Picture: Texas 25 super deluxe box

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Texas are due to release their celebratory Texas 25 album next month and the photo above gives you an idea of what the box set will look like.

The super deluxe edition features an 80-page silver hardback book, a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Sharleen, the Texas 25 album pressed on 180g red vinyl and a two-CD casebound deluxe edition which features Texas 25 (i.e. re-recordings of old hits) and a CD of the original versions of said hits. This also comes with five large colour art prints.

Texas 25 does actually contain four news songs as well. You can listen to one of these – Start A Family – below.

Texas 25 is released on 16 February 2015. Full track listing can be found here.


Super Deluxe Edition box set


2CD Deluxe Edition

Red Vinyl Edition

Single CD Edition


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Iain B

Managed to pick this up for £14.99 due to an overnight Amazon Mis-price.
It was meant to be £49.99.
At last one over on Amazon and a great set for less than the price of the vinyl!


“(…)the photo above gives you an idea of what the box set will look like.” and the price on Amazon gives you an idea of what a rip-off this is.


Oh well, a best of without “So In Love With You”? I could definitely live without “Say What You Want (All Day Every Day)” So much overlap with their previous Greatest Hits album, which I will keep in my collection.


Why does Sharleen always look like she’s just got out of the bath without drying her hair?


As much as I love Texas this is such a rip off! Who on earth came up with this price!!

Lanny Justice

Such a mess. I was really hoping for some substantial reissues from my underrated Texas. :( What a missed opportunity.


I’m not a fan, but just on a general point….,For that sort of price, (nearly a ton!) you should be getting their entire, complete catalogue, on CD, jam packed with extra tracks and rarities, and all the videos and rare performances on a DVD…

Instead you get some art prints…Woo…Hoo…..An early contender for the SDE 2015 Hall of Shame…


Is Texas a band or a person? If no one is sure, and obviously no one wants to turn up to a new photoshoot, why not just have a big picture of the state? Personally, I’m not a big Texas fan, but in all honesty the lead singer can look danm sexy, why this cover? At first glance, it looks like a Jeff Buckley album.

90s Kid

Looks like Sharleen’s been papped after a night-in with Russell Brand.


If you think this cover shot is bad you should have seen the original cover before they changed it to this.


First overpriced box of the year. Well done Texas.

The vinyl and double CD can be bought separately for £30. So for an extra £63 you get prints and a book.

As for the certificate of authenticity, not worth the paper it is printed on.