Pink Floyd / The Endless River deluxe box sets and gatefold vinyl


The Endless River is a new Pink Floyd album created from music recorded in 1993 during The Division Bell sessions.

At the time, David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason had played freely together (at Britannia Row and Astoria studios) for the first time in over 20 years and the unreleased sessions from that time have been revisited, with the band spending the last year recording and upgrading the music to create The Endless River.

The band are describing this new record as a  “tribute to Rick Wright”. It is a mainly instrumental album with one song, Louder Than Words, (new lyrics by Polly Samson) and is produced by David Gilmour, Phil Manzanera, Youth and Andy Jackson.

The Endless River will be available as a standard CD edition (a 16-page hardcover book edition), and a two-disc deluxe box set that comes with a 24-page hardcover book, and CD and blu-ray (or DVD).

The blu-ray offers hi-res 5.1 surround (DTS Master Audio and PCM, 96/24), plus PCM stereo 96/24. The DVD also has 5.1 surround (Dolby Digital and DTS), plus stereo version in 48kHz /24 bit.

Both Blu-ray and DVD offer non-album audio-visual material (approx. 39 minutes) which consists of six video tracks and three audio tracks, unavailable elsewhere. The video is sourced from standard definition source material.

There is also a Doug Sax mastered double gatefold vinyl edition which also includes a download code for digital version.

The design and packaging has been overseen by Creative Director Aubrey Powell at long-time visual collaborators Hipgnosis.

The Endless River is released on 10 November 2014.

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Deluxe Box Set CD+Blu-ray

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Deluxe Box Set CD+DVD

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2LP Gatefold Vinyl

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CD Book Edition

Track listing (describe in ‘sides’ even on CD, DVD and Blu-ray)

Things Left Unsaid
It’s What We Do
Ebb and Flow


The Lost Art of Conversation
On Noodle Street
Night Light
Allons-y (1)
Autumn ’68
Allons-y (2)
Talkin’ Hawkin’

Eyes to Pearls
Louder Than Words

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Curious as to why the Louder than words video with the Aral sea is not included on the dvd? Did it come out after the album released. I have to say I’m a little let down with the dvd not having more than a few black and white videos.


Once seen in the flesh, as it were, the packaging is rather beautiful. Same style as Gilmour’s solo On An Island CD a few years back.

Sadly, the way the disc is stored (on a rubber puck, with harsh card underneath) leads to easy scratching. Mine was sealed, but has several circular scratches.

Johnny Feathers

Well, the packaging is lovely. The music, on the other hand, is about what I was expecting–bits and pieces of leftovers, given some polish. I’ll still need to listen more, but I’m afraid my first impression is this would have been better suited as a Division Bell bonus disc rather than “Pink Floyd’s Final Album”. Interesting, and beautiful at parts, but lacking the significance associated with even their post-70’s output.


Lovely quality to box and book. Picture on front is actually lovely, and comes over far more as a proper PF cover than say The Wall IMO. Just started to listen to DTS audio, and well what can you say…. It’s glorious Floyd music just as we all have come to know and love. Great to hear the unmistakable musical talents of Mason, Gilmour and of course Rick. Wonderful to hear new musical passages from him. In a world of X-factor tosh, this is just glorious aural candy – I believe they used to call it music. To all the doubters of this release I would say you are very wrong, it was worth doing and they made the right choice to do it.


@ Barry. Me too. The day has nearly arrived :)


Looking forward to this with great anticipation. BTW….Import CD’s beats the crooks at Amazon 24/7 on almost ANY release price.

Johnny Feathers

Has anyone noticed that the iTunes preorder apparently comes with bonus tracks not listed on any of the physical releases? I’m curious what the deal is here. Are PF double-dipping their hardcore fans? I would find that pretty annoying.


Johnny F, I’m assuming the bonus iTunes tracks are actually the 3 audio and 6 video tracks included on the deluxe CD+DVD/Blu-ray packages, although they are not actually named in the tracklistings above.


