R.E.M. / “Unplugged” issued on CD


Just like The DoorsWeird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine, Rhino will release R.E.M.’s Unplugged: 1991-2001 The Complete Sessions on CD following its Record Store Day limited release as a four-LP set.

Like the vinyl version this two-CD edition features every performance from the two original broadcasts (1991 and 2001), as well as 11 songs that never aired.

Unplugged is released on 19 May 2014 (see below for full track listing).

Track listing

Unplugged: The Complete 1991 and 2001 Sessions

1991 Unplugged

  • 1. “Half A World Away”
  • 2. “Disturbance at the Heron House”
  • 3. “Radio Song”
  • 4. “Low”
  • 5. “Perfect Circle”
  • 6. “Fall on Me”
  • 7. “Belong”
  • 8. “Love Is All Around”
  • 9. “Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”
  • 10. “Losing My Religion”
  • 11. “Pop Song 89”
  • 12. “Endgame”
  • 13. “Fretless”*
  • 14. “Swan Swan H”*
  • 15. “Rotary 11”*
  • 16. “Get Up”*
  • 17. “World Leader Pretend”*

2001 Unplugged

  • 1. “All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be a Star)”
  • 2. “Electrolite”
  • 3. “At My Most Beautiful”
  • 4. “Daysleeper”
  • 5. “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)”
  • 6. “Losing My Religion”
  • 7. “Country Feedback”
  • 8. “Cuyahoga”
  • 9. “Imitation of Life”
  • 10. “Find the River”
  • 11. “The One I Love”*
  • 12. “Disappear”*
  • 13. “Beat a Drum”*
  • 14. “I’ve Been High”*
  • 15. “I’ll Take the Rain”*
  • 16. “Sad Professor”*

* Not included in original television broadcast

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[…] vinyl edition as two separate double-LP sets in September. The Warner Music imprint has already issued these titles on CD and these vinyl releases now effectively make the RSD release […]


The U2 and REM supergroup (Automatic Baby) version of “One” was actually available on the Childline compilation CD. See below:



Im glad to see this being released on cd.
Some of the prices are outrageous already and it deserves a wide release. I have the original first show on boot cd for ages and its excellent. One of the bonus tracks is Stipe and members of U2 and REM doing U2’s “One” before a D.C. show, which I liked better than the original, essential. Unfortunately it was a bonus on a boot and unlikely to ever find an official release.

Alan Fenwick

386320 I’ve seen the debate surrounding the Ghostbusters disc, many different reports for the numbers on that, i’ve seen people say 1,000, 2,000 etc and now were seeing numbers in the high 5,000’s. Also i’ve heard reports of people receiving them without a number at all, so it’s all a bit strange that one.

As far as REM goes, the numbers for that are a lot more believable, they sold out damn quick and many stores only got 1 or 2 copies. When the online sales went live, I counted only 3 stores so far that had any stock left to sell online, and if you blinked you were too late.

Numbers on ebay so far suggest around 150 sets sold so far, so thats only 10% of the total sale, so it’s not a lot really.


the RSD edition is not numbered so we must believe to the list in RSD site??
in that list they stated 2000 pieces for Ghostbusters 10″ while I got copy n. 2054 and on Ebay I saw a number over 5000 !!


I too wonder why this isn’t a 2 DVD 1 DVD package. The complete 2001 video is out there on bootleg (includes The Great Beyond and La Bamba). The complete video of the 1991 session would be nice to see too.


A pity it’s not a CD/DVD release like the recent Eric Clapton Unplugged re-release. The DVD has a nice 5.1 surround mix.


I agree.


Record Store Day limited release as a four-LP set, is it really limited ??
There are so many for sale on eBay !!

Alan Fenwick

It’s one of the hardest RSD releases to get your hands on this year, hence the reason you’re seeing so many on Ebay (easy money for those that are into that sort of thing), It’s limited to 1,000 copies USA and 500 the rest of the world.