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The Decca Years is a new 5CD box set (click to enlarge)

Here’s a closer look at the forthcoming Decca Years Small Faces five CD box set which is scheduled for release in October.

As mentioned previously, this promises to collect “every recording” the group made for Decca. A close look at the image above reveals how this set is structured, with the first CD a Greatest Hits; the second, their debut Small FacesFrom The Beginning follows next with Rarities & Outtakes and BBC Sessions completes the five disc box.

Clearly much of this has been issued before, but these are newly remastered (from analogue sources) and we know that the BBC sessions (at least) will include several previously unavailable recordings.

Pictured with the discs are some postcards and the 72-page booklet which features a Mark Paytress essay.

The Decca Years will be released on 9 October 2015.



Disc: 1 / GREATEST HITS: Worldwide singles As, Bs & EPs
1. What’Cha Gonna Do About It
2. What’s A Matter Baby
3. I’ve Got Mine
4. It’s Too Late
5. Sha La La La Lee
6. Grow Your Own
7. Hey Girl
8. Almost Grown
9. All Or Nothing
10. Understanding
11. My Mind’s Eye
12. I Can’t Dance With You
13. I Can’t Make It
14. Just Passing
15. Patterns
16. E Too D
17. Don’t Stop What You’re Doing
18. Come On Children
19. Shake
20. One Night Stand
21. You Need Loving

1. Shake
2. Come On Children
3. You Better Believe It
4. It’s Too Late
5. One Night Stand
6. What’Cha Gonna Do About It
7. Sorry She’s Mine
8. Own Up Time
9. You Need Loving
10. Don’t Stop What You’re Doing
11. E Too D
12. Sha La La La Lee


1. Runaway
2. My Mind’s Eye
3. Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
4. That Man
5. My Way Of Giving
6. Hey Girl
7. (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me
8. Take This Hurt Off Me
9. All Or Nothing
10. Baby Don’t You Do It
11. Plum Nellie
12. Sha La La La Lee
13. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me
14. What’Cha Gonna Do About It


1. Come On Children (alternate version)
2. Shake (alternate version)
3. You Better Believe It (alternate version)
4. Own Up Time (alternate version)
5. E Too D (alternate version)
6. Don’t Stop What You’re Doing (alternate version)
7. What’s A Matter Baby (alternate mix)
8. What’Cha Gonna Do About It (alternate version)
9. Sha La La La Lee (stereo version)
10. Runaway (alternate mix) (stereo)
11. That Man (alternate mix)
12. Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (alternate mix)
13. Picanniny (backing track)
14. Hey Girl (alternate version)
15. Take This Hurt Off Me (different version)
16. Baby Don’t You Do It (different version)
17. My Mind’s Eye (early version) (mono)
18. Talk To You (take 5 backing track)
19. All Our Yesterdays (take 7 backing track)
20. (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (alternate take 2)
21. Show Me The Way (take 3 backing track)
22. I Can’t Make It (take 11 backing track)
23. Things Are Going To Get Better (take 14 session version)


BBC Studios – Saturday Club – 23-Aug-65
1. Interview with Steve Marriott 2. What’cha Gonna Do About It (BBC Session version)
3. Jump Back (BBC Session version)
4. Baby Don’t You Do It (BBC Session version)

BBC Studios – Joe Loss Pop Show – 14-Jan-66
5. Sha La La La Lee (BBC Session version)
6. What’cha Gonna Do About It (BBC Session version)
7. Comin’ Home Baby (BBC Session version)
8. You Need Loving (BBC Session version)

9. Steve Marriot Pop Profile Interview

BBC Studios – Saturday Club – 14-Mar-66
10. Shake (BBC Session version
11. Interview with Steve Marriott
12. Sha La La La Lee (BBC Session version)
13. You Need Loving (BBC Session version)

BBC Studios – Saturday Club – 3-May-66
14. Interview with Steve Marriott
15. Hey Girl (BBC Session version)
16. E to D (BBC Session version)
17. One Night Stand (BBC Session version)

BBC Studios – Saturday Club 3-Aug-66
18. You’d Better Believe It (BBC Session version)
19. Understanding (BBC Session version)
20. Interview with Steve Marriott
21. All Or Nothing (BBC Session version)


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I actually decided to get this in the end, after much prevarication. I bought it from the Universal site as it has a free poster for the first Small Faces album with your order.

What Universal don’t tell you is that the poster (or a number of the posters?) are signed by Kenney Jones! I was a very happy bunny indeed.


Given the extensive comments of Phil Cohen, thank you, I will pass too at the moment. Considering that I am not sure to have heard in its entirety once (once) the Immediate SF box set (the one with 7″ replicas included) it’s time to be serious: are we buying “records” or the rest of the contents of these sets?

Steg AT http://steg-speakerscorner.blogspot.com/

Phil Cohen

Only 3 previously unreleased tracks. In the end, I decided to pass.


Looks like the extra BBC material on the box set is a Joe Loss Show Session. I’m assuming it wasn’t on the BBC Sessions CD so not to repeat the songs twice.