For the sleeve design nay-sayers (and I’m not exactly a fan, I must say), it was designed by an 18-year old chap. Not quite Storm Thorgerson : http://www.altpress.com/news/entry/the_artwork_for_pink_floyds_first_album_in_20_years_was_designed_by_a_teena


preordered the vinyl :-) as the cd+dts versions will soon be on torrent…

I don’t really see no point in buying a cd anymore since I bought a Technics Q2+grado gold (and that cd’s are available in flac)


I never bothered with DB box set. Not buying vinyl and the junk thrown in doesn’t do anything. I have the remastered CD already. which leaves the 5.1 Audio. I ended up buying 5.1 audio separately from the PF store. Good price but %45 shipping for a disc in a cardboard sleeve is a bit of a rip off.
Yes. Endless River is a bit of a rip off with outtakes [that were “upgraded”]. And yes, it could of been part of a better DB box set but Mr. Gilmour likes to rip his fans off sometimes [think of the number of remastered versions over the years – even his solo material – with nothing new added – or the Live at Gdansk with what it seems like 15 versions of the release].
Even the stuff thrown in on the “deluxe” box sets aren’t too appealing. Other artists will release a CD/DVD edition for $20 while this one os going for $35 and the only thing different is a bunch of pictures.

Roger Waters

I just think someone wanting to be listened to should at least know one of the most obvious and well known details about the subject they are discussing.

Oh and if anybody dares touch my wall I will write a very hurtful and insulting song about them. Then sell it as part of an EP for some more cash.


To be accurate I think it was grumpy old man


And to think you stood with David, side by side on the O2 stage and denounced your former ‘angry old man’ self Mr Waters…. :)

What happened, did someone spray graffiti on your big wall?


It is fair to say all bands have music left over from their sessions and their omission from the final result does not mean it is rubbish – it simply does not fit. I am really pleased Pink Floyd are releasing a new album – I am pretty sure Gilmore and Mason would not jeopardise the Floyd brand for inferior material. And I really like the cover!

Roger Waters

Your opinion loses any worth when you refer to David Gilmour with the wrongly spelled Gilmore.


“I am pretty sure Gilmore and Mason would not jeopardise the Floyd brand for inferior material.”

Never heard AMLOR then?

Julian H

I love AMLOR. Yeah, laugh at me…



1 – I’m glad this was not included on a DB deluxe edition as I am keen to hear it and I would not have forked out for another version of DB just for this. I have the original DB release on CD and that’s fine enough for me (it’s not that good an album)

2 – It will be good to hear some ‘new’ Pink Floyd material especially given that I had assumed that no more would ever be released.

3 – Having heard an extract of the music I think it’s going to be quite interesting. I like the fact that it is largely instrumental – these guys are great musicians.

4 – Yeah it’s not Storm but to be honest I can’t say I liked *all* his work either.

5 -It’ll be interesting to compare notes once we’ve had a chance to absorb the music. Personally I can’t wait :-)


To answer my own question as to what if anything is unique to the PF store’s inflated price…

“All orders come with a free The Endless River sticker”

An extra £5 for a sticker. Er, I think I’ll pass on that lads. Amazon it is.


It’s not fair to assume that the music on this new release will automatically be inferior because it is based on leftovers from an earlier album. “Us and Them”, “Dogs”, “Sheep” and “The Hero’s Return” were all fantastic songs that were based on unused material from earlier projects. I’m waiting to hear it before I pass judgment. I’m also just excited to be given an opportunity to hear previously unheard performances from Mr. Wright.


I really can’t complain about the use of outtakes from the DB sessions. Honestly, I share the gripes about releasing a huge, expensive DB box set and leaving this material off, but otherwise…

From what I’ve read about the DB sessions, there were HOURS of ideas, and a lot of Wright’s stuff wasn’t used for the finished album (allegedly, he voted in favor of all of his own material for inclusion and nobody else’s – democracy in action). While I’m sad more wasn’t included on DB, if this album represents a deep dip into that bucket of mythical material, I’m completely on board.

Ultimately, this one is going to rest on the strength of what they end up putting out. If it turns out to be a lot of meandering wanking and noodling, I would have been happier to have seen a Dylan Bootleg Series-esque release of the DB Jam Sessions or whatever we’d be calling them instead of jams half paved over with overdubs and called finished.

This is a product that could easily go either way though. Personally, I’m happy to have more music from Wright since this will probably be the last we’ll get to hear. I’m not aware of any half-finished work that someone may later push out.

Paul Kent

…and as for the cover art? Take another look at the Genesis “R-Kive” sleeve and then tell me that THIS is bad! :D

Paul Kent

Poly Samson wrote lyrics on DB. David Gilmour has stated that 60% of the material is brand new. And, anyway, it’s common practice for bands to use material left over from the last project. As for cashing in, well, it’s taken them 20 years so they clearly don’t need the money, eh? Once again, everyone throws their toys out of the pram before hearing a single note! Listen to the album first, then complain! :)

Johnny Feathers

Of course I’ve already pre-ordered the BR set. As for this belonging to a Division Bell box, I suppose that’s true, but I’ll have paid far less for this and the DB 5.1 DVD than I would have for even just the DB deluxe box, or any of the Immersion sets. So, it’s sort of a win. But yeah, the first thing I thought when I saw the cover was, “well, Storm is already missed…”


Wonder what Syd would’ve made of all this DVD Bluray 5.2 CD-R codswallop?


