Rolling Stones Target exclusive


American retail giant Target is offering an exclusive edition of The Rolling Stones forthcoming Sticky Fingers reissue.

The two-CD deluxe edition will be available in-store, and online, and comes with a voucher that you can redeem to get a free copy of the remastered vinyl edition of the album (“delivered directly to your door”).

All in all a pretty good deal for $17.99, given that just the vinyl alone in the UK is the equivalent of $28 (£17.99). Target do not ship internationally though, so this is strictly only of interest to those in the States.

The Sticky Fingers reissue has been delayed slightly and will now be released on 8 June 2015.

Amazon Pre-orders below:


Super Deluxe Edition box (3CD+DVD+7″+large book etc.)


Deluxe Edition box (2CD+DVD+small book)


2LP Vinyl Edition


Vinyl LP


Deluxe 2CD


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Thanx for the tip!! I had an old $10 gift card and they gave me 20% off so I nabbed this net cash for $7.19. 2 CDs & vinyl!! Yay for me!!! Missing the other unreleased concert stuff but that is why God created Ebay.
Thanx again


What Dan said. Target is barely even selling CD’s anymore the two near me have dwindling inventory. Let them do some exclusives to keep the physical product on the shelf and get in front of a bigger audience.


Here’s a story. In Canada, HMV would actually ban artists [unsure if they still do] if an artist releases a release exclusively to a chain. For example, the Rolling Stones’ The Biggest Bang DVD box set or Elton John’s The Red Piano. HMV removed all their stock from their stores from these artists for a number of months. [Funny, when Journey had the Revelations exclusive release, the band wasn’t banned. Not big enough?]


Exclusives are only to grab the attention of collectors. If there are no “extras”, it won’t make a difference for piracy.
Even with any bonus tracks, some who don’t want to spend money [for whatever reasons] will still find those bonus tracks.

Gary Russell

Tesco had the final Faithless album as an exclusive for quite some time


The ability to offer “retail exclusives” is really the only incentive stores like Target have to even sell CDs any more. I know it’s frustrating to track down exclusive tracks, etc. but it at least is keeping physical product alive for a few years longer and makes people actually want to go out and buy the disc as opposed to iTunes or streaming…


Occasionally I’ve seen some sales posted with Universal’s EU/UK sale division. I tried to go purchase and the shipping and handling was crazy expensive making the value of the discount LP sale disappear and turn upside down. Sometimes I wish I was there, Sometimes I wish I was somewhere else, but I am here. Sometimes, you get lucky.


Frankly surprised at how angry people are over this. This is a *distinctly* different situation than offering extra exclusive tracks at only one retailer. As mentioned, this is just providing a cheap bundle for multiple formats that are readily available internationally (yes, at higher separate prices). Are you saying that retailers aren’t allowed to offer sale prices or discounts because that’s unfair and due to the labels? Two entirely separate issues are being utterly confused here…

Richard, NYC

The Rolling Stones are at fault, too. They’ve more than made up for losing their early song rights to ABCKO. When they release anything they don’t give us fans anything. They make a zillion dollars on merchandising and ticket sales. Their last good album was Some Girls and maybe, some of “Undercover”. Imo only.
When they did the recent early years box set on vinyl, they didn’t pay for us or charge us too get the best vinyl artwork closest to the original. Would it hurt them to meet us halfway?
They aren’t the only greedy artists out there.

Marshall Gooch

I hope the Target vinyl has the real working zipper! Either way, this’ll be the version I get.


Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud released her solo album exclusively through Tesco’s. It was a disaster and I think it probably sold about 50 copies. I haven’t heard of any other artist following in her steps.
These supermarket exclusives are common place in the USA and have been for years. Barbara Streisand’s last album was available at WalMart or Target or somewhere with extra tracks.
I just think it is a slap in the face for the proper fans who are not able to buy these editions. But the record companies do not really care, we can see that by the minimal effort they put into some of these ‘deluxe’ editions, most of us regulars who visit this site could do better given half the chance.


I think Target should `target` the UK and other territories with this. OK I`ll get me coat….


You get free gloves when you get your coat in the US.


I think we have to set up a special website to freely distribute bonus tracks on Greatest Hits collections, tracks only available in certain countries, and other corporate/artist ripoffs. This is the only way artists and their companies will get the message not to bite the hand that feeds them. The people on superdeluxeedition are the BEST supporters of the artists. We buy everything and we probably influence other sales (i.e. our friends.) Since today appears to be rant day…STOP RIPPING US OFF. I’m not just a talker, I’ll put my money where my mouth is. I’m in the U.S. If anyone needs help getting the Stones deal from Target I’ll send copies of it, at cost, for anyone in the UK or EU!


Greg, that`s a really nice offer from you, I`d take you up on it but I want the double LP edition.

I ordered this from Amazon for £17.99 but they switched my order to the single LP edition, I printed the page when I ordered so I`m currently in dispute with Amazon over this and I will win.

Ken A.

Not sure why the vitriol. There’s nothing exclusive in this, it’s just Target bundling items that are available everywhere separately at a crazy low price.

MR Tim

Believe Tesco had an exclusive for the Status Quo album before last – or certainly a timed exclusivity deal. I only remember it as it was quite a rare event. Sounded like an individual deal with Quo’s management to me.. and of course sort of makes sense as with some artists the majority of physical sales to their target audience would be impulse buying at a supermarket.


It won’t be the last time this has happened. Best Buy in the US, did an exclusive for Duran Durand All You Need Is Now. Also not only happens with music but with film DVDs. Good old Harry Potter a few years back, got an exclusive release with Target (remember vaguely being a right stink about that in the UK, as the film was not released in this format for another 2 years in UK).

I have never, ever seen Sainsbury, Tescos or Asda do an exclusive for music, maybe someone could correct me.

I think HMV might have done some exclusives, but really can’t remember (Kylies orchestral album springs to mind, but that was just extra postcards, no extra tracks)

Did good old Woolworths used to do them back in the day?


A rant at lunchtime is good for the soul!!


Calm down mate! This is down to one specific retailer (Target) doing their own offer.


And I have a Target three miles from my house. So again, I’m all over this!


Wow, all over this one for sure.


This is just like different territories releasing albums with exclusive bonus tracks or extra discs.

Completely alienates everybody else and proper fans then scrabble around Discogs, eil, eBay etc. paying silly money for these territory exclusive releases just to get new tracks they want to hear.

Release everything on ALL the standard releases in every territory and stop fucking with the people who pay everybody’s god damn wages.


Jim, I completely agree. Florence + the Machine are doing the same thing with their new album (also Target and exclusive to USA). I wonder if there is any artist input or is it all down to the labels.

And just a quick note to the labels – having exclusive releases won’t help reduce piracy! And while my rant is in full flow, why should the artist’s home-nation get the short end of the stick?

Gary Bringman

This is when you become friends with someone in the states who can purchase things like this and send them to you and vice versa. I need to do this so I can get the FLAC versions of the Rolling Stones archive recordings.