Roxette / The RoxBox repackage


Roxette‘s The Roxbox multi-disc set is available again next month in a compact repackaged set.

Originally issued in 2006 (to celebrate 20 years) across six-discs this new edition loses the two DVDs and concentrates on just the four CDs of audio. The track listing is similar but not the same as the first issue, with this updated Roxbox adding tracks from 2011’s Charm School and 2012’s Travelling (aka Tourism 2) and thus tying in with what is now a 30th anniversary!

Like previous Rhino repackages this will come as a 4CD ‘fat box’ with most probably an outer card slip case.  At around £17 on Amazon UK at the time of writing (actually even cheaper on in Italy) it represents excellent value.

Some territories saw this issued back in February but The Roxbox is released in the UK on 11 May 2015.


Track listing

CD 1

  • 1. “Neverending Love” (Single from Pearls of Passion) 3:27
  • 2. “Secrets That She Keeps” (From Pearls of Passion) 3:41
  • 3. “Goodbye to You” (Single from Pearls of Passion) 4:00
  • 4. “Soul Deep” (Single from Pearls of Passion) 3:33
  • 5. “The Look” (Single from Look Sharp!) 3:57
  • 6. “Dressed for Success” (Single from Look Sharp!) 4:12
  • 7. “Sleeping Single” (From Look Sharp!) 4:38
  • 8. “Paint” (From Look Sharp!) 3:32
  • 9. “Dangerous” (Single from Look Sharp!) 3:51
  • 10. “Listen to Your Heart” (Single from Look Sharp!) 5:15
  • 11. “The Voice” (B-side to “Fingertips ’93”; outtake from Look Sharp!) 4:16
  • 12. “Cry” (Demo) 5:09
  • 13. “It Must Have Been Love” (Single from the Pretty Woman Soundtrack) 4:19
  • 14. “Joyride” (Single from Joyride) 4:01
  • 15. “Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)” (Single from Joyride) 3:53
  • 16. “Spending My Time” (Single from Joyride) 4:36
  • 17. “Watercolours in the Rain” (From Joyride) 3:39
  • 18. “Church of Your Heart” (Single from Joyride) 3:23
  • 19. “Perfect Day” (From Joyride) 4:06

CD 2

  • 1. “The Big L” (Single from Joyride) 4:28
  • 2. “(Do You Get) Excited?” (From Joyride) 4:17
  • 3. “Things will never be the same” (From Joyride) 4:28
  • 4. “Love Spins” (Demo) 3:31
  • 5. “Seduce Me” (B-side to “June Afternoon”; Demo) 3:56
  • 6. “How Do You Do!” (Single from Tourism) 3:11
  • 7. “The Heart Shaped Sea” (From Tourism) 4:32
  • 8. “The Rain” (From Tourism) 4:50
  • 9. “Never Is a Long Time” (From Tourism) 3:46
  • 10. “Silver Blue” (From Tourism) 4:08
  • 11. “Come Back (Before You Leave)” (From Tourism) 4:32
  • 12. “Queen of Rain” (Single from Tourism) 4:56
  • 13. “Almost Unreal” (Single from the Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack) 3:58
  • 14. “Sleeping in My Car” (Single from Crash! Boom! Bang!’) 3:34
  • 15. “Crash! Boom! Bang!” (Single from Crash! Boom! Bang!) 4:28
  • 16. “Vulnerable” (Single from Crash! Boom! Bang!) 4:29
  • 17. “The First Girl on the Moon” (From Crash! Boom! Bang!) 2:57
  • 18. “I’m Sorry” (From Crash! Boom! Bang!) 3:11
  • 19. “See Me” (B-side to “Salvation”; outtake from Crash! Boom! Bang!) 3:45

CD 3

  • 1. “Run to You” (Single from Crash! Boom! Bang!) 3:38
  • 2. “June Afternoon” (Single from Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus! – Roxette’s Greatest Hits!) 4:11
  • 3. “You Don’t Understand Me” (Single from Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus!) 4:27
  • 4. “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (Single from Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus!) 4:04
  • 5. “I Don’t Want To Get Hurt” (From Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus!) 4:17
  • 6. “Always Breaking My Heart” (Demo) 3:07
  • 7. “Help” (From the Abbey Road Sessions) 2:57
  • 8. “Wish I Could Fly” (Single from Have a Nice Day) 4:42
  • 9. “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around What’s Already Gone” (From Have a Nice Day) 3:33
  • 10. “Waiting for the Rain” (From Have a Nice Day) 3:38
  • 11. “Anyone” (Single from Have a Nice Day) 4:32
  •  12. “Stars” (Single from Have a Nice Day) 3:57
  •  13. “Salvation” (Single from Have a Nice Day) 4:38
  • 14. “Beautiful Things” (From Have a Nice Day) 3:50
  •  15. “It Hurts” (Outtake from Have a Nice Day) 3:52
  •  16. “Little Miss Sorrow” (From The Pop Hits; outtake from Have a Nice Day) 3:57
  •  17. “Happy Together” (B-side to “Wish I Could Fly”; outtake from Have a Nice Day) 3:56
  • 18. “Staring at the Ground” (Demo) 3:50
  • 19. “It Will Take a Long Long Time” (Modern Rock Version; B-side to “Real Sugar”) 3:59


