Picture / Iron Maiden: Book of Souls


New image of the deluxe version of Iron Maiden‘s forthcoming album Book of Souls.

This hardcover book edition is very much about enhanced packaging as it appears to offer the same two CDs as the standard edition (it’s a double album).

The Book of Souls will be released on 4 September 2015.


2CD Deluxe Hardcover Book

3LP Vinyl Edition

Track listing

Disc 1
1. If Eternity Should Fail (Dickinson) 8:28
2. Speed Of Light (Smith/ Dickinson) 5:01
3. The Great Unknown (Smith/ Harris) 6:37
4. The Red And The Black (Harris) 13:33
5. When The River Runs Deep (Smith/ Harris) 5:52
6. The Book Of Souls (Gers/ Harris) 10:27

Disc 2
7. Death Or Glory (Smith/ Dickinson) 5:13
8. Shadows Of The Valley (Gers/ Harris) 7:32
9. Tears Of A Clown (Smith/ Harris) 4:59
10. The Man Of Sorrows (Murray/ Harris) 6:28
11. Empire Of The Clouds (Dickinson) 18:01

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The “hardcover book” is really just nonsense. It’s a different way to present the CD insert. It may look like a book, but it’s really no different than other vertical CD/DVD packages. I thought that there would be a “making-of,” more art, etc. Nope.

As for the cover art, it’s boring. The interior art is amazing. Any of those Eddies would have been better. This is what happens when you’re stuck designing art for CD cases. You’ll never see another intricate cover like Powerslave again.


I’m surprised how boring Eddie appears this time. While I thought the album was a flop, I enjoyed the New Frontier sci-fi bent Eddie assumed for the last round, as it harkened back to my favorite of them all – the Somewhere in Time incarnations. I guess I shouldn’t moan about it since coming up with over 20 ideas would be difficult for anyone.

Hopefully the album is mastered properly. Sound quality for IM has been a problem for me since the late 90s.


Anyone knows why the UK vinyl costs almost 3 times of the US vinyl?

Is it any different? Maybe the UK will be some kind of box-set?


This album looks epic! I’m ridiculous with this band, I’ll be getting the book, the basic album and the vinyl.


£15 sounds like a good deal to me


Looks cool, and whilst I’m not really sure if it’s worth it I’ve got one on order!!!!