Roger Waters to sign all super deluxe editions of The Wall

Roger Waters / The Wall super deluxe edition

In response, perhaps, to the overwhelmingly negative feedback Roger Waters will now SIGN all 3,000 copies of his ‘monumental special edition’ super deluxe version of his live release of Pink Floyd‘s The Wall.

There has been no announcement regarding this change but the official website has been updated to show that the sets will be SIGNED AND NUMBERED. The price of $500 (“before tax and shipping”) remains the same.

The box contains four discs of coloured vinyl, three blu-ray discs, two CDs, a hardcover book and some art prints.

This lavish super deluxe will ship in January and you can read more here and pre-order from the Roger Waters online store. The more affordable sets are released next week with the video packages out on Monday 16 November and the CD and LP sets due on Friday 20 November.



Blu-ray 2-disc special edition


Standard blu-ray single disc edition


DVD edition

Roger Waters: The Wall / Audio sets

3LP Vinyl Edition

Roger Waters: The Wall / Audio sets

2CD Edition


Bonus Features

Disc 1
Time Lapses (10m 38s)
A Visit to Frank Thompson (4m 55s)

Disc 2 * Special Edition blu-ray only
DRIVING (4m53s)
Comfortably Numb Live at the O2 with Special Appearance by David Gilmour (8m22s)
Outside the Wall Live at the O2 with Special Appearances by David Gilmour and Nick Mason (8m 49s)

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….meanwhile,fans are still waiting a bluray/vinyl (cd already done)
of the original wall shows from 1980…

andrew R

The Wall was by pink floyd .When did it become a Roger Waters solo album? Horse of the dead variety being flogged, call the RSPCA!

Alan King

I just want the 5.1 mix of the REAL ‘The Wall’

Johnny Feathers

I can’t say it does anything to entice me, but hey, if getting a real (I would hope) autograph from the guy is worth it to you, I suppose there are worse ways to spend your money.


What about TDSOTM SDE with a real rock from the moon? One copy only for $100000.00, someone will buy it as it is the only copy in the world. You never thought about it Rog now did you?

Scott Gillies

$500 + $98 postage
erm… no thanks

Perhaps move some of the distribution to Europe (where I suspect most of this is being printed anyway) drop the postage to £20 and the box set to a reasonable price (£100 – £180). No doubt there will be those who buy 3 or 4 copies to try and make a quick buck/pound…

Personally I think The Wall is superb.


In turn, I don’t understand why some on here think we shouldn’t be complaining about price. Of course other options are available, we all know that. But if your response to these is going to be “why are you complaining, cheaper options are available”, then why does anyone care about price, ever? After all, a SDE might come out for £1000, but you can always buy the single disc edition for a fiver – right? You can always just not buy it, no?

The point is, as music fans, we don’t want a precedent set. Prices on these sets seem to be creeping up. Clearly the industry is testing the waters (sic) to see how far they can go before the consumer hits back. That’s how business works, and it’s right to complain when it’s gone too far.

Next up are the people who just love this music, and they want this SDE, but have now been priced out of it. Why shouldn’t/wouldn’t they complain? They have a genuine interest, and are legitimately entitled to voice discontent. The price here is madness, imo. It’s not like it’s a fiver too much. Consumers will always complain.

Now, I’m not a Water hater at all. Quite the opposite. I like the man and his music. I think The Wall is a fantastic set of songs, a great concept, and it’s well executed. I even think the Immersion boxes were great – including the marbles (seriously, they were eccentric and bizarre). I like to see inventive new ways of presenting music. But this set….. well, it’s gone too far. So what’s wrong with saying so? We’re consumers here, the potential audience. What else do you think people will do?

I have to say, the autograph announcement is hilariously underwhelming. Now includes an autograph. And? As someone said earlier, perhaps if you meet someone and get it signed it has a special meaning, but like this….. not so. That’s just me. The problem with this set is the price, not the contents (although I’d LOVE to dump the Vinyl from it).

It’s not a difficult decision though. It’s plain that I won’t be buying this. It may seem strange, but the odd thing is it’s put me off buying ANY version of the release. I can’t afford to buy the version I want, so I’ll happily forgo a slimmed down package. Every time I looked at the slimmed down package I’d be thinking of what’s missing. I’m odd like that. I can either afford what I want, or I can’t. If I can’t, then fine, I’m out of the game.

The thing is, having so many versions of this screams that they know they’re alienating large slices of the audience on a monetary basis. At most they need three versions – a pure CD/Blu Ray version, an all Vinyl Version, and a EVERYTHING version. We don’t need the SIX versions, do we?

Finally I’ll just say. The biggest crime in the SDE is simple: It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen from Floyd/Waters. Look at it. My goodness me. Hideous. How ironic.


I can’t speak for everybody, but there are a couple of things I have a hard time about when it comes to Mr. Waters of late.

His political views and the like are all well and good, but he seems to pop up just to say the same stuff he’s been saying since the 70s. This is one guy who doesn’t seem to have been doing much reading or mind expansion over the last few decades (and, since he hasn’t been creating new music since the early ’90s, it seems like something he should have time for) and, worse yet, he seems to lack the courage of his convictions.

How many songs has he written decrying the evils of crass commercialism or spoken in interviews against how pleasured and decadent the west is… And then to put out this ludicrous $500 box set which offers almost no new music – the thing he spat in a fan’s face for forgetting about back when… I have no problem with people being opinionated, even when I don’t agree with the opinion, but have the courage of your convictions, man!

