
3. Phoenix
4. In The Car…
5. These City Streets

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Quite a few bonus tracks across the various formats:

From the UK deluxe edition of ‘Saturns Pattern’:
(1) ‘(I’m A) Roadrunner’
(2) ‘Dusk Til Dawn’
(3) ‘White Sky’ [Prof. Kybert vs. The Moons Remix]

From the Japanese edition of ‘Saturns Pattern’:
(4) ‘I Work In The Clouds’
(5) ‘Praise If You Wanna’

B-side of ‘Saturns Pattern’ single:
(6) ‘Sun Goes’

B-side of ‘Going My Way’ single:
(7) ‘I Spy’

Other potential bonus tracks, as listed on the handwritten note shown on the ‘White Sky’ promotional video:
(8) ‘Open Road’
(9) ‘Days Like These’

In fact, almost a second album in its own right!


‘Open Road’ will be the b-side of forthcoming single ‘I’m Where I Should Be’.


Anyone know where to get the extra 2 tracks from the Japan version 1. I work in the clouds 2. Praise if you wanna? The other songs you can either get the box set or downloaod the mp3’s! Cheers n Thanks

Chris Brown

In case anyone was on tenterhooks, the (UK) deluxe bonus tracks are available to download individually. 7Digital has them in FLAC format, which I think some of you SDE people are into. They’re also on Youtube if anyone wants to test them out first.

Leeds Mick

How Rock n Roll are you lot, quibbling over an apostrophe? Quite possibly the reason for your malaise is you’re all into the wrong musical genre. Prog rock is more befitting of boring pedants and you get box sets galore. By the way, White Sky is a great song and Sonic Kicks was a superb album. My only criticism of Weller would be his insistance of playing Stanley Road tracks live. I can’t take any more Changing Man,Broken Stones etc.


man, all PW’s music is awesome, his old and new, changing man and broken stones is soulful and fresh just in a different way than his newer music aka Sonik Kicks and Saturns Pattern. Met they guy in Cincinnati and he’s a really genuine good guy with great musical taste that isn’t shy about experimenting and testing the boundaries. Still loving his Style Council Internationalists to Saturns Pattern, freaking all good stuff!

Peter B

Except for In The Car…

Peter B

As much as I prefer physical formats I just pre-ordered this on iTunes instead- the deluxe iTunes version had all 12 tracks and was only $14.99 (Australian), which is cheap. If Weller or his label want to punish those who buy physical formats, stuff ’em! I’ll buy it on deluxe CD when that comes out in 10 years.
By the way, the rest of the album is better than White Sky. I buy Weller albums when they come out, it’s like a magazine subscription

Paul English

Hmmm, it now looks like the Japanese CD+DVD will only have two bonus tracks and NOT the three on the UK box.



You all sound like a bunch of safe Morrissey or Sting fans. I agree that 22 Dreams was genius but I don’t agree that there’s been a talent drain. Let me know of anybody (probably aside from Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello) who is still experimenting and writing superb music alnost 40 years into their career. In the meantime, get back to listening to ‘I’m an Englishman in New York.’

mr clean

Nevermind the smoking in the video..hes an adult he can do what he wants. As for the different versions, no one is putting a gun to your head. Just buy your prefered version and download the so called BONUS songs. I like White Sky and looking forward to the new album.


I agree with you, these other imbeciles don’t get it, i bought the deluxe UK version and it’s really cool, sounds awesome, have been listening to it over and over, and the sound is fresh and new! Love PW’s new stuff…been a fan since Style Council and love The Jam too, but PW is a man full of soul and so is this new album, both laid back and soulful, good stuff…don’t listen to anyone here, give it your own listen. I listened to it and didn’t read about anything, gave it my own listen and glad i didn’t listen to anyone before listening to it, you’ll be glad you did


Don’t buy it you moaning bunch of tossers, nobodies holding a gun to your head.
He’s a millionaire, he’ll get by.




If not deliberate (and I do wonder if it really could be), I quite like viewing the editing error as a ‘rock tradition’ as you say elsewhere, Paul. As in Gong’s ‘Angels Egg’, and TfF’s ‘Mothers Talk’.

OTOH, it could be the graphic designer. Perhaps graphic desgners have a similar spelling apititude to sign writers.

Still, these things usually only bug some people. Writers mostly. :)

Paul H

Like “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants” :-)


‘Grammatically challenged.’ I like that. And am used to it, sort of, having bought Krautrock etc from the early 70s (note, no apostrophe required in 70s). But I’m rather surprised a top flight British release would bear an editing error in its two-word title.

John K

Japanese version still has 2 extra tracks not in boxed set.