Storm’s covers were usually more subtle.

Fat Old Bloke

I actually have a pro-shot fan made DVD of the 1969 rehearsal Pink Floyd did at the Royal Albert Hall. It’s a tragedy at the conclusion of the 15 minute DVD the man filming the concert is asked to leave as he had not asked permission to be there filming from the Albert Hall staff. There must be a SBD recording of the whole show out there. I hope that one day they release some full SBD shows from the 1960s and early 1970s.


“I actually have a pro-shot fan made DVD of the 1969 rehearsal Pink Floyd did at the Royal Albert Hall. It’s a tragedy at the conclusion of the 15 minute DVD the man filming the concert is asked to leave as he had not asked permission to be there filming from the Albert Hall staff.”

I don’t think you have – you in all certainty have the rehearsal footage from the Festival Hall shot by Anthony Stern two and a half months prior to the RAH show. The footage was purchased from Mr Stern by the Floyd’s management in 2005.


Forgot to say, with Amazon having a cheaper price than the Warner Bros / official PF store is there any point buying from there? Is there anything exclusive from the official store version? It’s at least £5 more than Amazon, so unless you want to give more money to messrs David and Nick (or are mad) it seems pointless unless I have missed something…


” I love that they dug up and incorporated bits of Rick Wright’s ……. keyboard playing from 1969.”

:) wondered where that was going for a moment! As for Mrs Gilmour writing lyrics, why not? Anyone can can’t they? They must be judged for the quality they are (or not as may be the case) rather than pre-judged. Is it any worse than Roy Harper singing lead on a PF track?

The cover looks ok, I can see that imagery being something to do with Rick maybe being a keen boat / water lover or maybe it has links back to punting on a river in their Cambridge days? Storm is no more, so someone had to pick up the reins, and he is a tough act to follow.


Please do consider that when a track is not included in an album it does not automatically mean it is “B” grade or worse. A track can be left off for one or more reason(s). Some examples that first come to mind include:

– The track is just too long to physically fit on the single/double LP or CD.
– The track does not fit in with the intent of the album’s artistic concept.
– The band want to feature only so many song writing credits per member.
– The band have a firm album release date/tour start date so they don’t have the time to finish the track as planned.

Here’s hoping ! :-)


Really happy about this release!

Everything that this band has ever released is pure gold to my ears.
I think it will be a worthy addition to their discography, and not just a collection of outakes.


So there will be no cd/BR/vinyl box? We need to buy 2items?


I didnt understand one thing.

The standard cd and the 2cd version will have the same tracklist?

CJ Feeney

I feel I must speak up on behalf of Ms Samson, as I think the Division Bell was a stronger album lyrically than Momentary Lapse of Reason. Besides there is only one song on this album as opposed to the last two, so her contribution is much reduced this time around.

Lars Bagger

I think The Division Bell is the least enjoyable Pink Floyd album – period.

Actually I don’t regard it as a Pink Floyd album at all, but more as a David Gilmour solo album featuring Rick Wright and Nick Mason. And as much as I love the Pink Floyd albums, I am just not interested in David Gilmours output, and that includes The Endless River.

Still looking forward to deluxe editions of Animals and some of the early albums.


I’m still looking forward to deluxe edition of Animals, Meddle & The Wall in 5.1…


Is it a fitting tribute to Rick Wright to use out-takes for an album when they should really have been left untouched and included on the DB reissue as bonus content?

I assume Rick was part of the DB decision making process and decided with the others that these instrumentals should not figure and he has obviously not had chance to embelish any of his work.

Polly Samson writing the lyrics for Gilmour’s solo work is fine but for a Pink Floyd ‘album’ seems kind of wrong.

Julian H

Rick Wright stated around the release of TDB that there were leftovers that he considered better than some tracks that made the album. It was a democratic process (choosing the songs for TDB) and I’m sure that there were tracks he wanted to get on the album that weren’t used.