Hell, wasn’t the entire brief of the resurrected Wall show about removing the autobiography from the story and making it more universal? Apparently, that didn’t sit too well as he EDITED HIMSELF BACK IN for the DVD and Blu-ray release. You know, lest we forget who wrote the bloody thing.

I may still check this out and if he puts out another solo album (of NEW material), I’ll definitely get it and give it a chance, but he’s really starting to come off to me as an old, crabby hypocrite and that sits poorly. This may just be one of those “never meet your heroes” teachable moments. His music exposed me to all kinds of new ideas in my teens and even now in my early 30s, I think it’s essential stuff. Shame the man himself just comes across as an angry, ill-informed knob when given the chance to represent himself.

Just my take, but maybe this helps some of the folks wondering about all the hate he’s getting pin down exactly WHAT people are objecting to. Your mileage may vary.

Julian Hancock

I would have thought that 3,000 signatures rather stretches the notion of exclusivity somewhat.

navish 86

Still overpriced. He should at least throw in a personalised, hand-written, misguided, ill-informed anti-Israel rant.

peter chrisp

That’s pretty decent of Roger isn’t it?A storm of hatred towards Roger Waters? Really? I think if my memory serves me well, during the recording of The Wall still one of my fave albums in the top 10 all was slowly falling apart which was well documented and he felt alienated towards the music and the fans to the extent during one of their concerts
he spat at a fan nice bloke! I won’t hold that against him, i am too good a person to do that! This is what i enjoy about this amazing site put together
by Paul one of the best on the net, it’s brilliant getting updates on a regular basis, now there are so many funny points on the RW massive
over inflated box set and this is what i really enjoy you can put your best
foot forward and form your own points and there are so many crying about price, really? At least we have a number of buying options and if i don’t buy the expensive version no big deal but to cry over it? I really don’t
think so, looking forward to the double bluray edition i wonder if Roger
can put some marbles in each edition?


Personally, I don’t pay extra for signed music. It means nothing to me. If I happen to have a chat with a musician and he/she happens to sign something then maybe the memory of that moment is more significant with a signed item. Otherwise, nonsense.

Fred Holmes

The Wall is a great album and Roger Waters recent show of it was a triumph on a number of levels.

I’d agree with the critical comment if this was the only option to buy it. It isn’t, buy the one you want and can afford.

“We got Mercedes, we got Porsche….. Ferrari and Rolls Royce – yeah we got choice”.

Sir John

I don’t rate the album to start with…tedious. Best albums Floyd did were Piper and Meddle.


Anybody who publicly shows up Donald Trump deserves at least one ridiculously overpriced box set imho.


Read this in complete disbelief that RW would sign the box sets in order to shift units. I always think that unless you meet someone and get their autograph its pretty meaningless anyway. I know none of us are likely to ever meet RW, but I have had flyers and CDs signed by a lot of the american indy / americana artists I like at gigs and it means so much more. You can’t buy a memory like those, even for $500!


big =bugs


I’m not sure anyone loves The Wall quiet as much as Roger Waters.

These are “investment pieces”, they’re not made to be played. Surely even those that can afford this will also pick up a cheaper version for day-to-day use? You’d be crazy not to.

For the record, I’m a huge Waters fan, and love everything he’s done post-Floyd. I’m way passed caring about The Wall though, it’s been done far too many times.

What big me about this release – other than price – is the artwork. Where’s the iconic “brick in the wall”? Where’s the Gerald Scarfe artwork? Instead it appears to be wrapped in bad wallpaper. I just don’t get it.

I won’t be buying this version, and honestly, I won’t be buying ANY of the versions. I’m done with The Wall. I already own it four times. FOUR times. I don’t want or need another.

Roger – please please please use your undoubted talent to bring us new music.


Obviously not selling at the speed desired. Haha.


Now that’s a bargain? Good luck getting rid of these.

Donovan Whittemore

The storm of hatred that follows Roger Waters is a puzzle to me, he’s intelligent, interesting, and entitled to his opinions. His tremendous contributions to popular culture have earned him a place on the world stage. Let the poet speak his mind! I don’t have to agree with an artist on every point to appreciate his work. What’s the problem? Do his detractors feel threatened by him in some way? Maybe if he was as funny as Noel Gallagher the thin-skinned would quit barking every time they hear his name…

As for this box set, it looks like fun, if I had $500 to burn I might buy it, but it’s not the only way to hear the music, so why cry about it?


Intelligent? probably going to use the money to film a commercial against Israel.

Julian H

There were hardly any negative comments when the Amused to Death reissue came out. That was a smart package. This is… not.

I’m sorry but your argument evaporates.




I hope he uses a good pen at that price!


What is going to be the next step, Roger ?
Re-recording the PF albums under your name like :
Please Roger, bring down your SELF-SATISFACTION


I really cannot think of another artist who has spread out one piece of work so thinly. It seems that there is a never ending release of different versions of this album.


So, you’ve never heard of Led Zeppelin?

Jon White

im sorry you people keep fussing bout the price, there are several options to buy, you dont have to pay 500 bucks to get everything


The cynic in me wonders, who’s really going to sign all of these?!


Read the horrifying interview with Waters in Rolling Stone. Rude and dismissive. Enough with the Wall and enough with this jerk.

Ben in Colorado

This set makes the 18 disc Dylan set look like a bargain!!


$500? He could sign in blood…..

All proceeds to a higher wall around Estate Waters.


All proceeds to the Countryside Alliance? No thanks.


“Signed in his own rubber stamp”? Still not tempted even with the signature at $500 plus tax and shipping etc.… that’s a cool 1.5 million dollars for the 3000 sets presuming that they all get sold, wow. Besides no marbles is a deal breaker.