Peter Gabriel / So 25th Anniversary Edition being prepared for 2012

Peter Gabriel / So / 25th Anniversary EditionPeter Gabriel has today announced that he is planning a special reissue of his seminal So album from 1986. No details, in terms of formats or content, are currently available, but we can probably expect the reissue around spring next year.

Gabriel has appealed to fans to send in scans of related merchandise or memorabilia, some of which could even end up as part of the reissue. Submit here.

In the meantime, why not tell us what you think the best configuration of a So Deluxe or Super Deluxe Edition might be? We’d love to hear your views.

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[…] ask for this kind of thing as part of a reissue campaign (Peter Gabriel did it for So – see this post – only to subsequently not use anything in the book that came with the box set!) our money is […]

Richard John

I’m upset that SACD has died a death, as this won’t replace my SACD copy of “So” as a hi-res version.

Glad my fave P-Gab album is getting the uber box treatment though.


I think “No More Apartheid” , “Walk Through The Fire” (original and remix version), “Big Time” (unreleased but circulating demo version), GaGa (I Go Swimming) and the remixed an/or edited versions of “Sledgehemmer” , “Don’t Give Up”, “Big Time” and “In Your Eyes” will be included as well


And so it seems that EMI have announced a 7CD+LP+7″ box for So for September!
So there should be a:
– 1CD
– 3CD
– 7CD+LP+7″

7 CD’s! Now that will be interesting!


And so it seems we will get a 3CD edition plus a super deluxe box set. No details are known yet.
My bet is that the 3CD will feat:
CD1 = album
CD2 = b-sides
CD3 = concert
I cannot imagine that we will get demos or out-takes as PG is too much of a perfectionist to release such ‘imperfect’ or incomplete material. I hope I’m wrong though!

The Mendis

I think the best thing PG/VirginEMI could do is to do a fresh transfer from the stereo master tape to 32bit/192k (or another hi-res configuration), carefully re-master with someone like as good as Suha Gur (if not better) in two ways 1) at the highest resolution possible 2) then truncate (not dither) from the ‘untouched’ transfer and remaster (eq/compress etc) into 24bit/96Khz. This has been the DVD audio standard since the mid 90’s. – a higher res could be released on Blu Ray in the future. I really don’t see the point in another 16bit/44.1Khz CD release – especially not after 25 years!!


I think the most commercial appeal would be to put out a 2cd/dvd set with all the b sides, ext. remixes and unreleased stuff. The dvd could have promo videos,live footage and a brand new interview with Peter discussing the making of So . Is that asking too much?


I would opt for a deluxe edition consisting of 2 CDs (+ perhaps 1 dvd).
CD: remastered standard CD
CD2: extras
– Long Version of In Your Eyes
– Don’t Break this Rhythm
– Curtains
– Across the River
– other rare b-sides (I don’t know, what exists)
– live tracks (for example excerpts from the Amnesty International Tour 1988)

Content of the DVD:
– PG’s ground breaking video clips (Sledgehammer etc)
– live stuff (see above)

This list is everything but comprehensive – lets’s see what happens.

Benchmarks should be the U2-reissues (Joshua Tree and Unforgettable Fire)

Chris Ryan

Here’s how I think it will come out as:
DVD/Bluray of 5.1 mix of SO
DVD/Bluray of POV concert.
Photo/interview book.
All in a 12″ x 12″ box.


And don’t forget a vinyl version included in a super deluxe edition !


Yes, but i remember some SDEs like the Pearl Jam 20th Anniversary or the Exile On Main Street