Pink Floyd / Dark Side of the Moon / Immersion & Experience Editions – Track listings

 The 26 September 2011 will see the simultaneous rerelease of Pink Floyd’s 14 studio albums, individually and as a box-set, as well as the first time release of ‘Immersion’ and ‘Experience’ editions of The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Immersion Edition

The Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion box – set contains 6 discs. Details as follows:

DISC 1 – CD 1:

The Dark Side Of The Moon digitally remastered by James Guthrie 2011

DISC 2 – CD 2:

The Dark Side Of The Moon performed live at Wembley in 1974 (2011 Mix and previously unreleased)


  • – The Dark Side Of The Moon, James Guthrie 2003 5.1 Surround Mix (previously released only on SACD) in standard resolution audio at 448 kbps and 640kbps
  • – The Dark Side Of The Moon, Quad Mix (engineer Alan Parsons, previously released only on vinyl LP/8 track tape in 1973) in standard resolution audio at 448 kbps and 640kbps
  • – The Dark Side Of The Moon, PCM Stereo mix (as per disc 1)


Live In Brighton 1972:

  • Careful With That Axe, Eugene (previously unreleased on DVD)
  • Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (previously unreleased on DVD)

The Dark Side Of The Moon, 2003 documentary (25 min EPK)

Concert Screen Films (60 min total):

  • British Tour 1973
  • French Tour 1974
  • North American Tour 1975

Screen films play in stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound


-AUDIO: The Dark Side Of The Moon, James Guthrie 2003 5.1 Surround Mix (previously released only on SACD) in highest resolution audio at 96kHz / 24-bit
– AUDIO: The Dark Side O The Moon original stereo mix (1973) 96kHz / 24-bit
-AUDIO VISUAL: Live In Brighton 1972:

  • Careful With That Axe, Eugene (previously unreleased on DVD/BluRay)
  • Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (previously unreleased)

-AUDIO VISUAL: The Dark Side Of The Moon, 2003 documentary (EPK)

-AUDIO VISUAL: Concert Screen Films (5.1 Surround Mix 48kHz / 24-bit):

  • British Tour 1973
  • French Tour 1974
  • North American Tour 1975

-AUDIO VISUAL: Concert Screen Films (High Resolution Stereo Mix 48kHz / 24-bit):

  • British Tour 1973
  • French Tour 1974
  • North American Tour 1975

DISC 6 – CD3:

  • -The Dark Side Of The Moon Alan Parsons 1972 Original Album Mix (previously unreleased)
  • – The Hard Way (from ‘Household Objects’ project)
  • – Us And Them, Richard Wright Demo (previously unreleased)
  • – The Travel Sequence, live from Brighton June 1972 (previously unreleased)
  • – The Mortality Sequence, live from Brighton June 1972 (previously unreleased)
  • – Any Colour You Like, live from Brighton June 1972 (previously unreleased)
  • – The Travel Sequence, studio recording 1972 (previously unreleased)
  • – Money, Roger Waters’ demo (previously unreleased)


  • 40 page 27cm x 27cm booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson
  • Exclusive photo book edited by Jill Furmanovsky
  • 27cm x27cm Exclusive Storm Thorgerson Art Print
  • 5 x Collectors’ Cards featuring art and comments by Storm Thorgerson
  • Replica of The Dark Side Of The Moon Tour Ticket
  • Replica of The Dark Side Of The Moon Backstage Pass
  • Scarf
  • 3 x Black marbles
  • 9 x Coasters (unique to this box) featuring early Storm Thorgerson design sketches
  • 4-8 page credits booklet


Experience Edition

The Experience Edition of The Dark Side Of The Moon will include the original studio album, digitally remastered by James Guthrie, along with the live performance from Wembley 1974 (identical to Disc 2 of the Immersion Edition), and a new 16 page booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson, including all lyrics, housed in a newly designed Digipak.

Order The Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Box by clicking here.

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Ahh; sorry; B4 one and all reprimand me, yeh, I realise that in my chagrin, I entered an error; it’s the audiophile SACD that is conspicious by its ‘immersed’ absence (not the 5.1 etc. – see J. Skaggs’ earlier telling comment entries hereon.)
Sorry fellow afficinadoes. (Beware the ‘flame’-ing!)


On the ‘glorious’ day of the WYWH (re!) releases – but with the ‘gone astray’ 5.1 surround mix ($35 not so bad if you figure in the weak dollar at the mo, but then whaddya know, can’t take any international orders below $50: thanx PFML!), NOT in it (!!!!) thought I would ‘return (with more ‘sons of’ comments ‘nothing’! :-): interesting follow ups to know I’m not alone in feeling the squeeze/rip off of long standing loyal fans; Thus, I’d advise ANY such self respecting fan to what is now the open secret (following latest issue of UK ‘Mojo’ mag playlist recommendation), and direct to seek out http://www.floydpodcast.com (and donate an all too well deserved tiny bit of ‘money’ too) to the guy there who presents a true fans’s trove of riches:
for those who desire the ITF tour check out podacst 129: the quality is stunning and will mist your eyes if you were at any of those gigs to recall: then, (did you/ ‘thought you’d like to know’ – again), one trib band, ‘Wish You Were Here’ once issued a set that copied the full US live sets (tragically, no longer available): point being, ironic init that such legacy is oft more curated by these tribs than the Floyd
themselves …
Such adulation and with just a bit of interest/care on behalf of …
those ‘troves’ could’ve been unearthed ….
Rog once sang about some animals , but the flogged dead horse wasn’t among them – then.