What’Cha Gonna Do About It
What’s A Matter Baby
I’ve Got Mine
It’s Too Late
Sha La La La Lee (Mono Version)
Grow Your
Hey Girl
Almost Grown (Instrumental)
All Or Nothing
My Mind’s Eye
I Can’t Dance With You
I Can’t Make It (Session Version / Mono)
Just Passing (Mono Version)
E Too D
Don’t Stop What You’re Doing (Alternate Version)
Come On Children (French EP Version)

DISC 2 “Small Faces”.

One Night Stand
You Need Loving
Come On Children
You Better Believe It
It’s Too Late
One Night Stand
What’Cha Gonna Do About It
Sorry She’s Mine
Own Up Time
You Need Loving
Don’t Stop What You’re Doing
E Too D
Sha La La La Lee (Mono Version)

Disc 3 From The Beginning

Runaway (Mono Version)
My Mind’s Eye
Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (Mono Version)
That man
My Way Of Giving (First Mono Version)
Hey Girl
(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (First Mono Version)
Take This Hurt Off Me
All Or Nothing
Baby Don’t You Do It
Plum Nellie
Sha La La La Lee (Mono Version)
You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me
What’Cha Gonna Do About It


Come On Children (Alternate Version)
Shake (Alternate Version)
You Better Believe It (Alternate Version)
Own Up Time (Alternate Version)
E Too D (Alternate Version)
Don’t Stop What You’re Doing (Alternate Version)
What’s A Matter Baby (Alternate Mix)
What’Cha Gonna Do About It (Alternate Version)
Sha La La La Lee (Stereo Version)
Runaway (Alternate Mix)
That Man (Alternate Mix)
Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (Alternate Mix / Mono)
Picanniny (Backing Track)
Hey Girl (Alternate Version)
Take This Hurt Off Me (Different Version)
Baby Don’t You Do It (Different Version)
My Mind’s Eye (Early Version)
Talk To You (Take 5 Backing Track
All Our Yesterdays (Take 7 Backing Track / Mono Version)
(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (Alternate Take 2)
Show Me The Way (Take 3 Backing Track)
I Can’t Make It (Take 11 Backing Track)
Things Are Going to Get Better (Take 14 Session Version)


Interview With Steve Marriott (BBC Saturday Club Session / August / 1965)
What’Cha Gonna Do About It (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
Jump Back (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
Baby Don’t You Do It (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
*23/8/65 on BBC Sessions CD

Sha La La La Lee (Joe Loss Pop Show Session)
What’cha Gonna Do About It (Joe Loss Pop Show Session)
Comin’ Home Baby (Joe Loss Pop Show Session)
You Need Lovin’ (Joe Loss Pop Show Session)
Steve Marriot Pop Profile Interview (Joe Loss Pop Show Session)

Shake (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
Interview With Steve Marriott (BBC Saturday Club Session / March / 1966)
Sha La La La Lee (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
You Need Loving (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
*14/3/66 on BBC Sessions CD

Interview With Steve Marriott (BBC Saturday Club Session)
Hey Girl (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
E To D (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
One Night Stand (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
*3/5/66 on BBC Sessions CD

You’d Better Believe It (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
Understanding (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
Interview With Steve Marriott (BBC Saturday Club Session)
All Or Nothing (BBC Saturday Club Session)*
*30/6/66 on BBC Sessions CD

Phil Cohen

We may have to face this reality: For “Small Faces” vault material, the well has run dry.

Phil Cohen

And, by the way, the 3 “Immediate” era BBC tracks(“If I Were a Carpenter”, “Lazy Sunday” & “Every Little Bit Hurts”) are not included, so hold onto “Small Faces-The BBC Sessions” on the “Strange Fruit” label.

Phil Cohen

The tracklisting has been revealed on the IMWAN website. There are a few new things on the BBC disc, but they are simply more versions of the same songs(I.E. The group performed some of these songs on more than one occasion on the BBC). On Discs 1 through 4, the collection of Decca recordings is thorough and complete, but I don’t see anything previously unreleased.
There is some problem within amazon.co.uk’s system that caused the company to stop accepting preorders for forthcoming Universal Music boxed sets. The boxed sets by Small Faces, Taste & Georgie Fame have NOT been cancelled. They ARE going to be released. Obviously, if you didn’t act soon enough to order them through amazon.co.uk, you could order them elsewhere. I would think that, as the release date gets closer, amazon.co.uk will resume accepting preorders. If they don’t, it’s their loss.


I actually just checked a couple of other pre-orders i have, Taste and Steve Hackett, and they both now say ‘Currently Unavailable’ even though my order is still in queue….strange

Philip Cohen

Indeed, amazon.co.uk has stopped accepting preorders for Universal Music boxed sets by “Small Faces”, “Taste” & Georgie Fame. Whether these boxed sets will eventually be released is anyone’s guess.

Philip Cohen

Maybe that means that Universal Music is taking this project back to the drawing board for a re-think. Maybe to go with an upgraded 1-CD BBC sessions disc, and not have people buy an (increasingly) pricey 5-CD set just for 3 previously unreleased BBC tracks?

