Rod Stewart / “Time” 2CD deluxe set


Time, Rod Stewart‘s first ‘proper’ studio album for nearly two decades was issued back in May 2013 and was available as a standard 12-track version and a deluxe edition which came with three bonus songs.

Well, much like David Bowie‘s The Next Day Extra, there is now another deluxe edition, just in time for Christmas…

For this new deluxe edition Time is now a two-disc affair. The first CD is the original deluxe edition, so you do get the three bonus tracks again, while the second disc consists of ten tracks performed “Live From The Troubadour West Hollywood” (taped in May) along with three further bonus cuts (see full track listing below).

Time was very successful, going straight to number on in the UK album charts when it was originally issued. This new deluxe edition is out on 2 December 2013.

Track listing

Disc: 1

  • 1. She Makes Me Happy
  • 2. Can’t Stop Me Now
  • 3. It’s Over
  • 4. Brighton Beach
  • 5. Beautiful Morning
  • 6. Live The Life
  • 7. Finest Woman
  • 8. Time
  • 9. Picture In A Frame
  • 10. Sexual Religion
  • 11. Make Love To Me Tonight
  • 12. Pure Love
  • 13. Corrina Corrina
  • 14. Legless
  • 15. Love Has No Pride


Disc: 2

  • 1. Here Comes The Night
  • 2. Cold Water
  • 3. Shake Your Money Maker

Live from The Troubadour West Hollywood

  • 4. Can’t Stop Me Now
  • 5. Forever Young
  • 6. It’s Over
  • 7. Rhythm Of My Heart
  • 8. Finest Woman
  • 9. You Wear It Well
  • 10. She Makes Me Happy
  • 11. Have I Told You Lately
  • 12. Brighton Beach
  • 13. Sexual Religion

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Paul Rymer

I’d prefer that they release the “new” material as a standalone release because it often feels like your original album is redundant.

However the other way to look at this is that in the past these artists released singles with b-sides etc and we used to buy all this bonus stuff in bits. Now we get it all in one package.


That’s just it. The first “deluxe” versions aren’t really that. Since the advent of the CD, which can fit 80 minutes of music, albums have typically run 60-70 minutes. Compared to the old vinyl days, where an album was 24 minutes per side. We were getting more music with CD’s, and the artists didn’t need to leave as many good songs lying on the cutting room floor. However, in the past few years many big name artist like Rod, Bowie, McCartney, etc have used strategic marketing to charge more for the CD with the extra few tracks CD buyers were previously getting for free, and they have been calling these versions “deluxe”, when in fact they were just the same as what we were getting before. So now that they have painted themselves into a corner by having already released a “deluxe” version, they are shamelessly releasing a deluxe version of the deluxe version. In this manner, they are skimming as much money as they can off the fans. How far will this go, I wonder.

John James Kessy

I think in cases like this there are other options to get the songs as well isn’t it :-). I bought my normal version just to see now that there are new ones coming or ones for other territories such as a Target Exclusive (not available in Germany) or this Deluxe one. No sorry guys.


This is getting silly. Deluxe versions of deluxe versions…..


These money grabs are really offensive. Anyone who thinks they didn’t plan to get fans to buy these 2 albums twice in the same year is very naïve.


despite being a Bowie nut, i must say i am considerably more tempted by this. Time was an amazing album – clearly doing his autobiography refreshed Rod, the songs are fantastic.