Pink Floyd: The Wall 5.1 coming to SACD says James Guthrie

Pink Floyd / The Wall Immersion Box / track listing confirmed

Pink Floyd engineer James Guthrie has confirmed that he will be mixing The Wall album in 5.1 Surround and that this mix will appear on SACD (Super Audio CD), although there is no release date planned as yet.

In an interview with Floyd fan-site Brain Damage, Guthrie acknowledges what most Floyd fans have already grudgingly come to terms with, and that is that EMI are unwilling to amend their Why Pink Floyd? campaign release schedule, to allow for the time-consuming mix to be carried out. This means that the forthcoming Immersion Box of The Wall (due Feb 2012) will not contain a surround mix of the album, unlike the Immersion Boxes of The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here.

Guthrie also does not sit on the fence when it comes to his 5.1 surround mix of Wish You Were Here. He is quoted as saying “The SACD is absolutely the best way to hear the new 5.1 mix.” The SACD is available from Acoustic Sounds and did not form part of the recent Immersion Box.

Interestingly, he also mentions that much of the extra content for the Immersion sets “were chosen by some of the band managers and EMI”. He contrasts this to the Echoes project of 2001, in which all the tracks were selected by the band and himself.

Despite the lack of 5.1, The Wall Immersion Box still has two whole discs of unreleased demos, which probably means that many Pink Floyd fans will find it too hard to resist.

The Wall Immersion Box can be preordered here (US) and here (UK/Europe).

The full interview at Brain Damage is here.

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its june 24th 2020 the Pink Floyd boys are locked in limbo , the people who love their music would appreciate if they could settle down and do a deal , and get Animals and The Wall out in sacd , the modern music scene is very poor and we need this stuff , how about doing a charity concert for a good cause and bury the hatchet ,


it is the 28th of December 2019 and I am still waiting like many others here. Where is the problem?


Well it is now Feb 2018, I’ve just discovered the SACD and DVDa format. Have listened to Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here in 5.1 Surround and came across this trying to see if I could get my hands on The Wall in 5.1 Surround Sound. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, I wish I could say it would sell well, but to be frank it probably won’t. None the less I want to hear it :)

Keith Lambert

Same thoughts here! I can’t understand why we’ve not been treated to this already; the box sets were the perfect opportunity to put this out. Of all the albums that have been produced (not just PF), surely it’s one of the most suitable candidates for surround sound ever! I’d personally love to see this given the Steven Wilson treatment after his amazing work on the YES catalogue. That said, I’m not a PF expert so I’m guessing that there are many reasons why all of the aforementioned hasn’t happened. Time to do some digging and educate myself……


Well…… here it is Aug. 22, 2016 nearly 5 years after Guthrie said this and still no 5.1 surround.
Though in four days Guthrie and Grundman’s remix/remaster of The Wall is to be released on vinyl.


Myself i think this is just another rumor, hate to say it but that is only wishfull thinking..Mind you id love to see it.

Joseph Stone

Animals is the one I would live to see!

Joseph Stone

Any updates on this? Or does anyone think it’ll be released after the latest Roger Waters WALL blu-ray concert is released?


Why SACD? I don’t know anyone that has one or anyone currently selling them. It is an obscure format. Release it in DVD audio or BluRay


Is it too early then to say th 5.1 SACD “Wall” will not see the light of day? Do you know how the WYWH 5.1 SACD sold?


Obviously you aren’t very well informed on audio formats. There are more SACDs being released than DVD-Audio. Roger Water’s Amused To Death was the most recent major SACD release (also released on B-R). Movile Fidelity releases them and Audio Fidelity also does. Universal Music and Sony Music do as well.

Richard van Oosterhout

I am oke if after all possible 14 Immersion Box Sets that then there will be *or* sometime in between, a new box set containing not only the 5.1 but also the real thing in getting a Live DVD.

Let’s get for both :)


I knew it was bull crap its now 2015 and still No wall in 5.1