Rolling Stone magazine in Germany offers exclusive Neil Young 7″ single

Two classic Neil Young tracks on exclusive vinyl single

The new issue of Rolling Stone magazine in Germany comes with an exclusive Neil Young seven-inch single.

The publication (which is in German, obviously) will come with a cover-mounted vinyl single which features the classic ‘After The Goldrush’ on the A-side and on the B-side ‘Homegrown’, from the Homegrown album (that was finally issued in June).

Subscribers get the special text-free version of the cover (at the top of this post) and so does anyone who orders this directly online.

This new issue of the magazine comes out on 29 October 2020.

  1. After The Goldrush
  2. Homegrown

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J Jablonski

Hello. Can somebody please offer advice how I can order one copy of March 2021 Rolling Stone “BACK TO LIVE” issue, German edition, for delivery to New York? Do you know if single issues are available for sale without purchasing a yearly subscription? Thank you.


Having also gotten the Neil Young single unsolicited – on top of the Prince edition/single which I only checked the shipping cost of (never gave any payment details and none has been taken, and never pulled the trigger on any order!), here’s what Rolling Stone have just replied:
“thank you for your e-mail and sorry for the confusion.
You definitely don’t have a subscription. We unfortunately have to set up the single orders in the subscription system which then uses the same invoice form. You’ve just ordered one copy of the Rolling Stone issue 10/20 + Prince Vinyl.
Since we are using the same tool as for the subscriptions we have to mark these orders especially so that the upcoming subscription issue will not be sent to these particular customers. This is exactly what happened here or better not happened here. Thats why you received the Rolling Stone 11/2020.
We are very sorry about the mistake. Please keep the extra copy for free and you don’t have to cancel anything since the order is now closed.
If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
Again sorry for the inconvenience. “

mark j

Thanks for the info Richard.

mark j

Same here – ordered the Prince issue only and the Neil Young one just popped through my letterbox. Someone has definitely screwed up.

Jon F2

I emailed Rolling Stone germany as I also got the Neil Young mag/vinyl but had only ordered Prince last month. They replied today – error on their part (‘we had a technical error on shipping’), and they’re happy for us to keep the Neil Young mag.


The Neil Young 7″ and magazine popped through the letter box today, which as others have said was a surprise as I presumed the Prince purchase was a one off. I’m quite pleased to have it. I’m going to have to learn to read German to get some use of the magazine. There’s no sign of any payment being processed yet, but it is the weekend.


Harry – i did have the vinyl – but not attached to the cover – in centrefold. One was broken – the other ok.


Hi guys.

I am German and a regular subscriber to the German edition of “Rolling Stone” magazine.

Having received copies of the new magazine WITHOUT the Neil Young-7″ (but i guess WITH a copy of the regular “New Voices”-cd) strongly indicates that they regarded Harry’s order as an order for a yearly subscription as subscribers normally have to tell them in advance (by mail or by phone) if they want the vinyl 7″es with their copy or not (if yes, they charge you an additional 2 Euro for it with your next subscription payment).
It is normal though that you first receive an automated reply mail when writing to them. Take it as a confirmment that they received your mail.
The individual answer during Covid-19-times might take up to one week but they will reply in the end.

Good luck to all of you in getting rid of unwanted subscriptions.


Hi Klaus,

Thanks for shedding some light on the situation, I’ll wait to hear back from them.
It’s a bit annoying that I didn’t receive the vinyl, especially if I get charged for two subscriptions and if it would have only cost me another 2 euros for the vinyl.


Hi – I ordered 2 copies of Prince Rollingstone last month. Packaging was just a standard jiffy bag but no real damage. Today, two copies of Neil Young arrived – each sent individually in only clear plastic sleeve. Not so great condition. I didn’t order these but they appear to have debited my card. Somehow, I think they took my one off order as 2 subscriptions? Anybody else had similar?


Same here, just received two copies of the Neil Young edition(without vinyl). I used PayPal when ordering the Prince edition there doesn’t seem to be any payment attempted yet.
However it is concerning as I’m sure they’re not sending it as a gift, Simonp2 did yours have the vinyl attached.

Ant Prr

I too received Neil Young magazine plus vinyl without ordering yesterday!
Ironically came in perfect condition unlike Prince which I did order by PayPal which came with less than perfect magazine though vinyl fine.
There was me thinking they finally sorted themselves out with PayPal after various Musikexpress payment nightmares…

Alex Treppas

I ordered the Prince edition last month and I’ve just received the Neil young though I’ve not ordered it


Hi Alex

Have you been charged?
Did the Neil Young issue come with the 7″?
How did you pay for the Prince issue card or Paypal?
I’ve sent an email asking why it’s been sent out, only got an automated reply email so far.

Carl Jacobs

Hi all
Re condition of the magazine.
I recently purchased the 4 magazine set of the German Motorhead Metal Hammer Ace Of Spades picture disc. Card sleeve but all were ok and no blemishes but Stoke of luck.
I also purchased the Phil Collins version direct from the publishing company in Germany and it too was delivered ok but more by good luck than good packaging!
Good luck and stay safe.


Picked up my copy today and here’s one for all Motörhead fans out there: german Metal Hammer magazine features an exclusive picture disk with 2 live tracks (4 different motives available!) in its latest issue!

Simon B

Just a quick warning to anybody thinking of buying one of these German mags with free vinyl records – the shipping company they use usually post them out in flimsy jiffy bags so sleeves are almost always a bit knackered by the time they reach you. Then you complain and they send you a replacement copy – in another flimsy jiffy bag. Seems some people were clever and bought 5 x copies of the recent German mag with Prince 7″ vinyl as that means the shipping company package in stuff cardboard (2-4 copies still sent in jiffy bags). Know some people won’t care, but a lot of people will – have seen some real horrors where envelopes have been stuffed through letterboxes and sleeves look like have been chewed by various large dogs


Just to say the recent issue with the attached Prince 7″ arrived in perfect shape, so my experience from one such purchase is 100% OK!

Paul Wren

Great heads up, Paul – ordered for the 7″ vinyl as I don’t read German!


Check out “Limited Edition” announcement on NYA: https://neilyoungarchives.com/news/1


I wish they’d do something like that with USA Rolling Stone.


The USA version of Rolling Stone is no longer about music but has become a Far Left political rag. I gave up on it years ago.


I can’t remember a time when RS was anything other than a far left political rag. If anything, it’s to the centre now compared to the early-to-mid 70s.


It was never just about music. It was always about popular culture from the outset, which includes politics. It has always spoke about making politicians accountable, no matter what side of the aisle they are on.




Do you know if/when it will be possible to order Archives 2 again?
I’ve signed up for notification but I have not heard anything.

Just a heads up on the likely date would be great


eric slangen

Later this year but probably 2021 there will be a economic version of the box (with a smaller book etc).
The version with the big box and book is sold out forever, sorry.


I don’t mind not getting a big box.
I’d be ok with just FLACs.
What I want to do is order it. Why won’t they take my money?