Pink Floyd to issue mono Piper At The Gates Of Dawn for Record Store Day

Pink Floyd will release the mono version of their 1967 debut The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn on vinyl LP for this year’s Record Store Day.

This is a new mono remaster by James Guthrie, Joel Plante and Bernie Grundman. The vinyl masters were cut in 2018 from the original analogue mono master tape.

The record is pressed on heavyweight vinyl and comes with a black poly-lined inner bag. To differentiate this mono from the stereo, Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis (with Peter Curzon) created some additional packaging in the form of a card envelope which features a psychedelic design, including a gold embossed version of the graphic by Syd Barrett which also features on the reverse of the original mono LP. That’s the image you can see above.

The package also includes gold and black labels, gold sticker, and a poster (540 x 388mm on art paper) featuring the original photograph (taken by the late Colin Prime in Ruskin Park, South London) that inspired Syd’s graphic.

The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn is released on 21 April.


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Ibhave finallyvfind time to listen to this vinyl. And the leastbyou can say is thatvthe sound is nothing short of amazing !! This is by far the best version of this album I have ever heard. The remaster is way “warmer” than the mono mix CD I have in the 40th anniversary triple CD. The sound is clear, vinyl quality is top notch (just listen to the start of astronomy domine), and even in mono the perceived sound scene is so large I first thought this was a stereo mix ! It is so much better balanced than the stereo mix, and the remaster is so good, you feel like you hear this fobthe first time

Andy Haines

Right. If RSD releases are ONLY ONE PER CUSTOMER, ONLY TO BE SOLD AT INDEPENDENT RECORD STORES AND ONLY ON THE DAY how come there are a dozen or so on eBay selling Pink Floyd’s Piper on Friday for far more than its selling in the shops and we are talking £60-£100 AND some are selling more than one copy??? RSD sucks big time and I for one think it should stop and releases made throughout the year. Some of us can’t queue in the early hours of get to a participating local record store.

Choba b CCCP

I’m very much happy with the current Pink Floyd Productions activity so I’m going to purchase this release definitely wherever I can find it. Plus the super cover is fascinating. Hope they’ll release the mono of A Saucerful Of Secrets come day. There are also some good old Floyd releases they haven’t reissued in this campaign yet: A Nice Pair, Works, Is There Anybody Out There (triple vinyl would be the thing) and Echoes.

Dean Taylor

Just been looking at banquet records site .. mono piper is listed at £27 no mention of numbers,also the zeppelin single is £11 and limited to 500 for the uk.. that will go like hot cakes.


Piper is being limited to 15,000 copies

Nass Khan

Of all the Floyd stuff you would like easily available is this one.

Dean Taylor

Please be aware that the price list posted on the pie and vinyl site is only an estimated list and not final , but yes things are looking expensive this year if it’s a good guide to go by .

Mike Chadwick

Just saw a price on this via Bull Moose music in the States (the people who co-ordinate RSD in the USA), their price USD 22.00

Pie and Vinyl in the UK (one of the lower priced shops in the UK) have advertised their RSD list and the UK retail is GBP 39.99

At least double the price here! Rip-offs once more courtesy RSD.


I agree that RSD has become a joke. The RSD ‘Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane’ 7 inch farce still rankles (more of them on ebay than in record stores). And what a joke the Stone Roses related Waterfront RSD thing is. The money may be going to charity, but those Waterfront demos are and always have been crap. There is no Ian or Reni in sight and they are certainly not worth mastering and putting on vinyl for a ludicrous price. In 2012, if someone had said: ‘Roses fans will have an old Brown-free and Reni-less early band demo to look forward to, because the lazy buggers won’t have come through with a new album’ I’d have totally believed it. Leopards and spots and all that…


The mono Piper was also released on cd in 1997. At the time it was 20 years ago that the Piper was released. But I wanted the mono version, and bought the cd, because the vinyl version was only in stereo available. I hope that the Floyd releasing Saucerful of Secrets in mono on cd or vinyl. And yes, it had to be released on the Early Years box already, still a beautiful box though.


30 years for 1997.

It was released again on CD for the 40th (2007) as a 3-CD set: 1 stereo, 2 mono, 3 three singles and B-sides plus some random oddities from the time.