Meh. Sonically speaking, Weller’s albums have been getting worse and worse with each new release—the last few have brickwalled to death (with lots of clipping) and midrange-y to the point where, musical quality aside, they’re unlistenable. The last straw for me was when I picked up the vinyl edition of Wake Up the Nation and found that it sounded just as horrible as the CD and digital editions, only a bit quieter (because of the physical limitations of vinyl).

Weller’s music sounds best when it is allowed to breathe; that hasn’t really happened since Wild Wood or Stanley Road. So, I don’t care how many deluxe editions they dress it up in: you can’t polish a turd.


You obviously don’t get it do you? Weller is exploring new sounds and it’s really cool! Your an imbecile

Paul English

Looks like the Special Edition Japanese version is one to go for:



The CD includes the three bonus tracks PLUS two more.


That’ll do for me then.

Mark A.

I wonder why anyone waits for reviews these days–which obviously are written by other people, with other tastes and sometimes other agendas–when these days it is very easy to listen to an entire album and make up one’s own mind whether to buy or not. That’s a fantastic aspect of the digital age and music available on the Internet. ( Before anyone jumps on that comment please remember that the cat has been out of the bag for well over a decade now and I am not responsible for other people’s ethical behavior vis-a-vis downloading, i.e. am not condoning downloading as a replacement for purchasing. )


So disappointed from Weller who used to let us into the sound-checks and recently said he was no longer going to participate in record store day because it was a rip off !

Oh and that ‘hoodie’ is shocking


re. Record Store Day – my thoughts exactly ! If I remember correctly, he was griping about a few people profiteering from his RSD release … looks like he has decided to do the profiteering himself this year


Have to agree with Paul Weller, yes RSD is a huge rip-off, most people line up to grab all they can get only to re-sell it on ebay for exorbitant prices, stupid


Well White sky does not seem to be one of his best (on first listen at least) but I’ve really liked Weller’s recent output so I shall certainly pick this up in one of the formats.
I do think it is a bit of a false assumption that the first single from the album must be the ‘best’ track. Singles are usually chosen for their so-called ‘commercial’ potential which often means nothing to the fan…
However it is fair to say that an album full of ‘White Sky” level tracks would not be something I would look forward to.

As an aside – I love the cover artwork – missing apostrophes notwithstanding :-).


white sky is very poor.
I also completely agree with Greg, there’s no reason to make SDE editions for new albums. It’s only money grabs.
No need to say i won’t buy any of those different editions of the new paul weller album.


As those above said, White Sky isn’t much of a song. It also annoys me that it features several clips of the band members smoking. Did Weller miss the memo about smoking no longer making you look rebellious, just stupid?

Mark A.

Absolutely. I saw him play live in a theater venue and he boasted about how they had to get special permission from the Fire Dept. (and have firemen standing by off stage) to smoke on stage. Didn’t ruin the show, which was great, but thought that was really stupid.


Yes…IF “White Sky” is the best song on the album then I have agree with Greg above..it’s a pass for me on this one too.


I bought my Setting Sons SDE when it came out for $100. I knew it was overpriced but Setting Sons is superb album by a band in its prime. Alternative takes, Demos, and Live versions from that album are a true BONUS. I wish I would have waited to get it for $50 but I don’t regret the purchase. Which brings me to Saturns Pattern. In my mind, you can’t have a bonus on something new. If it is new just give the fan all you want to release now. Wait 30 to 40 years to see if it was such a significant release that it should have a SDE with bonus tracks. SDEs of new albums are clearly money grabs by artists with a fan base. There will come a time the fan base will ultimately decide I don’t need a SDE of mediocre material, and for that matter I don’t need the standard edition either. Having just listened to White Sky, I have determined that Weller’s greatest mistake was releasing the song before his fans bought the album. Now that I heard the “best” song from the album, I know I don’t need the extra version of it as a bonus track, I don’t need the SDE, and I don’t need the album. I’ll save up for the SDE of In The City.

Paul Kent

Just one post below: “Jam box flop leads to price drop” … has he learned nothing?


It’s missing the apostrophe; it’s annoying me.


I agree with PC. 22 Dreams was really special. Since then the albums have been patchy. I’ll await the learned views from SDE.


So, the only way to get the extra three tracks is to buy the box set. Isn’t Weller rich enough already? I’ve been buying his music since 1981 and there is almost nothing I haven’t bought, mostly several times over. Sonik Kicks was overrated; in fact diminishing marginal returns have set in since 22 Dreams, which was a work of genius. I’ll wait to see the reviews Saturns Pattern gets. Doubtless I’ll end up getting some version of it anyway. Thanks for letting us know, Paul.


The extra three tracks are also available on the deluxe digital version. Not clear at present as to whether they will be available to download as individual tracks.