Rammstein / XXI / 14LP vinyl box set


German industrialists Rammstein celebrate their 21st anniversary with their first-ever vinyl box set, containing all six of their studio double albums so far, plus a bonus ‘Rarities’ double LP…

While their fans patiently await a new album from these purveyors of Neue Deutsche Harte (New German Hardness) – Rammstein’s last studio release was back in 2009 – Universal Music release this comprehensive set in good time for Christmas.

It includes the following double LPs, all remastered by Svante Forsbäck, pressed on heavyweight 180g vinyl and housed in gatefold sleeves with original artwork:

  • • Herzeleid* (‘Heartbreak’, 1995)
  • • Sehnsucht* (‘Longing’, 1997)
  • • Mutter (‘Mother’, 2001)
  • • Reise, Reise* (“Travel, Travel’, 2004)
  • • Rosenrot* (‘Red-Rose’, 2005)
  • • Liebe ist für alle da (‘Love Is For Everyone’, 2009)*

*First release on vinyl


All bar their debut album reached number one in the German charts (Herzeleid fell short heartbreakingly short at number six), with Liebe ist für alle da achieving the greatest international success peaking at 16 and 13 in the UK and US charts respectively.

This new box set is bolstered by bonus double LP, Raritäten (‘Rarities’) including non-album songs taken from singles, fan editions etcetera, plus, most notably, a previously unreleased version of the song Los (‘Less’) in which Rammstein wittily describe the experience of being in Rammstein and criticisms of their work (sample lyrics: That should be forbidden / It’s witless / What they’re trying here / So tasteless / How they’re making music / It is hopeless / Senseless / Helpless /They are god… less. 

For those of you not familiar with Los, here’s a YouTube video… with no actual video to accompany the song. Well, less is more…

XXI is released on 4 December 2015.



Track List for Raritäten

Side A

  • Feuerräder – Single: Engel (Fan Edition), 1997
  • Wilder Wein – Single: (Fan Edition), 1997
  • Das Modell – Single: Das Modell, 1997
  • Kokain – SIngle: Das Modell, 1997

Side B

  • Stripped – Single: Stripped, 1998
  • Halleluja – Single: Links 2 3 4 , 1998
  • Mein Herz brennt (Piano Version) – Single: Mein Herz brennt, 2012
  • Los (Full Band Version) – Album: Reise, Reise, 2004 (this Full Band Version is previously unreleased)

Side C

  • Führe mich – Album: Liebe ist für alle da, Special Edition, 2009
  • Donaukinder – Album: Liebe ist für alle da, Special Edition, 2009
  • Halt – Album: Liebe ist für alle da, Special Edition, 2009
  • Roter Sand (Orchester Version) – Album: Liebe ist für alle da, Special Edition, 2009

Side D

  • Liese – Album: Liebe ist für alle da, Special Edition, 2009
  • Mein Land – Single: Mein Land, 2011
  • Vergiss uns nicht – Single: Mein Land, 2011
  • Gib mir deine Augen – Single: Mein Herz brennt, 2012

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Will this Box set ever be on discount????


Yeah – “Limited numbered”…. but no site I have seen, can give us info on the actual number. I say screw it… This is NOT going to be a collectors item (in my best guess, except if no one actually buys it)


This looks great, even though I only followed them up to and including Mutter. Awesome band.

[…] industrial-rock giants Rammstein are getting in on the deluxe reissue game with XXI, a massive 14xLP vinyl box set to mark their 21st anniversary, featuring 2xLP editions of their six studio albums, plus an additional 2xLP of rarities. [via […]


Yeah, that $349 price will need to come down before I can get it, but it looks great.


Looks gorgeous, but clicked through to the amazon link and nearly choked on my coffee! £220!! That’s £31 per album. Going to pass, and spend the money on seeing them (for the third time) at Download next year instead! :-)

eric slangen

And how many will be made??
They have the intent to first make it limited and then repress it (Völkerball). I don’t trust their limited editions.


Shame its completely unlistenable especially at dinner parties.


That rarities collection looks great (and I’m hoping for a separate CD release!) but at that price point, even as a fan I couldn’t get behind this release.

Also, I have to ask – this is a musical style that is based heavily (har har) around very compressed and LOUD drums. How in the hell will that translate even remotely well to vinyl without being pulled back in the mix? I thought sounds like that were avoided deliberately in the vinyl era because those waveforms would either dig through the vinyl platter or kick the needle out of the groove altogether (or a lovely combination of both).

Great music and no question about it, but a super expensive vinyl box wasn’t exactly on my wish list as a fan.