Roger Waters: The Wall / two-disc blu-ray special edition


Roger Waters The Wall is a new film written and directed by Roger Waters and Sean Evans that combines the concert experience of Pink Floyd‘s The Wall album (as performed on Waters’ 2010-2013 The Wall Live tour) with off-stage ‘road movie’ footage of of the musician and songwriter reflecting on the impact of war on his own family.

The film was shot in 4k and mixed in Dolby ‘Atmos’ and throughout the presentation the concert film is interspersed with documentary scenes of Waters travelling to France to the site where his grandfather is buried, and Italy to a memorial for his father – both lost to war.

The two-disc blu-ray special edition is the one to go for – it features over 95 minutes of bonus footage in total, including the memorable performance of Comfortably Numb at London’s O2 Arena when Waters was joined on stage by David Gilmour and Nick Mason. This edition comes with art cards, a poster and 32-page booklet and is presented in ‘digi-book’ packaging.

Roger Waters The Wall is released on 16 November 2015.



Blu-ray 2-disc special edition


Standard blu-ray single disc edition


DVD edition

Roger Waters: The Wall / Audio sets

3LP Vinyl Edition

Roger Waters: The Wall / Audio sets

2CD Edition


Bonus Features

Disc 1
Time Lapses (10m 38s)
A Visit to Frank Thompson (4m 55s)

Disc 2 * Special Edition blu-ray only
DRIVING (4m53s)
Comfortably Numb Live at the O2 with Special Appearance by David Gilmour (8m22s)
Outside the Wall Live at the O2 with Special Appearances by David Gilmour and Nick Mason (8m 49s)

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2 disc bluray is currently £14.99 on AmazonUK… same price as the 1 disc.

[…] Wall, as performed by live Roger Waters between 2010 and 2013 is being released on audio and video formats, but yesterday a super deluxe edition was announced that is so expensive that it really does […]


Seems Waters keeps on touring to do Pink Floyd music because his solo material is less than stellar. With his touring records, I’m surprised he found the time to release this.

[…] The Wall Live tour is being issued soon, and this week the DVD and special two-blu-ray edition were announced. Then a few days later the three-LP and two-CD sets were also announced. Next week, a Super Deluxe […]

Dr John

Does anyone actually watch concerts anymore? When I saw them here in Brisbane (Australia) I was surrounded by people who spent the whole gig capturing bits on the I-Phones rather than experiencing the actual show.

[…] reason the PR machine choose to announce the Roger Waters The Wall audio editions later than the video formats, so I can now bring you details of those. The soundtrack to ‘Roger Waters The Wall’ as […]


From the Acoustic Sounds website:

“The soundtrack to the exciting film experience that is Roger Waters performing Pink Floyd’s The Wall

Roger Waters The Wall is a new film written and directed by Roger Waters and Sean Evans that combines the concert experience of Pink Floyd’s The Wall album (as performed on Waters’ 2010-2013 The Wall live tour) with off-stage ‘road movie’ footage of the musician and songwriter reflecting on the impact of war on his own family. The soundtrack album is of the concert itself.

Seen by more than 4 million fans at 219 shows over a period of three years, the concert show was the highest grossing tour by any solo artist in history. The film, shot in 4k and mixed in Dolby Atmos, features concert footage from this incredible tour — a reminder of just how good the production was.”

Disc 1:
1. In the Flesh? (Live)
2. The Thing Ice (Live)
3. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1 (Live)
4. The Happiest Days of Our Lives (Live)
5. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 (Live)
6. The Ballad of Jean Charles de Menezes (Live)
7. Mother (Live)
8. Goodbye Blue Sky (Live)
9. Empty Spaces (Live)
10. What Shall We Do Now? (Live)
11. Young Lust (Live)
12. One of My Turns (Live)
13. Don’t Leave Me Now (Live)
14. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3 (Live)
15. Last Few Bricks (Live)
16. Goodbye Cruel World (Live)

Disc 2:
1. Hey You (Live)
2. Is There Anybody Out There? (Live)
3. Nobody Home (Live)
4. Vera (Live)
5. Bring the Boys Back Home (Live)
6. Comfortably Numb (Live)
7. The Show Must Go On (Live)
8. In The Flesh (Live)
9. Run Like Hell (Live)
10. Waiting for the Worms (Live)
11. Stop (Live)
12. The Trial (Live)
13. Outside the Wall (Live)

Michael Leek

I love RWs music, but would hate to be stuck in a lift with the guy…
This DVD release smacks of ‘stuck in a lift syndrome’ unfortunately


Just cancelled mine, I didn`t realise the concert film was interrupted, I know, I should have read all the info at the beginning.

