Radiohead / OK Computer 3LP blue vinyl

When the reissue was first announced, SDE followed with interest readers’ advice on how to get hold of the ‘indies-only’ blue vinyl edition of the forthcoming 3LP vinyl reissue of Radiohead‘s OK Computer. 

There was some gnashing of teeth as certain retailers over-promised – taking and then cancelling many orders. But if you missed out we have good news: Germany’s JPC are now taking pre-orders.

This triple vinyl package is dubbed ‘OKNOTOK’ and the three 180g blue vinyl records containing 23 tracks in total – album, three unreleased tracks and B-sides, all remastered, “from the original analogue master tapes”.

This is available right now for €27 (or £23).

Bonus material on the 3LP set (in addition to the remastered album)

1. “I Promise” (Previously unreleased)
2. “Man of War” (Previously unreleased)
3. “Lift” (Previously unreleased)
4. “Lull”
5. “Meeting in the Aisle”
6. “Melatonin”
7. “A Reminder”
8. “Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)”
9. “Pearly*”
10. “Palo Alto”
11. “How I Made My Millions”

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J man

I received my amazon japan order. It was correctly labelled with the blue sticker, and on the back the barcode ended with the X – all good. But the barcode was on the plastic sleeve and I peeled back to reveal the barcode printed on the cover which did not have the X!

I opened it up and to my relief it was the blue version – but this is all quite confusing!!

David Carter

Big shout out to Jumbo records who on receiving my mislabelled black version, managed to obtain me a correct blue copy, hugely grateful so thanks guys



I was wondering if i’d still be able to order one?

Also just out of interest roughly how long did it take to come from when your ordered the record?

Cheers Adam


Glad to say I entirely echo Stephen’s comments.

I originally ordered the standard vinyl copy from Waste then got wind of the blue version, only to discover it was sold out everywhere I looked. Found the JPC option via SDE and placed my order immediately.

Arrived yesterday and, despite nothing to suggest it was the limited edition version on the packaging, when opened the beautiful blue vinyl was revealed, much to my delight (and relief).

Cheers Paul

PS. How epic was that performance at Glasto?



One of the best performances I’ve seen in a long while, I’m lucky enough to see them in Glasgow in a weeks time.

I was wondering if i’d still be able to order one?

Also just out of interest roughly how long did it take to come from when your ordered the record?

Cheers Adam


Hi Adam

Suspect all options of the blue vinyl have been taken sadly. Google may help but the listings I’ve seen are effectively out of stock (and always will be).

From Germany mine took about three working days.


Hi Pete,

Cheers for getting back to me, thats a shame i’ll be on the lookout or i will just settle with the normal black record.

Stephen Mappley

JPC set arrived today perfectly packaged and full of lovely blue vinylness. Sound is richer than original CD (or it might just be my excitement… No, I’m just finishing side 1 and there’s definitely more clarity around the instruments.). Thanks again for the heads up, Paul.


Currently on amazon for £32

Steve Edwards

Vinyl (7 July 2017)
Number of Discs: 3
Format: Box set
Label: Import
ASIN: B07258ZT6C

Description on Amazon states its blue then later, black.
Anyone shed any light on this?

steve edwards

NOTOK…….jpc Germany sent 3 black when I ordered blue.
Have emailed them but think I’m screwed.

Kai Karkkainen

I ordered the blue edition from JPC as well and received a black one. Now waiting for their reply… My second order from JPC, they cancelled the first one and now they sent an incorrect item. Won’t be using them anymore, that’s for sure.

David Carter

Oh god minds the same looks like a phone call to Jumbo in the morning

David Carter

Received mine from Jumbo Records, all labelled as blue with the correct stickered barcode delighted but when i finally opened it today the vinyl was black, absolutely gutted

Steve Rickard

I see on discogs somebody else has received black vinyl labeled as blue, also disc 3 is missing and they have 2 discs of disc 2.

Dean T

My copy from boomkat just arrived….it’s really nice …the blue vinyl is perfect for the packaging…makes you want a spare copy…wil give it a spin soon . Watched them on the telly last night ..wow…


I picked up a copy on Thursday in blue in the South of England: small shop with multiple copies.

mark browne

Yes!…just picked up a copy of the opaque blue limited edition 3 x LP at Juno records..currently instock as of 9.30 am 23/06/17 !!!

mark browne

the release date of juno records 3 x blue vinyl has changed to 26th June? im monitoring everything! i need this in blue..nothing else will do!

Dean T

If you snooze you lose!…
Keep an eye on Juno records …it’s still listed as forthcoming and will come up soon I think and I received a news letter from Norman records today…they are hoping for more stock tomorrow…just keep trying …you will get lucky I’m sure..


Annnnnd everywhere is out of stock again! Including this place

Dean T

Norman records have stock too…feeling sorry for those who bought on eBay for silly money.

Dean T

Now record store U.K is showing pre order status …and they cancelled my order too…

Dean T

Looks like it might be coming back into stock in some places ….boomkat has some ( I just ordered one ) and so does phonica records…at lest it let me put one in the basket, but there a bit pricey..
If you want one try Boomkat..

Dean T

Great …just pre ordered …just in case my jcp order falls through…l have my doubts about it though …time will tell and can always cancel or return. Maybe there are more blue copies being made available.

Phil Wilson

This is showing on amazon.co.uk at £26.19 with a release date of 7th July, the blue vinyl version


Mark R

Ordered! Thanks!

