Pixies / New album Beneath the Eyrie

The Pixies have announced a new album Beneath the Eyrie with initial availability and exclusives via their own store.

The album is the follow-up to 2016’s Head Carrier and, like that album, was produced by Tom Dalgety. It features the same line-up, namely Black Francis (vocals, guitars), Joey Santiago (guitars), David Lovering (drums), and Paz Lenchantin (bass)

Beneath the Eyrie features 12-tracks (preview ‘On Graveyard Hill’, above) and available on black vinyl and CD (as you would expect). A deluxe CD contains the same 12-tracks but boasts “DVD sized hard-back book” packaging with a 20+ page book.

Exclusive to the band’s store is a deluxe box set that features two clear vinyl records with the second LP containing nine unheard demos. In the box you also get a CD, a book and a download code. A super deluxe bundle is also unavailable elsewhere and brings together ‘everything’ – the box set, black vinyl, deluxe CD, cassette and T-shirt.

The deluxe box set features unheard demos and is exclusive to the band’s store

The new album is released on 13 September 2019 and coincides with the start of a European tour.

Official store highlights

Beneath the Eyrie

Side A:

1. In The Arms Of Mrs Mark Of Cain
2. On Graveyard Hill
3. Catfish Kate
4. This Is My Fate
5. Ready For Love
6. Silver Bullet

Side B:

7. Long Rider
8. Los Surfers Muertos
9. St. Nazaire
10. Bird Of Prey
11. Daniel Boone
12. Death Horizon

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Chris steiger

At first listen the new album is hit or miss, but after a few more it gets better. I think this is the best of the 3 new albums so far, defintley… it is no trompe le monde or bossanova for that matter but it is pretty damn good nonetheless…


My deluxe package cam last Friday also along with a 7” single. Really enjoying the album and demos, art and presentation is first class

Dean Taylor

Just received my deluxe vinyl set .. fantastic package.. would have done 4ad proud ..,so glad I pre orderd as now sold out , really good record too, the demos are abum in there own right , any fan waiting on this is in for a treat. .


Excited to hear this newest effort. I liked Head Carrier; it wasn’t exactly a smash like the earlier records, but still plays through extremely well as only a Pixies record can.

I second Fredster’s advice to pick up the RSD reissues of Frank Black’s first two solo albums; amazing stuff.

[…] Beneath The Eyrie is now available via Amazon UK as an exclusive signed CD edition. The album was announced earlier this month with an exclusive box available via the band’s official store, but nothing signed was […]

Enrico G.

I like both IC and HC and will see them live in Bologna Italy, on 11/11.
Can’t wait to listen to this one.


Postage to Belgium : €22,70. WTF?


Yeah is the same to post to Ireland.

€22.70. Get LPs and boxsets on a regular basis from the UK and from other European countries and the P & P is never that much.


Just to present an alternate view: despite my better judgment–I had originally decided I’d buy no new Pixies albums from the post-Deal era–I bought Indie Cindy and liked it considerably more than I probably should. Head Carrier, on the other hand, was a complete dud, I thought.


I love Indie Cindy, even if it is basically 3 eps bunched together. The RSD vinyl of it plays at 45 and sounds amazing. Wasn’t as impressed with the vinyl of head carrier even though I like the album. Maybe I should start wearing the T-shirt that came with that box set before the new one arrives

Elizabeth Ursula Hirst

I loved the package they put together for Head Carrier, which was a pretty strong album. pre-ordering the deluxe version of this was one of the easier decisions I made this week.

Quizmaster Flash

My all time favourite band since I saw them play with MBV back in 88.
However the songs since the reformation are not in the same stratosphere as the albums up to and including Trompe Le Monde .
Content to still be able to see them live , Manchester Apollo in September.


50/50 on this Indy Cindy was crap and Head Carrier was pretty good. Will spotify 1st


I’m impressed by the packaging (Indie Cindy and Head Carrier had awful cover art), a bit less by the new song which is Pixies by numbers.

Critics are a bit harsh with them since the reunion. Look at the score Pitchfork gave Indie Cindy… Everyone wants them to make another Surfer Rosa or another Trompe Le Monde (their best, imo), but no one expects McCartney to make another Abbey Road or Ram.
The Pixies are not amazing as they used to be (how could they be ?), but songs like Tenement Song, Magdalena or Baal’s Back are very good tracks.

Everyone who loves the band should track the reissues of Frank Black’s first two solo albums on 4AD, which have just been released for record store day. They’re absolute masterpieces and on par with anything in his band’s canon.


Tenement song is indeed fab!

Peter Muscutt

Anyone know if payment is taken immediately at the Pixies web store or only at time of release? I suspect the former, but I’m a sucker for a clear vinyl…


Another Head Carrier fan here. “I bet he’s a classic masher, he toot-toots when he likes the view” was the lyrical couplet of 2016.

Liam Bastick

On behalf of our respective bank balances, we the undersigned hereby prohibit Mr. Paul Sinclair of SuperDeluxeEdition to stop publishing releases, deals etc. so that our families may still talk to us and further so we do not appear on future episodes of Hoarders.


As I clicked on the link I thought “This is a dangerous site” and sure enough I has spent £98 30 seconds later…


Man I hope those Demos don’t stay crappy old vinyl-only…

Regan Judson

I must say, the prices are not unreasonable!


I really like the mercurial rocker, “On Graveyard Hill,” and the tastefully cryptic 4AD-style graphics presented on the “Beneath the Eyrie” album cover. The Pixies always had some of the best artwork on the their albums, and I’ll be aiming for the deluxe CD with the 20+ page book, and maybe the vinyl LP.

I’ve been a longtime Pixies/Frank Black fan, and appreciate their historic shaping of the grunge-punk-art-rock sound that lead the way for many indie-label bands, as well as having a big influence on Kurt Cobain. But, taking such a long hiatus, the Pixie’s last album, “Head Carrier” was somewhat complacent and disappointing. If “Beneath the Eyrie” presents the band at full throttle again (as the Pixie’s new single is indicating), I’m all in!!

Mad Earwig

I am amazed that you didn’t like “head carrier” it is awash with stunning power chords and hooks aplenty.

I think ‘tenement song’ is one of their best tracks as well as ‘ oona’ and plenty of others. The production is good and lacks the frenetic nature of earlier albums but I guess we all like our own thing!

Looking forward to this new one too.