R.E.M. / REMTV: six-DVD box set


Well, well. We were all wondering why Rhino didn’t combine the two-CD version of R.E.M.‘s Unplugged release with a DVD containing videos of the performances (as they did with Eric Clapton) and the reason is simply because they were ‘saving’ that content for REMTV, a new six-disc DVD set that chronicles the ‘story’ of R.E.M. through the medium of MTV appearances over the years and decades. This new collection includes live performances, award show highlights, and television appearances, as well as a new documentary about their shared history.

The first DVD contains both of the group’s performances on MTV Unplugged (1991 and 2001) and also features the outtakes that were included on the 2014 CD and vinyl releases.

The second disc features a 1998 appearance on VH1’s Storytellers (expanded to include unaired performances of several songs and also featured are performances taken from various MTV award shows through the years, as well as the band’s 2007 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The next three discs present 13 years worth rare live performances recorded from 1995 onwards – 99 songs in total preformed in different countries around the globe. Amongst all this content are two free concerts filmed for broadcast: Live In Cologne (5/12/01) and R.E.M. Live In Athens, Greece (10/5/08) which appear here in their entirety for the first time.

A new feature-length documentary, R.E.M. By MTV is included on the final DVD and finishes of this set in style.

REMTV is released on 24 November 2014.


Disc One
Unplugged 1991
Outtakes 1991
Unplugged 2001
Outtakes 2001

Disc Two
VH1 Storytellers
Storytellers Outtakes
The Cutting Edge
MTV 10th Anniversary Special
Video Music Awards 1993
Video Music Awards 1995
European Music Awards 1998
European Music Awards 2001
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 2007
The Colbert Report 2008

Disc Three
R.E.M. In Dallas
R.E.M. Uplink At Bowery Ballroom
Live In Cologne
Live In Cologne Outtakes

Disc Four
R.E.M. At The Tabernacle, London
MTV Sonic Milan
Rock AM Ring
Rock AM Ring Outtakes

Disc Five
Live At Rolling Stone, Milan
Live At Oxegen Festival
R.E.M. Live In Athens, Greece

Disc Six
Deleted Scenes

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Luke Hopkinson

Does anyone know if the sound it Dolby Digital 5.1 or 2.0 ? I just bought the set and have it here but don’t want to open if it is only DD 2.0, Someone please let me know and help me out, I did but the digital download, is there any reason to keep the dvd box set ? Also will this ever be on Blu-Ray, Some on the stuff on the download is in HD, Thanks

[…] REMTV is out on 24 November 2014. Full details can be found here. […]

Paul N

I want one too,,, Is there gonna be a blu ray edition?

David Olstein

There’s a ton of material from the early years that’s missing, from their first appearance on David Letterman, to their concert at the Capitol Theater with Roger McGuinn, to Rockpalast. Hopefully we’ll get a volume 2 some day.


The goal with this is to collect all MTV material in one box.
Obviously would love a second volume of other material as well, but licensing from different networks / tv stations + different countries is a hell lot of difficult work to obtain all the rights.

Mirko Roenicke

I ordered this item last weekend on amazon.de.The prize was 5 euro cheaper then now.B
But if anybody is a big REM-fan he should order the boxset from REMHQ.com:
Pre-order now and you will receive a instant download in your my account area of the R.E.M. Supersonic, Milan show, available to watch straight away.


Really impressed by this. Nice collection of all the gigs recorded by MTV. Nice to have all this in one boxset, seems one or the other VHS will finally rest in peace :)


So this has nothing pre-1991? I find it hard to believe REM didn’t make any appearances on MTV before then, especially during the late ’80s when Document and Green were big hits in the US.


the Cutting Edge stuff is fromthe 80s


Bruce, I have read elsewhere that The Cutting Edge footage is from 1984 (six songs) and Livewire is from 1983 (two songs.) So not a lot, but at least it’s something from the earlier years.

DJ Control

Will have to get this one. There is so much content coming out for November my piggybank will have to be raided.

CJ Feeney

Do you think I could get away with giving this to one of the kids for Christmas? Or do you think they’d prefer the Basement Tapes?