Apologies Paul as not correct use of this thread but – PHWOOAR!

David Sylvian
Dead Bees on A Cake
UMC/Virgin EMI
First time on white vinyl for David Sylvian’s album from 1999. Includes 4 non-album tracks.

I’m quietly hoping/dreaming that this is the start of a Sylvian vinyl reissue campaign because my originals are pretty ‘well-loved’ (battered) from wear.

And ‘Secrets’ by The Human League as a three sided LP as well – blimey!

Yani P

A bit of sylvian a bit of sakamoto..what is not to like


I have the 40th anniversary 3 CD edition. I must say that the mono mix is far more balanced than the stereo mix. I have not heard the mono mix for SOS, but considering the fact that the stereo mix is really not good to my hears and unbearable when listened to with headphones ((I mean, vocals on one channel during “Set the controls”… What a mess). I hope the mono mix for SOS is(re)released at some point in time. I agree to the fact that these mixes should have been included in the Early years box.


It’s a very different mix to the stereo mix, there are no seagull sounds on the mono SOS. I have an original vinyl bought new when it came out. I can’t understand why it’s never been reissued.


Should have included this and Saucerful mono mixes on the expensive Early Years box set.


I think its funny how people always complain about RSD and about “flippers”….always the same story. Maybe its all about the insanity of the buyer??? People seem to loose there senses when something is “limited” (and most items these days are not limited at all and still everybody falls for that). In the last years I was mostly able to buy the stuff I wanted on RSD and if not than not. If people are willing to pay insane prices for RSD releases its their own fault, because if they would not, prices would not be that high. You can not own every vinyl on the planet, so relax and be happy with what you have….

Martyn Alner

“You can not own every vinyl on the planet…” – you’re on the wrong website matey!! :)

I really love RSD, yes it’s pricey, but you are propping up record shops who struggle through the rest of the year. My local store in Bournemouth (Rose Red records) have always pulled out the stops to get RSD releases that their clients want, and are very friendly people.

*Gets off Soapbox*


Some folks like me have to travel a 70 mile round trip to the nearest store and are therefore unable to buy the releases other than from the rip off merchants on ebay. So i consider myself able to moan all i like thank you


Thank you to all the SDE bloggers. My point exactly. RSD started out as a way to support local record stores, but it’s evolved into something that’s ridiculous. My local record store owners have a difficult time, if not impossible time, trying to get these items into their stores. I’ve requested, and tried to reserve RSD products, only to be told that they get them, still hoping to get them, or the 2 or 3 copies that did arrive were pre-sold. So now what? I end up looking at Ebay where the same items are 2 to 3 times mark-up. It really makes me mad :-(

Chris Squires

My local guy is fairly new, the shop has been open a couple of years and he plays it straight-as-a-die. He won’t let anyone pre-order anything or “put something aside”. This is a great attitude, mainly as I think he is worried that if he got caught doing that he would miss out on supply and it is, if not a lifeline, a major source of the year’s income. There are also no “staff” to sideline the pick of the bunch.
I would hope than the longer established (and more confident) shops play by the rules to the same level of honesty.

Stoked about Karl Jenkins’ “The Armed Man” getting a vinyl release at last. What with that and The Fellowship of the Ring finally on vinyl it makes Spring rather wonderful this year.


Thank you, Paul. I was also of the understanding that RSD was suppose to be for first-come, first served walk-in customers at music stores. But, as evidenced on Ebay (both in Europe and the U.S.) the Piper album (like other previous RSD releases over the last couple of years) is being pre-sold by vendors before its RSD release at after-market prices of over £74 . This indicates to me that product is being set aside and pre-sold outside the store, thus making less availability to walk-in customers who are playing by the rules.

David Marshall

Can we get some clarification on this part of the RSD web site description . Plus The Original Mono-Singles: 12 Arnold Layne 13 Candy And A Current Bun 14 See Emily Play 15 Apples And Oranges 16 Paintbox
Plus First Studio-Session, December 1965 (!): 17 Lucy Leave 18 I’m Your King Bee
Plus Alternate Mix, 1967: 19 Candy And A Current Bun


No. It will not happen.
1:1 as on the album.
And there will be one vinyl, not two


That’s a shame , but I gather there are other plans for those early 7″ / demo tracks

elliott buckingham

another great profit for the flippers who will sell for way more than it costs on the day. I’m all for selling music but I couldn’t buy a album for say £20 then flog it on for £40.

