Picture: Paul Weller: Saturns Pattern limited deluxe box set


First image of the limited edition deluxe box set version of Paul Weller‘s forthcoming Saturns Pattern album.

This set contains an exclusive coloured vinyl edition of the album, a deluxe CD+DVD which has exclusive bonus tracks (not on standalone CD+DVD) a 20-page photo booklet and a large (24″ x 24″) foldout poster.

Saturns Pattern will be released on 11 May  2015

Saturns Pattern Deluxe Box 

Box set track listing

Disc: 1 (CD)
1. White Sky
2. Saturns Pattern
3. Going My Way
4. Long Time
5. Pick It Up
6. I’m Where I Should Be
7. Phoenix
8. In The Car…
9. These City Streets
10. (I’m a) Roadrunner*
11. Dusk Til Dawn*
12. White Sky (Prof. Kybert vs. The Moons Remix)*

*Deluxe bonus tracks exclusive [physically] to b0x

Disc: 2 (DVD)
1. Saturns Pattern (Behind the Album)
2. Saturns Pattern (track – by
3. White Sky (video)
4. Long Time (video)
5. Long Time (behind – the
6. Saturns Pattern photo shoot


side 1
1. White Sky
2. Saturns Pattern
3. Going My Way
4. Long Time

side 2
1. Pick It Up
2. I’m Where I Should Be
3. Phoenix
4. In The Car…
5. These City Streets

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Rob Deighton

I don’t think he’s produced a decent album since “As Is Now” and i haven’t been impressed with the ones that followed that so i don’t think this will be much better based on the preview tracks already out.


’22 dreams’ & ‘wake up the nation’ both excellent albums :-) were all entitled to our opinions off course.

Charles Kellogg

This is ridiculous. I love Paul but $106.99 for a single album? If you bought the two disc CD and vinyl it would be roughly $45 so essentially your paying an extra $70 for a DVD with no 5.1 mix, a poster and booklet.


That is a price I can deal with for sure, should have checked. So much stuff from Europe doesn’t get released in the US anymore or is extremely expensive. Thanks for the tip.

This site has been invaluable for getting merch I covet that is an arm and a leg in the US. The Simple Minds and TFF box being an example.