Mark R

I’ve had the same problem as Chris. I pre-ordered this straight away through JPC in Germany. I received the confirmation email but a few days later received one back saying there was a problem with my card. Absolute balderdash. Of course, when I tried to re-preorder they had run out. What a cop out.

By the way Paul, if you’ve never bought one of Chris Cornell’s album, you should try his last solo effort, Higher Truth. A lovely album if a bit long. Soundgarden’s Superunknown is a must though!

Nick Preece

No….. You Don’t have to pay any more Import Taxes from Japan – they take that upfront….. I just ordered 2 copies for £66 including postage and Import Taxes….. so £33 each….. much better than £80-£90 off the EBay Sharks….. can’t believe people are still buying off eBay when you can get it from Amazon Japan much cheaper!

Steven Roberts

Just be aware that if ordering from Japan, there is the chance that your package may be caught by customs – in which case you’ll be looking at another £15 or so on top…..

Nick Preece

Blue Copies are Still Available on Amazon Japan….. amazon.co.jp ….. sounds daunting if you don’t speak Japanese….. it’s easy….. go onto Google and just type Amazon Japan In English….. it translates the page automatically…… make sure you order the right colour….. blue copy is cheaper than the black copy….. it is £31.00 including postage to the UK….. you can order as many as you like!


I ordered from JPC on Sat afternoon and got order confirmation through.
Got a further email from their Service team this morning saying there was a problem with my card, so I would have to ‘place the order again.’
When I replied asking how I would go about this, got a further reply saying I couldn’t as the record was ‘no longer available’…..

Nick Preece

You can still get them from Amazon Japan….. £31 including shipping to the UK


I wasn’t even interested until I saw they had started to sell out. Then I looked on JPC and missed my chance by umming and arring! Luckily I saw the post about hhv.


I might have bought the last copy on JPC site, yesterday morning at 11.50 AM.
Thanks Paul!


never ordered from a foriegn record store , it appears a fair few here have so im asking maybe a daft question but are they okay to deal …..

Pete Muscutt

Cora – I’ve never ordered from a foreign site either, but had a go on the German JPC site – was pretty simple, just translate to English/set the site to UK language and proceed as normal. I did use PayPal rather than enter a credit/debit card but otherwise it was just like ordering from Amazon. Have yet to encounter any problems but was sent an order confirmation etc. and it seems they have a problem resolution centre if anything goes awry.

Paul Mac

cora, as mentioned I’ve ordered from HHV before and had no issue, they’re a bricks-and-mortar shop in Berlin so there shouldn’t be any issue.


Managed to get one from hhv. Phew!


Blue vinyl is no longer availabe at JPC but hhv still have it.

Dean T

I would laugh my socks off if after all this the standard black vinyl became the rare one !….

Pete Muscutt

It’ll probably be the case Dean!! Best get one of each lolol


Managed to grab a copy late last night hopeful will come through

Paul Mac

Thanks for the tip, Marco, I missed it on JPC but was able to order on HHV. Already had an account with them after recently ordering the German indie only version of Sleep Is For The Weak 10th Anniversary. Only thing is their shipping isn’t cheap (€10 to Ireland) but UK to Ireland isn’t cheap for vinyl anyway.


Also available here:

HHV is a very good shop from Berlin, they also have lot of exklusive Vinyls, like colored editions from Anderson Paak.


jpg.de is a very good store, ordered lots of stuff from them.
A shame that I see this only now, I checked on their site for a few days after missing lots of pre orders on other indie shops…. and now here it is. I’m sur they have done their job well by seeing how many copies they will get before putting it on the store, not like recordestore.co.uk

Chris Squires

I have a horrible feeling it’ll be the same awful scenario as the recordstore.co.uk debacle.

With only 3,000 worldwide I can’t see how one shop can get 25+ copies and that’s just the peeps who have posted here on this thread on top of jpc’s usual customers who don’t know SDE exists. It COULD be a rather sneaky way to get 25 to 30 fresh registrations and get us used to using their website so we might be more likely to go there again? The positive soul in me hopes not and I am totally wrong…but I can’t see how one store would get so many copies when all bricks and mortar independents would want copies.

David M

If this is true then people will suddenly become less interested in having it.

Rick Whitford

Thanks for the info,ordered,it will go well with the web site only box set.


Thank you so much for the heads up on this. I was bumming out that I missed and was considering spending WAY too much on ebay. But I say this 1 minute after you posted it on FB and I got one! :)


In case you have not gotten your copy, hhv Germany seems to have some left



Thanks, I wasn’t too bothered about this but some how I couldn’t resist the urge to buy.


Gone now. Managed to place my order at 9 PM. Thanks Paul!


Just ordered mine at 23.40 – thanks for the heads up Paul
Going for £75 on eBay!


Dear Paul – many thanks for this. I thought i had missed out but thanks to you i have (hopefully) bagged a copy. This really is an excellent site. Keep up the great work.


Ordered , Thanks for the tip off


Still there…..ordered at 10.25pm :)
Thanks for putting this up !


Thanks for the heads up.


Am I the only one feeling totally unenthusiastic about the OK Computer reissues in general? There’s just so little to convince me…


Nope. I don’t even think it’s their second best album…

Auntie Sabrina

I totally agree with you William England. Some chancer on Amazon wants over £930 for the Kraftwerk blu-ray boxset that should be £105 to £130.

Steve Lowe

Ordered mine at 7:32pm wonder how long we can still order for?