Craig Hedges

Why not, what’s to stop anyone from taking advantage of a situation. It’s happening all over the place, look at tickets, the government could have clamped down on that but haven’t bothered. Anything which has limited availability but mass demand is going on Ebay, and they and Paypal are the real winners at the day. It’s going to happen, you can’t stop it. Why should you feel guilt when there is a lot of people in this country who have too much money. if you feel guilty sell the items for a profit and donate the proceed to your favourite charity.

That’s not a bad idea – turn RSD into a charity event!


All the guys involved have been cutting from high res files, not analog tapes, prior to this. The hype sticker makes no mention of being cut from analog. How do the people on this site know it is actually cut from analog. I highly doubt it.

The Golden Age Of Record Collecting

I think I’ll stick with the double CD Mono/Stereo SE I picked up for £3 new, a few years ago.

Alan B

15000 copies? That’s what a top selling current release on vinyl will sell isn’t it? But as it is RSD release it will no doubt retail at twice the price of one of those similarly selling current top releases.

Chris Squires

Not the right thread but until we get an RSD comments page it’ll do….

Yay for some Sylvian, not the one I would have picked, I would have gone for the other melittologically titled album, but at last some proper movement on his earlier solo recordings. Chuffed to bits.


The universal list for RSD – Abba, Stones, T.Rex…Might get the Bobbie Gentry Live at the Beeb.


it’s limited toi 6.000 for the US + 15.000 for Europe

Limited to 15,000 copies*
*Europe only



The should have just reissued “A Nice Pair” 2LP in Mono :-|


A Nice Pair of Mono’s or A Nice Mono Pair?


4 Sigur Ros related releases on RSD.

Jeff R

The record store day page for this release is showing a bunch of extra tracks on the release: all of the early singles, Lucy Leave, I’m A King Bee, and an alternate Candy and a Currant Bun. Any ideas on if that tracklisting is legit? Is this a 2xLP release?


Steve Lorkin

Not anymore , looks like it will only be the album ..i.e no early singles.

Paul Murphy

I imagine with the Eurythmics’ ‘1984’ and Duran’s ‘Budokan’ amongst the offerings, you’re quite happy this year Paul?


Have to add myself to the irritated list. Would love a well-mastered copy of both Piper and Saucerful in mono (even though I have the 40th Anniversary Piper. These very ltd. specials will do nothing to satiate demand. I was half-hoping they would be in the uber-box but sadly not. Other than the Usual Suspects there seems to be little desire to release any kind of extended or high res sets

O(+> Peter B

One interesting RSD release is “Waking Up In Another Town – Weather Diaries Remixed” by Ride: https://twitter.com/rideox4/status/971099454521606147


I’m off to my local RSD record shop in Leeds on the 21st and would like a copy of this but not queuing from 5am will rule me out no doubt :(


Having perused this year’s list, there are definitely a few that seem like market tests for possible SDE’s, chief among them the Cure Mixed Up/Torn Down releases. Paul, any info there?

The Ride remix EP is tempting. I just wish it was known if there was a download code.


RSD is a joke. It started to encourage people to go to record stores. Now it’s a way to milk fans with “exclusives”. Shame on them.


It’s been taken over by the major record companies ages ago.

For instance, I’m on the Universal Music email list and have just received a preliminary list of releases from them.
That said, as a long time Sandy Denny fan, I will be trying the get her LP on coloured vinyl!

I also say to myself when in the Q at silly hours of a morning on RSD that I won’t be bothering next year, but I have said that for the last 7 years or so, and will be there this RSD!


One of the things, I just don’t like in whole RSD is that some flippers and hoarders buy several copies of the products and then sell them through ebay/discogs/etc with much larger sum of money making profit and so taking benefit. I think it’s gotten out of hand already few years ago.
I think the whole RSD is just made up by record-companies, their secret plot to lure people who normally or hardly never at all buy music in the same amounts as us, who get music all the time. Too bad the flippers and hoarders came into the picture, making mess of this all and destroying the original goodwill plan that record companies had come up with.

