Pixies / “Indie Cindy” deluxe edition


Indie Cindy, the Pixies‘ first studio album for over 20 years, will be issued as a special two-CD limited edition set.

The deluxe edition comes packaged as a casebound 40-page book with gold foiling and gold slipcase and the bonus disc is Live In The USA 2014, a 13-track live album. At the time of writing this set is available in European Amazon stores, but not the US site.

Casebound book and slipcase (click to enlarge)

All artwork is conceived by graphic designer Vaughan Oliver, who designed all previous Pixies albums. Indie City – also available on vinyl – will be released on 28 April 2014.

2CD Deluxe


Single CD

Deluxe 2CD track listing

Disc: 1

  • 1. What Goes Boom
  • 2. Greens And Blues
  • 3. Indie Cindy
  • 4. Bagboy
  • 5. Magdalena 318
  • 6. Silver Snail
  • 7. Blue Eyed Hexe
  • 8. Ring The Bell
  • 9. Another Toe In The Ocean
  • 10. Andro Queen
  • 11. Snakes
  • 12. Jaime Bravo

Disc: 2

  • 1. Bone Machine (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 2. Hey (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 3. Ana (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 4. Magdalena 318 (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 5. Snakes (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 6. Indie Cindy (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 7. I’ve Been Tired (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 8. Head On (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 9. The Sad Punk (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 10. Distance Equals Rate Times Time (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 11. Something Against You (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 12. Isla De Encanta (Live in the USA 2014)
  • 13. Planet Of Sound (Live in the USA 2014)

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Yep I’m with David on this one. I bought all three EP’s with the total cost over £50. You can preorder the album on vinyl with the same tracks for £15!! How does that work? ….

The latest EP was going for £14 and at the same time, the double vinyl album from amazon was basically the same price? Two 12″ slabs for the same price as the EP?

It would have been nice if some of the EP tracks where kept exclusive instead of compiling them and selling for a fraction of the original cost. But they have an bonus 7″ with the album! I think I’ll pass, cheers guys!


The album is called indie Cindy not indie city.


Hi Osko,
As far as I’m aware, they are one and the same – it’s just that RSD buyers are getting it a little earlier.
I’m a little miffed that I got suckered into paying £14 per 10-inch EP when there was a £15 double LP waiting round the corner. But hey, I just got some great Kate Bush tickets so I’ll suck it up!


Haha, that’s the spirit! I only got EP2.


I just read this on another site: “Furthermore, on Record Store Day 2014, the album will be available early in that same deluxe gatefold set, with a bonus 7″ single of “Women Of War” included.”


Hello! I’m a big fan of the site.
Do you know what’s the difference (if any) between the Record Store Day version of Indie Cindy and the regular vinyl version?
Thank you!


Too bad the music is rubbish. I love The Pixies, but this? Nah.