Prodigy’s Keith Flint dies aged 49

Prodigy singer Keith Flint has died aged 49. He was found dead at his home in Essex this morning. There are no further details at this time.

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Robert Laversuch

Sad news. Hope he is at peace now. Rest well.

David Carter

RIP Keith
Saw them a couple of times, once when they supported and in my opinion blew away Oasis at Knebworth.
The Fat of the Land still stands up as a fantastic album, one of the best electronic albums ever.


RIP firestarter

John 79

Such SAD SAD news, he was musical genius and a gifted entertainer ,
Keith Flint

My condolences to his family, friends and the band


RIP Keef. Loved the band live and on album. Kicking myself I didn’t see them tour Australia last month. Saw them a few times in the late 90s. The Prodigy are amazing and Keef will be greatly missed!

Rik Skyline

R.I.P Keith. The Prodigy won’t be the same without you. Big love and respect from the North of England. XXX.


Total opposite end of the spectrum of musical styles from Mark Hollis, but just as important and influential. God knows how I survived watching The Prodigy live onslaught at Glastonbury in ’97.

Another sad loss. :-(


Shock. Utter shock. Thanks Keith for being one of the most compelling and exciting live performers I’ve ever seen.


This makes me sad, and not just because I was going to see the Prodigy live for the first time in May. He was apparently a truly nice person, and his suicide seems to have surprised everyone, including Liam. I guess you just never know. *sniff*


What terrible news to start the week. Prodigy albums have been an “event” for me for the last few decades. Like, a “take the day off work, lock the doors, turn off the phone & crank the stereo till the walls rattle” kind of event. Keith will be missed, massively.

Paul Fraser

This is indeed sad news. For all the ‘Britpop’ moments of the 1990s, the most iconic would have to be Keith in that tunnel for the Firestarter video. Up there with Bowie doing Starman on TOTP or Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk at the Motown celebration.


Very very sad and unbeliveable news about Keith Flint. He seemed to be one of those guys who just seemed destined to live forever.
I got into the Prodigy with that first chart single Charly back in 1991, and recognised that there was something very special about this band, and continued to follow them as they matured and changed, leaving all the other ravers far behind, turning from just another rave outfit into a major rock band, fusing hard-core dance with hard-core punk in a way that possibly only Germany’s Alec Empire and his many projects could match.
And fronting it all was Keith; a mix of Iggy Pop and Ozzy Osbourne, he was probably the greatest and wildest frontman of any major rock’n’roll band in the past 30 years.
Away from the stage he was said to be a really nice guy, with a terrific sense of humour as many of his friends and collegues have testified. His other interests are said to have included gardening and motorbikes; and that probably sums him up the best – a man of total extremes!
Like AC/DC (another personal fav band) you always knew what you were going to get with a Prodigy album. Yes, some were better than others, but they never let you down, and I always wished they could of made more records. From Fat Of The Land onwards there was always an average of about five years between each album, but playing live was the Prodigy’s real forte, and that’s where Keith the Wildman really came into his own.
Bless you Keith, you were one the best.
Rave on, you Firestarter, rave on.

G. Guillaume

@Instragram theprodigyofficial
The news is true , I can’t believe I’m saying this but our brother Keith took his own life over the weekend ,
I’m shell shocked , fuckin angry , confused and heart broken ….. r.i.p brother Liam #theprodigy


I’m gutted and don’t know what to say.
Gone far too soon.
First Mark Hollis and now Keith Flint.
I too hope 2019 won’t be another 2016.
Rest In Peace, Keith.
You will never be dead to me.

stephen bird

absolutely gutted glad i had the chance to see them live at Knebworth supporting Oasis RIP Keith

Steve Robertson

Confirmed as suicide. I am gutted. I grew up with their music.

Jilted Generation and Fat Of The Land are 2 classics.

robert tyrrell

it says on the prodigy Instagram it was suicide


Feels like a very sore one. Like a lot of people, it was with “Firestarter” that The Prodigy first really caught my ear and his performance was a massive part of that. The same was true of “Breathe”, with him and Maxim trading lines across Howlett’s thrillingly bouncy bassline, a tremendous record. It felt like *everyone* bought “The Fat Of The Land” and they caught a mood – hedonistic but not sheltered; darkness seen, darkness approaching but responding by dancing into the light.

For various reasons, it makes me tremendously sad when any life ends this way.

I hope you’re at peace now Keith.


Keith Flint took his own life…I’m shocked…Still remember the first time I heard the Prodigy in the early 90s with the single “Everybody In The Place”…They were innovative and incredible on stage in the 90s…RIP Keith Flint.

From the Guardian :
Liam Howlett, who formed the group in 1990, confirmed his death was a suicide. “The news is true, I can’t believe I’m saying this but our brother Keith took his own life over the weekend,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’m shell shocked, fuckin angry, confused and heart broken ….. r.i.p brother Liam”.

Andy b in the place 2 b

Another tortured genius takes own life. Glad I saw them in 1997 awesome live.


Sadly, Liam Howlett has said as much on Instagram.


it’s on Prodigy’s Instagram:
Very sad, i saw them last year in Amsterdam. Concert of the year.


Can I add a note of caution: please do not ‘romanticise’ mental health problems especially with regard to creativity. There are plenty of creatives who don’t have mental health issues, and plenty of people with mental health problems who are not remotely creative. While there is some albeit inconclusive evidence of connections between mental illness and creativity this should on no account discourage someone from seeking proper treatment if they feel they have mounting problems. I work in the creative field (film/TV) and broached this subject with an NHS psychologist I had cause to see – he told me he had a number of people who had creative/artistic leanings/ambitions who refused the recommended treatments on the grounds that it might remove their creativity and imagination and, effectively, lessen their ability to live up to the ‘tortured artist’ ideal – the outcomes, he said, were not often good.

Australian art critic Robert Hughes had this to say on the subject: “It was van Gogh’s madness that prevented him from working; the paintings themselves are ineffably sane, if sanity is to be defined in terms of exact judgment of ends and means and the power of visual analysis”. It’s generally believed that our modern view of the doomed, tortured Romantic artist was all but begun with one painting – The Death Of Chatterton (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Death_of_Chatterton) – hardly an ideal I, or anybody else, should want to emulate.

If someone has mental health problems see an appropriate healthcare professional or counsellor.

G. Guillaume

R.I.P. Keith.

Kevin Galliford

RIP Keith. Gone way too soon. I hope this is not going to be another year like 2016 when there were too many who left us…