I’ve bought few items through the years, paid the normal prices and got them from independent record stores.
No way Im going to buy anything from those few people who are selling the items online for distortion prices. If I happen to miss some interesting release, so be it, ultimately it wasn’t made for me or then again there’s large possibility of any exotic RSD-release to get actual wider normal release later.

I might be getting some like, like this Pink Floyd debut, but dunno. I already have couple good pressings of it on vinyl and cd, so Im pretty covered and Syd Barrett era was already too overrated and I just can’t keep it as good as some the diehards do. So, have to look and see what happens, maybe I will get it..


I’m an avid collector but I stopped buying RSD. I can’t stand the scam.

Marshall Gooch

Rsd encourages you to shop at your local store by enticing you with exclusive releases. Nothing wrong with that. Besides, I like the comradery if meeting up with friends twice a year to chat and shop.


Beautiful, but I’m already seeing this limited RSD mono vinyl being posted on Ebay for €101 to €121! As lovely as this item is, it carries an absurd price tag that only the most dedicated fans (or should I say ‘wealthiest fans’) will be willing to pay; if they’re lucky enough to even reserve a copy. Many like myself, don’t like this frustration, and have to ask why the record company just can’t do a general release of this newly revamped Piper? If the album had a sensible mark-up for remastering and extra goodies, plus greater availability at brick & mortar and web-based stores, then the majority of PF fans could purchase this without feeling a lot of discomfort.

David M

The ebay price tag is meaningless. It could say 5,000 Euro too.

Marshall Gooch

So let ‘em. You decide what you’re willing to pay, they decide what they’re willing to pay. It’s that simple.

Kevin P

How about a full live show from anything between ’72-’77


I was hoping they would have re-created a facsimilé of the original mono UK cover, complete with flipbacks.
I’m a bit disapointed, and I’m pretty sure I won’t buy it.
(The mono Lp had already been reissued officially in 1997, and it was also in a newly created picture sleeve at the time :( ).

Benjamin Adams

The photo is an outer card sleeve. The regular sleeve will be inside it.

Matthew North

I am sure there will be plenty of copies of this about after all the interstellar overdrive one was available for ages, quick glance on ebay you can get one for £15 without too much bother.


We should have a sweepstake to guess the highest price a copy of this will go for on eBay in the days following RSD…

John Hatch

Bloody scalpers…… I’m working on RSD but I might nip into town after to check out the “leftovers”

Craig Hedges

I should imagine there is going to be thousands of Floyd fans worldwide who will want this. Like the Bowie stuff what are the record companies thinking they will achieve releasing these items by major artist through RSD.

As usual these will be bought by dealers who will charge ridiculous prices on Ebay…. you know what I’m going to join them this year. So if anyone wants a copy I’ll be getting up a 4.00 in the morning to queue outside my local record shop to buy all the copies of releases of major artists and selling them for a fortune on Ebay and I encourage everyone else to do the same until this farce is cancelled.


The “limited” Bowie promo set from last year is still readily available in new condition from some record shops, so I’m not sure the scenario you’re describing is by any means inevitable.


I think it’s more about ensuring independent record shops having a bumper pay day as opposed to satisfying the needs of people who like looking at and displaying records instead of playing them.


That’s more like it

Paul Taylor

Much as many people love the short lived Syd Barrett era, constantly releasing stuff from his era for RSD is getting a bit tiresome. I’d prefer to see some Gilmour era stuff getting a reboot.
Also, from my experience of The Zombies ‘ Begin Here, remastering an album from original 1967 tapes does not always produce a pristine reissue. 50 years of lying around is bound to result in tape deterioration


There seems to be this problem with PF fans that everything after The Final Cut is rubbish but all the Gilmour/Mason era records sold millions and millions of people saw them live in 87/88/89/94 on those tours.

Dean Taylor

Holy cow…..I’m all over this .. any idea how limited this is Paul .. I’m not one for fighting my way through rsd..

eric Slangen

6000 worldwide


This is a good sign. I don’t normally do vinyl but the mono mix of this album is by far the definitive mix. I hope that it is finally released in high resolution. The 40th anniversary edition (CD only) is currently the best available edition and it has been out of print for a while.

Sadly EMI pitched the multitracks decades ago so no multichannel mix will be possible.