I just hope an uninterrupted version becomes available. Roger, can you hear me(us)?

George Choksy

As a staunch Pink Floyd fan since the 1960s, Roger Waters’ ego has been making me crazy ever since he tried to disband the group in the 1980s. Is Roger so self-absorbed that he doesn’t even realize we want the concert uninterrupted in 5.1? I refuse to buy this piece of dreck. In my opinion Roger Waters can go to hell.


Regarding wanting to be able to watch the concert as a stand-alone, I concur. But I’m also glad that Roger has added more to the content. In part, I think he had to in order to justify yet another edition of The Wall coming out as a physical product.


Any reason why the CD tracklist (which we all should know by heart) is not announced yet? Any bet about an after-Christmas release in a 2CD/DVD package with the full concert without interruptions in the visual part? In the meantime, everybody will have already bought the BluRay documentary in November…


Just like the vinyl revival, can we get a laser disc revival? Nothing worse than picture booklets in a CD/DVD release.
Iron Maiden actually did a nice job with their latest album. The CD was housed in a larger cover the size of a digial movie with a hardcover book with lyrics and drawings.


I’m about as hard-core of a Pink Floyd fan as they come. I was fortunate to see The Wall performed in 2010 and 2012. I am sorely disappointed if there is no standalone version of the concert in 5.1. Like many others I’ve been eagerly anticipating this for years now. I will most definitely pass on this if it’s the hybrid documentary/concert.

You really have to have your head up your ass to not know this is what most people are waiting out of this release. I’ve just about given up on a studio version of The Wall. Maybe his kids will release it someday and MY kids can enjoy it.

Simon Long

When I saw this was a 2 BD set, like most commenters above, I was hoping disc 2 was the concert without the documentary sections, but no such luck. Ironically, it seems that a large part of the second disc is taken up with outtakes from the documentary sections which didn’t make it into the film – so the exact opposite of what most fans want. Nice one, Roger.

I saw the cinema presentation of this last week, and the best thing I can say about the documentary sections is that they didn’t completely ruin it – but they were intrusive, spoiled the flow of the concert, and largely felt corny and staged. What’s more, you won’t even be able to skip them, as in several places you saw documentary footage with concert music in the background.

The good news is that in the credits of the cinema showing there was a line saying that the soundtrack album was available on Sony Music, so we can expect a “Wall Live” album at some point, which presumably won’t suffer from documentary tracks…

This release is a wasted opportunity to capture what is probably the most spectacular concert I have ever witnessed. Still, there are many decent quality DVD and BD bootlegs filmed by teams of audience members out there if you know where to look, some of which are close to professional quality…


Nick Mason didn’t perform on ‘Comfortably Numb’ but appeared at the end for the rendition of ‘Outside The Wall’ along with David Gilmour, Tiger Waters and the band.

Looks a great package overall and I’ve had mine on pre-order since last week.


Obviously that should read Roger Waters and not Tiger Waters.

Damn autocorrect! ;-)


I will wait until I know if I can see the show without interruption before I buy, and only if I have the option to not have the fluff interrupting

Florian M. Kranz

The interference with the documentary is connected to the cover with Roger’s face in the middle. I think this doesn’t fit. The usual images of The Wall should not be changed, they are part of “the brand”. For orther artists the personal family story would have been an additional feature on a second disc. I guess Roger Water is too vain here. His career is coming to an end and he wants people desperately to see The Wall as his work and not as Pink Floyd’s. I’m sure if ever Peter Gabriel reanimated The Lamb, his baby, he would not put his face on the cover, neither would he interrupt the concert with his family life.


Another Wall related release? Bloody hell.

All we want is a surround mix, thank you.