Peter Wolf

Rick i am with you, all in all i still can’t believe The Division was a massive ripoff price wise, i guess we all have fave formats to suit, but choice wise would love to have seen T.D.B similar to the previous Pink Floyd Immersion Box Sets and please include the marbles, i cracked up laughing when they were included, as the album was incomplete during the above sessions was the late great Storm had anything to do with the cover? There have been various comments from some muso’s suggesting
it’s utter rubbish and quite the opposite an album from Pink Floyd is an absolute bonus check it out. The cover are we sure they didn’t take any ideas from the movie The Life Of Pi great cover.

Bruno MacDonald

Atrocious as the artwork is, let’s give the kid who designed it a break: he did it with Photoshop on a lunchbreak, whereas Storm got a bazillion dollars and who knows how much time, and came up with the Delicate Sound Of Thunder cover.

Music-wise, the thought of stuff that wasn’t even good enough to be on The Division Bell makes me pale and tremble like the wan heroine of an Austen novel.


I mostly agree with others here. While this more appropriately should have been included on the super deluxe edition of the album from which it was culled, and it really may seem to be a crass attempt at cashing in, I don’t think the cover is all that bad. In fact, I sort of like it. I sincerely hope that the cover is not the only redeeming feature of this release.


Hey guys! I was a bit surprised that the first comments on “The Endless River” are discussing “The Division Bell”. o_O

It’s funy… Personally, I love everything I’ve heard and seen about this release so far.

I’m excited about it. I think the cover art looks great. The font is cool. The thought of releasing it together with TDB never crossed my mind. I love that it comes out in 5.1 on release day. I love that it comes in affordable configurations slim enough so I don’t have to buy a new shelf. I love that they dug up and incorporated bits of Rick Wright’s keyboard playing from 1969.

Either way, I think it’s gonna be a disc full of very good music that I can enjoy in 5.1, plus it’s completely unexpected and comes from a band that has massively influenced me as a person. Ergo, I’m happy. :-)

Paul, just a note: the 39 minutes of additional material (videos, audio) is not available on the DVD, only the Blu Ray. Check out the “Deluxe” section on pinkfloyd.com.


The cover is laughably bad. It’s like an illustration you’d see on some cheesy, banal new-age pamphlet pushed through your letterbox. Utterly tasteless. When I think of their past cover artwork, this simply defies comprehension. All it needs is a quote from Psalms in the bottom right-hand corner.

So far, not so good.


Is Polly Samson a member of Pink Floyd now then?


yes, of course.


In that case, so am I.


I can’t wait to play it but…The cover picture is terribly cheap and the font is inappropriate…This really hurts me! It seems I’m going to miss Strom Thorgenson even more than I already do…


Worst PF cover image since “Great Dance Songs”? Poorly Photoshopped boatman (clearly a reference to Wright) poling his way into the divine light of eternity…blehh.

Matthew North

FWIW I think they learned probably from selling out of the Division Bell DVD off the Floyd site that they had to make this album what the people want IE CD+DVD or Blue Ray. Maybe this might be the way they go for future re issues to. I see the Division bell box is finally under 90 quid on amazon today, but that’s still a good 25 quid above what its really worth IMHO. Look at the wall that went from nearly 130 quid at some retailers to 65 quid inc P&P When i finally bought it.

gary c

The excellentBurning Shed have the Blu ray/CD package for £21 right now


Amazon UK have it at £19.99.


Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware there would be a CD/BD version.

DJ Control

I bought the DB box set via Amazon.com for just under $100 incl shipping & think it’s a truly beautiful Deluxe Edition. If you’re not into vinyl I can understand why you would be a little reticent to buy. I’m actually happy they’re releasing endless river by itself because it is a standalone album even though it’s based on sessions from The Division Bell. It will be a nice tribute to Rick Wright.


I will state the obvious here.

1. Why on earth could they not have done the Division Bell in the cheaper CD/Blu-ray format and had this as a companion package?


2. Why on earth could they not have put together a lovely Division Bell/Endless River box set with all the discs?

The vinyl heavy Division Bell anniversary box with the Blu-ray as bait was poorly thought out – especially at £100+.

I fell for the Immersion scarf and marble nonsense purely for the 5.1 and bonus material but the Division Bell box could not be justified at that price.

CJ Feeney

Agree on both points. I got the Vinyl /DVD bundle available only on their website. They could have done an experience edition with both albums on it or an immersion box with DB endless River and Pulse……. And some marbles and coasters. Jethro Tull did something like this with the Passion Play/Chateau d’Isaster box set.
Anyone who got the DB deluxe box has a right to be angry. These are polished up outtakes, not new material.