CD 4

  • 1. “7Twenty7” (Demo; B-side to “Stars”) 3:27
  • 2. “Anyone/I Love How You Love Me” (Demo) 4:12
  • 3. “Myth” (Demo) 4:25
  • 4. “Real Sugar” (Single from Room Service) 3:17
  • 5. “The Centre of the Heart” (Single from Room Service) 3:23
  • 6. “Milk and Toast and Honey” (Single from Room Service) 4:04
  • 7. “Jefferson” (From Room Service) 3:58
  • 8. “Little Girl” (From Room Service) 3:39
  • 9. “The Weight of the World” (B-side to “A Thing About You”; outtake from Room Service) 2:52
  •  10. “Every Day” (Outtake from Room Service) 3:25
  •  11. “Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Heart)” (Demo) 4:36
  •  12. “A Thing About You” (Single from The Ballad Hits) 3:49
  •  13. “Breathe” (From The Ballad Hits) 4.34
  •  14. “Opportunity Nox” (Single From The Pop Hits) 3:01
  • 15. “One Wish” (Single; recorded 2006) 3:03
  • 16. “Reveal” (Single; recorded 2006) 3:43
  • 17. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
  • 18. No One Makes It On Her Own
  • 19. Speak To Me
  • 20. It’s Possible
  • 21. “The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye” (B-side to “Spending My Time”; outtake from Joyride) 3:48

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I would rebuy all the albums if they were released in deluxe 2 CD editions with the remixes and b sides included even some demos. Maybe a single boxset like Bananarama’s. Or maybe remix albums…


Re: “Sweet Hello…”

Judging by the times again, there seems to be something strange going on?

I’ve just noticed that the time given for Bassflow remix (on ‘XXX’) matches the time given for the ORIGINAL version on the ‘Spending My Time’ single (4.49). But on the old ‘RoxBox’ the original is given as only 3.48, which is the same as the time given on the new ‘RoxBox’.

I’m completely confused now – I don’t have my copies with me, so I can’t listen and compare.



RE: Sweet Hello

There is a radio edit of the “Sweet Hello, Sad Goodbye (Bassflow Remake)” It clocks in at 3:48 and is presently available on iTunes (as part of a two track single which contains the longer version as well) – so perhaps it is the shorter radio edit that has been included on this package?


I live in Australia where it’s been out for a while, but I don’t have it yet.

Judging by the track times, I’d say that “Sweet Hello…..” is the original version, not the remix on ‘XXX’. Which means I’ll have to buy BOTH compilations…..sneaky bastards, LOL. I have the original RoxBox, but I want to see the booklet on this version. I hope it’s completely different because I don’t want to buy this version if it’s unnecessary. I have seen it in my local Sanity ($20-$25) so I’ll try to get a sneaky-peek first, LOL.

I hope they release a better version of the Videos/Unplugged DVD that came with the original RoxBox. As Larry said, the picture quality was APPALLING! Thankfully I have the ‘All Videos…And More!’ DVD, but that only goes up to ‘Room Service’ and doesn’t have Unplugged. Considering all their material, there should be a 3-DVD set to achieve high picture quality.

And YES! YES! YES! to the remix album(s) suggestion – I only have some crappy bootleg ones. I’d love to see some proper releases, especially a CD release of the mega-rare ‘Dance Passion’ album!

I’m starting to ramble now so I’ll sign off.

Larry Davis

One last thing…VINYL reissues??!!?? I( know Per LOVES his vinyl, the music fan and collector he is.

Larry Davis

I can see why they updated this set (their stuff is now thru Warner/Parlophone/Rhino, as many EMI/Capitol acts have their catalogue moved over there)…I have the original one…and btw, the TWO DVDs was really ONE but TWO-sided…and the original DVD was compressed so badly that the complete video looked like it had these squares…espesh on the MTV Unplugged side. I hope Warner/Rhino reissues a multi-DVD/Blu-Ray set instead. The albums were already expanded/remastered in 2009(??), but they could do major 2CD deluxes via Warner/Rhino, or CD/DVD packages?? Are they doing the whole Rox/Gessle/Marie/Gyllene catalogue?? Great if they did.

Todd R.

Well, perplexing – It took me years to finally get my own copy of the ROX Box in it’s original form, there really isn’t anything here (save love for the band) to cause me to pick this up. Thrilled that they are marking 30 years on (considering Marie’s medical troubles) and are back on the road on-and-on (so bummed I missed the few USA dates… hint hint!) I thought the original box was a delight – especially with the compiled demos and Abby Road Sessions material. Here’s to collecting the rest!


Already purchased this and I love it. Would love a set of Roxette remix albums.


this edition is “less complete” than the original one, deleting some rarities

– “the sweet hello the sad goodbye” has been pushed back to the end of CD 4, I think the original version may have been replaced by the Bassflow remake (as seen in the “XX” compilation)

– “Cooper” from “Have a nice day” has been cut

– “New World (Demo)”, “Better Off On Her Own (Demo”,and “All I Ever Wanted (Demo) are the 3 key tracks missing…

the added tracks on the new version (17 to 19) seem to be album versions, not single versions (“Speak To Me” whould have been the Bassflow remake)…

A great value for 4 Cds, but honestly I would have prefered the real “single version” of the singles instead of the LP versions… And I’m still waiting for very expanded editions of the albums !!!

PS : My fingers just pushed the “return key” while I was tapping the message ;-) …

Matthew Bradshaw

A scarcely believable £4.00 on Anazon UK right now!


With they would have released the DVDs as standalone instead of the audio.