Record Store Day 2013 beckons


The sixth Record Store Day is nearly upon us. This Saturday 20 April sees another annual celebration of independent record stores, with major labels and indies alike, issuing special vinyl and CD releases made exclusively for the day. We will be up early hoping for a place near the front of the queue, that might just secure us some of the items at the top of our particular ‘wants’ list.

Here we highlight some of the items that caught our eye from the official list of items being issued. Remember everything is very limited and experience has taught us that you need to have a ‘plan B’ ready if the item you want is not available!

ZTT / Frankie Goes To Hollywood Record Store Day

Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Shaped Picture Disc

A shaped seven-inch picture limited to 500 copies. PZTAS 30 is a UK-only release via Salvo/Union Square Music. One side of the disc has Maximum Joy from the Frankie Said compilation and Is Anybody Out There? (voiceless) is on the other side.

Kate Bush / Running Up That Hill RSD pic disc

Kate Bush / Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 remix

Kate’s ‘olympic remix’ of Running Up That Hill gives us a new vocal and fattens up the bottom end a little bit, but is largely unchanged. This ten-inch picture disc is the first physical release for the track, outside the soundtrack CD to the London 2012 Olympic Games. The B-side is Walk Straight Down The Middle a CD-only bonus track from 1989’s The Sensual World – the original (and excellent) 12-inch remix of Running Up That Hill would have been a better choice.

Half Japanese / 1/2 Gentlemen / Not Beasts 4LP box set

Half Japanese – 1/2 Gentlemen / Not Beasts 4LP box set (Fire)

The only release that – ahem – we have a copy of already, this 4LP box set expands the original triple record from Michigan band Half Japanese with a disc of previously unreleased material. Comes packaged in a sturdy lift-off lid box with poster, badge, booklet and a download card. All vinyl is 180g. Definitely one to look out for.

Factory Records Communications 1978 - 92

Factory Records / Communications 1978-92 EP vol 2

A various artists release, this ten-inch vinyl features the following tracks: side A She’s Lost Control (Joy Division), 1963 [12 ” Remastered Version] New Order Side B Otis (The Durutti Column),  Loose Fit (12 ” version) (Happy Mondays). This item is drastically short on stock, with more due in towards the end of next week AFTER Record Store Day!

Men Without Hats / Saftety Dance picture disc

Men Without Hats / Safety Dance (Demon) – 750 copies

Is it safe to dance? Men Without Hats‘ classic 1983 hit single as a seven-inch picture. The B-side is an unreleased instrumental version of the song.

Suede / Animal Nitrate - Barriers RSD 7"

 Suede / Animal Nitrate – Barriers (Warner/Demon)

Double A-side seven-inch which features the classic single from Suede‘s debut, paired with Barriers from Bloodsports.

David Bowie / The Stars (Are Out Tonight) white vinyl

David Bowie / The Stars (Are Out Tonight)  (Columbia)

This white vinyl seven-inch single from David Bowie is the first physical 45 release from The Next Day. The flipside is first single Where Are We Now. There are two other RSD Bowie releases: a seven-inch picture disc of Drive-In Saturday (EMI) and Bowie 1965!a UK-only seven-inch EP (also EMI).

Marianne Faithfull / Broken English original mix RSD

 Marianne Faithfull / Broken English original mix

A vinyl release of the rejected original mix of the Broken English album. Said to be Faithfull’s preferred version, this was issued on deluxe CD reissue earlier this year.

REM / Live in Greensboro RSD

R.E.M. / Live In Greensboro

A CD EP of live tracks not found on the forthcoming deluxe edition of Green. Limited to just 2,500 copies, the disc comes with an original (non-reproduction) patch from the Green Tour. These patches were recently uncovered in the band’s vault. Tracks are So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)Feeling Gravitys Pull,  StrangeKing Of BirdsI Remember California.

The Cure / Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me red vinyl RSD

The Cure / Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 2LP – red vinyl

A RED VINYL edition of The Cure‘s classic 1987 album, which is also individually numbered.

A full list of UK items can be found here. The US site is here.

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The Cure double album’s stickers are correctly set if you look at the numbers on the stickers, yet there’s a misprint between “this side” and “other side” (on sticker 4 “other side” present the tracks of side 4)

Marcel Dela Haije

I bought the Cure double album. It’s quite a beautiful package. Only thing is that the side 3 sticker is on side 4 and vice versa. Is mine the only one or does every item have this misprint?


Record Store Day is a joke. Crowded stores, long lines, jammed parking lots, and none of the records that you wanted.


Bit of a trail for you Andy but I forgot to mention Concorde in Perth
Quite a list.


I don’t know where this particular seller is getting them from but I have already seen multiple copies of one of this years RSD releases from Bowie – The Stars Are Out Tonight 7″ being sold on eBay and according to feedback they have already been delivered to the buyers.


I agree with all the posts on here. What started out as a good idea is now just exploited by chancers. You may as well sit at home this Saturday, log-in to Ebay at 10.00am, and pay vastly inflated prices for the items that you’d have quite liked but missed out on because you have a life!


RSD was a nice idea originally, get people back in love with records shops, but unfortunately it has been hijacked by the very .com & iTunes buyers that turned their back on independent stores in the 1st place. It’s now their one trip to the store a year, buy as much RSD items and throw them straight on eBay. Ripping us all off. I cant honestly say that it’s made any difference to people buying habits. Sadly the indie store in Aberdeen shut its doors after 30 years this year (1-up). So there is now no chance for vinyl lovers like me to get RSD items. It may have been a better idea 4 shops to have an annual loyalty card and only people who have been regular customers can buy RSD items

Mark Armstrong

Andy says it all. Hijacked is the right word for what has happened to this ‘celebration of music’. Celebration of consumerism would be more accurate.
It’s so telling that some record shops are reporting better sales yesterday than the previous three months put together. Where are these so called music fans the other 364 days of the year? Most of them aren’t even music fans, they just see an opportunity to make money by putting all the limited stuff on ebay. I’ve actually stopped bothering with Record Store Day, the shops are full, you can’t get moved and anything you might want as a collector is gone. As for queuing for hours before the shop opens…do me a favour. I’ll stay one of those who regularly visits the stores when I can and actually contribute to keeping the places open without this gimmick. I know this sounds so negative…just the way it is.


They all end up on ebay!


The whole thing, whilst positive, is rather a joke, with record lovers that happen to live in one of the broad swathes of the country that don’t have a record shop (most of Scotland North of Edinburgh/Glasgow) having to rely on friends or the massive price hikes on ebay.


Why are some items so limited? Many (if not all) of those will end up on eBay!!!