Ron Hatchell


I have been hoping for a live release from Roger’s “The Wall” tour since it began, and I almost always pre-order everything from Amazon, but I have decided to wait for a 2-CD release, as I REALLY don’t like “interspersed with documentary scenes” (or other non-live concert scenes) while I am watching a concert. This is annoying. It is challenging to enjoy almost anything when it keeps getting interrupted. Imagine what a hard time Roger would have had playing these shows if he kept getting interrupted for various reasons and had to stop playing for a few minutes. But he does not have a problem doing this sort of thing to us. I will wait for the “concert only” discs. What a waste.

Ron Hatchell

I hope it isn’t one of those concert films that the talking parts interrupt actual song performances (like cutting in the middle of a song so we can watch people talk), thus hindering the enjoying of a live performance.

If it is, I will throw mine in the trash, as I don’t know anyone who even wants these types of live concerts. I don’t understand why artists think people like this (Alanis has done this a few times with her earlier live releases). It is difficult to get into “anything” if it keep getting interrupted.

If this IS the case, hopefully we will get a double-CD set that will just have the music.

This story is personal to Roger, but “not” most of the people who like the album and saw the shows.



Ron –

I caught a screening of this last week. No songs are interrupted. I would imagine that if the disc is indexed correctly, it will be easy enough to skip over the documentary portions and basically watch the concert performance uninterrupted. Some of the documentary footage I enjoyed and even found some of it to be very powerful. Other pieces of it felt a bit tedious.

CJ Feeney

David Byrne released a video of his Songs by Byrne and Eno tour called Ride, Rise Roar, with each song preceded by a mini documentary. It was indexed so you had to watch the documentary before the song, you couldn’t simply skip through to the song. The mini docs weren’t even related to the songs in most cases. One of the most unsatisfying videos ever. I only watched it once then sold it.

Ron Hatchell

Thank you, Rob!


I thought this would naturally include the full concert performance.
This is one that I will pass on.

Mark Wita

Just $20.68 at Amazom.com is a good deal compared to UK and DE.

David Olstein

I’m not too thrilled with the idea of a documentary/concert film hybrid. At the very least, I wish the deluxe set had included a straightforward concert-only video as a bonus feature.

And let’s not even get started on the concert footage from 1979-1980 that continues to languish in the vaults.

Simon Long

The ’79-’80 footage is readily available on DVD bootlegs, and some of it made it into the Immersion Edition of The Wall. It’s never going to get an official release, because (as anyone who’s seen it can attest) the quality is rubbish – there wasn’t enough light to capture decent concert footage, so it’s all extremely dark and unclear, and it’s unlikely to be rescuable even with modern technology. The concert footage was originally shot with the intention of being merged with Alan Parker’s film, but the quality was too poor to allow that to happen.


Is there a full version of the concert without the extras (monologues, driving, conversations, etc.) that were put in for the film?

Paul Kent

When I saw this was a 2-disc affair I was hoping the second disc might have been the concert only, uninterrupted by documentary footage. Sadly not.

eric slangen

I hope there is a way to play the concert alone without interference.


Me too! I would onbly want to watch the documentary once probably but the concert more than once!!!!

Charlie D

I agree, I enjoyed watching the film and the way they cut to the ‘story’ was interesting, but after seeing it that way once, i’d want to skip it on future views.
Also, the ‘wife’ (flower) animated scene seemed edited in the theaters, the camera shot the animation from some crazy angle so you couldn’t view Scarfe’s amazing work.

Joe Monahan

I’m pretty sure the video of the flowers was out of sync in the shows they filmed for the movie which is why it gets cut away a bunch. You can tell because they cut away when the two flowers “meet” on the big band hit, which is s huge moment… If the video had been in sync they’d have showed to flowers “meeting”.
I’m a video engineer/playback/roadie and this was one of my favorite moments of the show, the way they added the vines crawling along the Wall working their way into the center… Epic. Rog needs to hire me for his next tour, then he would know all his stuff will always be in sync.


I really want to rejoice about this finally seeing a release, but I can’t help but feel that Waters is “stealing” his own show by interjecting his personal story over what is already a personal story.

Let the music and the stage show speak for itself. We don’t need any more of “the horror, the horror…”


Hoping for a vinyl release as well.

Joe Monahan

THere is a “Super Deluxe Edition” on Rog’s website.. Has 4 180 gram Vinyl albums 2 CD’s and 2 Blu-Ray plus a bunch of other stuff…