Maybe to finally relent and license the 5 Decca tracks to Charly, so that Charly can finally release their expanded edition of “The Autumn Stone”. This long-term stalemate over those 5 songs has delayed Charly’s plan to upgrade the albums of other “Immediate Records” artists. Those promised “50th Anniversary” 2015 releases never happened, though the blame resides largely with skilled, but inefficient compiler Rob Caiger.


the pre-order link says it’s ‘currently unavailable’ anyone know what the price will be?


Does anyone know if the unreleased BBC tracks are BBC masters or recently discovered off-air recordings?

Nigel Croft

Oh, a new pic – who knew?

Phil Cohen

Initial reports tend to suggest, that, excepting a few previously unreleased BBC tracks, that this is otherwise just a packaging trip, and a rehash of already released tracks. If it were anything more substantial than that, then Universal Music wouldn’t be so reluctant to reveal a track listing.


From Rob Caiger in reply to your statement on another thread: “I’ve just been informed time isn’t standing still! Absolutely it isn’t but some seem people appear stuck in the past…:-)
Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island – or not a fan of music – it would have been apparent that Charly Records and its many labels have been busy over these last two years working on a variety of projects, tracking down tapes and previously unreleased material, while conducting a lot of research, compiling, recovering and restoring…
And – surprise, surprise – we have been releasing albums, singles, concert footage, documentaries, plus various critically acclaimed box sets, the most recent covering Johnny Cash’s career on Sun Records. In fact, the reviews in the UK press this week have been outstanding which has made us very proud…
The new issue of Shindig! has published an interview with me which I hope gives an idea of what we’ve been attempting to achieve with our releases and the work we have been pioneering with Alchemy Studios and Soundmastering Studios, to name but two.
We always welcome and encourage debate, constructive criticism and opinion, all of which we take on board. Informed comment and shared knowledgable is also welcome. We try not to be distracted from the work by rumour, speculation and ill-informed comment masquerading and written as fact. But sometimes you have to be distracted…
Firstly, Philip Cohen is not connected to Charly Records or any of its projects. Nor does he have any contact and he is not privy to any information.
For Charly (which includes Immediate Records), I’m not a compiler, I’m the label manager and producer. For Immediate, I manage the label globally on behalf of Charly for all territories ex-UK and for BMG for the UK, while liaising with the artists. This ensures simultaneous release across all formats and in all territories.
The next release will be on June 2nd for the newly remastered and restored ‘Tonite Lets All Make Love In London’ soundtrack, including a limited edition of 1,000 LPs on pink vinyl. It sounds and looks lovely… And there’s a lot more to follow, including ‘The Autumn Stone’, as we work through the anniversary of the “Summer Of Love”….
To correct the points in Philip Cohen’s posting dated Jan 13, 2017:
There never have been issues with the Decca material on ‘The Autumn Stone’. You just had to know what the facts were… I briefed Universal when we began the initial Small Faces Remaster series as a joint venture between Charly / Snapper and Universal as to why the situation had originally arose…
For the last few years, Universal have not been involved in the Small Faces Immediate catalogue, so Philip’s comments regarding so-called permissions are pure speculation. (I liaise with Universal on behalf of Kenney for the Small Faces Decca catalogue and project managed the recent Decca box set and RSD BBC Session LP).
BMG took over the UK rights for Immediate and I liaise closely with the team there, and as I stated earlier, I project manage each release for the label. There’s been a lot of discussion on a business-to-business level to ensure Immediate runs smoothly globally, which meant we focused on 2017 and the anniversary of the Summer Of Love as our start point, not 2015…
Note to Phil – you may have been compiling for Charly but I don’t think you were looking too hard in the archive… Charly always had multitracks for the Small Faces – and for many of the Immediate artists. In fact, some of the sessions are incredible, containing a wealth of previously unreleased material.
Another note to Phil – yes, we are working with multitracks and paying for studio time, so all ok there….:-)
For surviving master tapes and session reels, you just have to know who to talk to, where to look and when to keep on looking – and not take no for an answer. For the Small Faces, the story of the search for the tapes is detailed in the book that comes with the ‘Here Come The Nice’ box set. Which Philip might want to read… But for all of you that have got the remasters, you’ll notice a vastly improved sound, correct versions and a wealth of previously unreleased material – in contrast to what had come before….
Finally, thank you to everyone who helped make our releases for Record Store Day 2017 such a success – our 50th anniversary Small Faces picture disc edition of ‘Itchycoo Park’ disappeared quickly from stores, as did the BBC Sessions 2-LP covering the band’s Decca period.
Rob Caiger..


when my Dad sees this i am going to have an empty wallet…..


I notice the price has gone up by £6 since it was announced although it’s still available for under £40 elsewhere.

Charles Hodgson

It never ends for Small Faces (and Kinks and T. Rex) fans. Maybe I should set up a direct debit for their ‘new’ remasters, ‘upgrades’ and ‘inc. previously unreleased’ sets that seem to appear every 6 months or so.

Nah, on second thoughts, I’m out.