Pink Floyd / Dark Side of the Moon / Immersion Box Set – Opening the box video

Well, the Immersion Box has arrived at superdeluxeedition HQ.

What do you see when you open a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Box?

A full review with high-res stills coming soon, but in the meantime this video I put together using the newly arrived box might might offer some insight…

You can order The Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Box by clicking here.


The Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion Edition is out now and can be purchased here

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Also, should point out, when i was hitting that point of distortion, I kept reducing the treble and brightness settings on my amp… I was down to -5 and STILL heavily distorted…


First, let’s leave money, cost, etc. out of it.. Let’s forget that these were re-issued before… because this comment isn’t about costs… Let’s pretend you were given the “OH BY THE WAY” box set from 2007 and this set of 2011 Remasters for Free…

You have both, and you play them both on a nic hi-fi stereo system with good speakers (not computer speakers or iPod earbuds..)

Well, both were remastered by JAMES GUTHRIE. I own the OH, By The Way box and bought “The Final Cut” and this sampler from an American retailer BEST BUY that offered a few songs from the 2011 Remasters…

I tested 4 songs:

WISH YOU WERE HERE (2007 remaster, 2011 remaster)
MONEY (2007 remaster, 2011 remaster)
THE FINAL CUT (song) (2007 remaster, 2011 remaster)
NOT NOW JOHN (2007 remaster, 2011 remaster)

I am a HUGE fan of remasters! HOWEVER… While the money sound at the intro of “Money” and the radio intro of “Wish You Were Here” seemed more crisp and life-like, the music came out too bright. Just to cite one example, when I turn up th volume on the Song “The Final Cut”, as the vocal increases about a minute into the song, the 2007 version can handle that volume increase and sounds wonderful. The Vocal on the 2011 version becomes too bright and extremely distorted.. I think PINK FLOYD sounds wonderful loud… BUT, increase the volum further, from 5 to 6.. and it’s unlistenable!

The Discovery edition packaging is similar to the Beatles remasters… high-gloss digipaks.. Sort of nice… But I prefer the very detailed Mini-LP issues from the 2007 box set…

Again, not a money thing, but you certainly wouldn’t want to replace your 2007 box set with this one.

What a shame! Buy whatever you want for the bonus material,