Mr. Bofsensai is right on the spot.

This “immersion” is wildely disappoining. Yeh, toys and marbles and coasters (jeeez…) may appeal if you’re into fetish… if you’re into the music, it’s a different matter altogether. In this case the “experience” version, with the live performance of DSOTM, is more than enough.

As for the “discovery” box, it’s vastly inferior to the previous “oh by the way” box which at least had the original artwork and miniLP sleeves.
This new edition doesn’t.

The “new remastering” of the single albums doesn’t add anything to the 1994 to 2003 remasters.
So – a pointless and useless reissue if there ever was one.
A missed opportunity.

Edward Morgan

really loved it. Thank you very much .I had never heard the entire album. this was a real treat.

wouter roesink

This is the best band that will ever exist, this music really touches my heart. i was really looking forward to the immersion set but when i saw the price, i was silenced. Pink Floyd is a big part of my life but this is a price too high to pay, and i regret it.
even though i am from the ’90’s i will always love Pink Floyd for making awesome music, from the syd barrett age till the division bell and beyond.
WYWH, DSOTM, The Wall, i cant discribe what i feel when i listen to the songs. this is what music is about.


bofsensai, I agree. The Immersion edition of DSOTM is shockingly poor value. I’m returning mine on the basis that the quality is not as advertised (particularly discs 4 & 6). I’m getting the “Experience” edition instead as the one highlight is the 1974 live Wembley performance.

This is the second Floyd related item I have returned or asked for a refund in a week – a tribute band selling a DVD (expensively) then proceeded to release a huge chunk of that same DVD free of charge on the web. Seems Floyd rip offs are catching. Very very sad – and it leaves a rather unpleasant taste in the mouth.

I also agree that the ’77 material *could* be much more worthwhile if there are any decently recorded live performances.

Preston Wright

Pardon the misspellings.

Erick Magana

I have DSOTM on my itunes!! :D lol

Preston Wright

Until you’ve experienced Floyd in person you can’t fully appreciate what a great package that they’ve put together. They’re idea of emmersion comes through nicely. Yes I wanted more from them but I appreciated this release. Oh! By The Way was a disappoinment but this sure isn’t. I was there for Darkside in the 70’s and Division Bell in the 90’s, awesome would be an understatement. I’ll look forward to Wish in November.


Another collection of a great rip off in this world:
bits and bobs with no proper context:
the ‘Echoes’ encore to the ’74 live show?
the complete running order Brighton gig?
the complete alternative studio mix of DSOTM which exists ‘out there’?
Snippets of DSOTM rehearsals stuck into the Pompeii film?
The best ever extended live ‘farewell’ version of Money from the ill fated Montreal tour ’77!!
The ….
Gravy train rides, eh? Now let’s listen to those lyrics of ‘Dogs’ again ..


Paul: thanx 4da guidance here; helpful as didn’t realise that:
well, one small mercy (shouldn’t we be grateful we no longer get ripped off with poor imitations and at last the royalties can go where they are deserved) – but itäs till undeniably a helluvalotta cash milking if you only wanna get a surround copy of either DSOTM or WYWH.
Still; running this site so diligently – gratefully trying to collate and parlay us patient (aging!) ‘fans’ queries and wants lists into practical questions to originally hopefully influence content – it soon becomes apparent that many of said fans are really only being thrown mostly scraps and a proper, caring exercise involving the bloody guys themselves at the ‘controls’ is STILL not gonna happen – anytime soon, neither.
It’s undeniable that the contempt which some of the band members appear to hold their longtime fans in, is oft palpable.
Yeah, possibly NM might one day be interested/in a position to do their fans justice … but how long before some of us fans have to join that great gig ourselves and so never bloody hear it? (Rick never got a decent epitaph issue like the still gone astray SACD WYWH: odd that, in it?)
E.g. what has been overlooked here is that if you’re NOT a format collector (nerd!) there is virtually NOTHING much new in this lot (save for the legendary household gadgets and the Brighton ’72 tour stuff, which is significantly different), yet it becomes quite clear from your loyal site’s contributors, the 77 ‘In the Flesh’ tour recordings are a huge obvious desire:
The basic elephant in the room question remains (and especially for those granted the privilege/access to the ‘houseboat’ …!):
why is it that the Floyd themselves appear to simply not give a S**T?!

Joe Siegler

Any idea if the DVD’s/BluRays on here will have any kind of region encoding? I would hope not, but one can never tell.

Ben P.

No region encoding on the one I bought in Austin.